The Tetris Movie Is Coming. Yes, That Tetris.

- 09-30-14Film, WTF? Posted by Rush Urbalejo


Not too long ago, around the time Ouija was announced, I started contemplating what other games Hollywood would try to grab in order to bleed a few more dollars out of our nostalgia.  Considering that many of us were gamers before we could even read (even if those first games included Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders), there’s quite a stockpile for the Hollywood Money Machine to sift through.  Think about it – if you were a Hollywood producer, which game would you feel was ripe for the big screen treatment?  Chances are that of all the games that come to mind, Tetris isn’t one of them.  Then again, you probably don’t have millions of dollars lying around to dump in what will no doubt be a box office bomb.  Threshold Entertainment does, though, and a Tetris movie is exactly what they want to give us. (more…)

DC Made A Harley Quinn Comic Book That Smells Like What??

- 09-24-14Comics, WTF? Posted by Aspry Jones


Scratch-N-Sniff took off back in the 1970’s and had a good run for about a decade or so. It employed microfragrance technology that coated cardboard or stickers. When you scratched a certain spot and smelled it, you tended to pick up the advertised odor. I personally haven’t seen it around lately, but DC Comics is bringing back the concept for Harley Quinn Annual #1, with different scents for four different covers. Leather, suntan lotion, pizza and a “mystery smell.” It’s being packaged as a theme too – for instance, rub the leather on her outfit and you’ll smell the leather. For legal reasons, it’s being promoted as a “Rub-N-Smell” campaign and for some reason, that mystery smell is singled out for U.S. issue only. Can you guess what this smell might be? It’s a real “Brainstorm Haze,” so to speak… (more…)

‘Walking Dead’ Promo Offer in U.K. Invites You to Enjoy a Burger, A Human Burger!

- 09-24-14TV, WTF? Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


So it’s lunch time. What are you eating? Would you like some human? Yum, delicious human meat. Tastes like chicken, right? Well now you can be the judge. Hold on. Don’t freak out. No where, and no business, is serving actual human meat because if nothing else it would attract a lot of attention from the city’s health and safety office, not to mention the police department. But in the spirit of cannibalism (if that’s a thing), a pair of chefs from the United Kingdom are giving fans of the series The Walking Dead a chance to enjoy an opportunity for virtual cannibalism, all in the name of promoting the fifth season of the zombie apocalypse drama. (more…)

[Update: Three Boob Story Totally Recalled As Hoax] ‘Total Recall’ May Be Fiction, But This Three Breasted Woman Is Totally Real!

- 09-23-14Film, Nerd Culture, WTF? Posted by Mark Poynter


Life is strange, and people are even stranger. That’s something I often think when stories like this one pop up on the Internet.

Sci-Fi fans will immediately liken this to the infamous three boobed hooker as featured in film Total Recall (and the subsequent reboot) but Jasmine Tridevil (Not her real name), paid $20,000 dollars in plastic surgery fees for a third breast, including a faux nipple. No, you didn’t read that wrong. She scoured the medical community of Florida to find a plastic surgeon who would surgically give her a third breast. The rumor is that she went through over 50 plastic surgeons before she found one willing to do the procedure, as long as she signed a confidentiality agreement and his name remained anonymous. Wanna see how it all turned out? (more…)

Nicolas Cage Slept WHERE?

- 09-23-14Film, Internet, WTF? Posted by Rush Urbalejo


Anytime the name “Nic Cage” is mentioned, there is sure to be some awesomeness to follow.  The man has made a career of being…not crazed, per se, but definitely quirky.  As a matter of fact, no one even bats an eye these days when the newest Cage story surfaces.  That is, until something so absolutely crazy, so out of the ordinary, so damn NIC CAGE that it just has to be shared and spread as widely and quickly as possible.  Well, faithful Nerd Bastard readers, we have just such a story for you.  Actually, this one was so good that we decided to go back and take a look at a few of Cage’s crazier moments, both on and off the screen. (more…)

Aubrey Plaza to Play Grumpy Cat…Did I %&@*#!$ Stutter?

- 09-18-14Film, Internet, Nerd Culture, TV, WTF? Posted by James Daniels


As April Ludgate on the cult favorite sitcom Parks and Recreation, and Julie Powers in Edgar Wright‘s 2010 film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Aubrey Plaza has essentially made a name for herself as Nerddom’s bitter, misanthropic sweetheart. She has accomplished the rare feat of combining an acid tongue and dour demeanor with an undeniable, and almost inexplicable appeal.

Sound like anyone the Internet knows?

That’s right: The sour-faced feline actually named Tardar Sauce, but better known by her “stage name”–Grumpy Cat–will star in her own Christmas special on the cable network Lifetime, and Ms. Plaza will provide the online phenomenon’s voice. More after the jump:  (more…)

Some Clowns Take Hours To Text Back. They Ain’t Groot! He Hits Me Up Pronto!

- 09-17-14Cool Stuff, Film, Tech, WTF? Posted by Aspry Jones

text first

I can’t say that Groot was my favorite character in that stellar opus ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy,’ but I’d love to have him as a friend. I imagine he’d be a fantastic listener. Reaching out to the happening sapling would be easy as pie. He could nod in understanding, give my shoulder a good pat and respond with kind eyes. Our timbered comrade is the type of guy who won’t screen my calls. He’d pick up asap because he genuinely values friendship as a priceless gift. In a perfect world, cell phone towers would sprout from the moon and bridge signals across planets, allowing me to give him a shout with no dropped calls! I could text him a simple, “hey buddy!” whenever I felt like it and he’d immediately respond back with an epic: “I am Groot.” In fact, he just did. (more…)

All Hail Our Raccoon Robot Overlords: Japanese Rocket Raccoon Arrives to Haunt Your Dreams

- 09-15-14Comics, Film, WTF? Posted by Jed Harris-Keith


The nation of Japan has brought the world many wonderful bounties: Godzilla, Akira, Hello Kitty.  However, for every Full Metal Alchemist, there’s a splash of hentai that crops up to wreak havoc on all  that you find holy and pure. With that in mind, it should be no wonder that Japan chose to celebrate the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy in its country over the weekend in a way that will make you wonder  if the AI revolution is upon us. (more…)

‘Rescue Rangers’ Gets Scientifically Accurate And Ruins Your Childhood

- 09-10-14Funny Videos, Nerd Culture, TV, WTF? Posted by Jed Harris-Keith


I’m just going to throw this out there: If you’ve never had the opportunity to view any of Animation Domination High-Def’s series of “Scientifically Accurate” cartoon jingles, based on the opening theme  songs and credits of some of pop culture’s most beloved animated characters, then you are doing  yourself a grave disservice. Let me tell ya, they are a beauty to behold. ADHD has already tackled  DuckTales and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but the animation group has a new target: Chip ‘n  Dale’s Rescue Rangers. If you’re ancient like me, you’ll remember the series featuring the title  characters solving crimes and what-not with their mice companions Monterey Jack and Gadget and the  housefly Zipper. No set up I could give this video would do it justice, so just give it a look. (more…)

Let’s Try And Figure Out What’s Going On In These Japanese ‘GOTG’ TV Spots

- 09-09-14Film, WTF? Posted by Aspry Jones


I’m dating myself here, but I vaguely remember that when ‘The Green Hornet’ hit TV screens, China went ballistic in seeing someone who looked like them play the superhero Kato. He was by no means the main character, but don’t tell that to Hong Kong because they changed the title to ‘The Kato Show.’ That was completely out of pride and love for their real life hometown hero Bruce Lee and a little bit of “not getting it.” Japan, on the other hand, isn’t doing anything like that. Like most countries, Japan likes to take stuff and just twist it into their interpretation of it, flummoxing the hell out of everybody else. And that’s why they’re awesome. Here we have three Japanese TV spots of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ that start off in the end zone and end up in right field. Join me in trying to decipher these super best terrific visuals! (more…)