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If you think this sounds like something out of the 90s, you can be forgiven. There was a storyline that ran through the Superman books in the mid-1990s called “The Death of Clark Kent,” where one of the Man of Steel’s adversaries learned his secret identity and launched an attack to destroy him, forcing Superman and his adoptive parents to become fugitives flying under the radar in a Winnebago. But this time is different, because in the 90s Supes never got around to choosing a new name for himself, and this time, he has. Say hello to truck driver Archie Clayton: Last Son of Krypton. (more…)


We might get a full trailer for Marvel and Netflix‘s Jessica Jones this weekend at NYCC 2015 if we’re lucky. There’s been a number of teasers released and now some street guerrilla style marketing for the series that hits November 20th. This time around the teaser is all about the Purple Man played by David Tennant. That’s right, the tenth Doctor is bringing all that talent to make Jessica Jones’ (Krysten Ritter) life miserable. (more…)


In just a few short weeks, the latest James Bond adventure, Spectre, will open in theaters worldwide. Not only is it hotly anticipated like any Bond movie is, but given the near-universal acclaim of Skyfall, the hype can no longer be empirically measured. But now the celebrations have been cooled to some degree by talk about the future of Bond, specifically the future face of Bond. Having now completed four Bond movies, it would not be unreasonable to expect that star Daniel Craig might be looking to move on, and now in an interview, he says that yes, he’s done with Bond. Unless they drive a dump truck full of money up to his house, of course. (more…)


Sherlock has to have one of the most challenging production schedules in the history of television, the showrunner Steven Moffat is showrunning another extremely popular and long running BBC show Doctor Who, both stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, are incredibly popular and very in-demand movie stars. How the hell can anyone get their schedules to straightened out long enough to slip in filming a new season let alone a one-shot special? Thankfully someone managed it and the new Sherlock Special, (Don’t call it a Christmas Special Dammit!) is in post production. The BBC has just released a trailer to wet the pickiest Sherlock appetite. (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E01 – “Green Arrow”

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Welcome to the new and improved Arrow season four! Where as with last night’s The Flash, you could chill out and get right back into the Central City adventures like a warm bath, there’s a lot of hesitation about getting back into the waters of Starling City. Oh, sorry, I meant Star City. That little detail was only one of a myriad of changes for Team Arrow’s fourth year in business that also included new costumes, new villains and new flashbacks, as well as some strange new alliances, and a flash-forward that portends the shiny happy Oliver Queen that we see throughout the hour won’t be so shiny happy for long. Six months tops. (more…)

When Daredevil made it’s way onto the scene, the perception of comic book themed shows and movies changed for the better. Think about it. We’ve gone from a family entertaining version of The Fantastic Four starring Chris Evans to a dark, gritty hero who is willing to bleed to death for his city in Daredevil. So, there’s no surprise that fans are extremely excited to see the second season of the hit Netflix show. The wait can be somewhat killer, but for now audiences can appreciate a poster featuring some new concept art that has been released online for their enjoyment.



Rick Moranis. He was one of the great sidekicks of all time, capitalizing on his SCTV days (which concluded with his very own beer guzzling adventure, Strange Brew, in 1983) to appear in Ghostbusters [1984] as everybody’s favorite nasally nerd, Louis Tully. The very same year, he played the smarmy manager and boyfriend of Ellen Aim (a sultry Diane Lane) in Walter Hill’s oft overlooked classic, Streets of Fire . The 80s were something of a legendary run for Moranis, as he worked with Mel Brooks (Spaceballs), Harold Ramis (Club Paradise) and even starred in his own Frank Oz-helmed musical (Little Shop of Horrors).

Then, in 1996, he just disappeared. (more…)