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Franchises are a big deal today in the film industry. You have the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Cinematic Universe, there are a ton of Transformer movies with ideas to incorporate other Hasbro names, and more. And now it looks like Lionsgate may be joining the club with a franchise of their own – the Power Rangers. There’s been very little regarding the new film, but it seems that Lionsgate CEO, Jon Feltheimer, is feeling pretty good about the movie that he made a statement earlier this week that the studio could potentially make upwards of seven other Power Ranger movies.


All New Mega Man Planned For 2017 Release

evolution of megaman

The Mega Man series has been running at full steam since it first launched in 1987. To this day, the classic story is still yet to reach its climax. The Mega Man legacy now spans over fifty games on 25 different platforms, multiple TV series and there is even talk of a movie in the works. For all the ups and downs it has faced over the decades, it has retained a hardcore fan base that laps up everything Capcom releases in the franchise. (more…)


It’s no small secret that work has begun on Alien; Covenant, Ridley Scott‘s follow-up prequel sequel to Prometheus and the Alien universe. Many are looking at Covenant with a sense of reserved anticipation; Prometheus left a lot of people disappointed, but Scott’s last film, The Martian, showed that so far as his sci-fi chops go, he’s still got it. So keeping all that in mind there’s this piece, a new official photo from the set of Katherine Waterson in character as the female lead, Daniels. Obviously, not much has yet been revealed about her, or anything regarding Covenant, but if you take a look at the photo, Scott is definitely invoking Alien heroines of the past in this one.  (more…)

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The future of gaming is LIVE! E3, also known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, returns for its 21st year on Tuesday, June 14th and runs through Thursday, June 16th. The event will feature press conferences and reveals from some of the biggest names in the video game business: Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA and more third-party developers! The expo, known for its history of being the event where major developers unveil new and upcoming projects, is already gathering a fair amount of buzz. With talks of new consoles from Microsoft , Nintendo (Nintendo NX) and Sony (PS 4.5) possibly being introduced or discussed, virtual reality (VR) devices for gaming systems, and a slew of games coming in the second half of 2016, you can be certain that video games will be the major focus of E3 this year. (more…)


It’s a common assumption among nerds that nerds are just a little more intellectually evolved than other types of people. This is to say nothing disparaging of jocks or fashionistas or cowboys, nor to insinuate that these titles can’t overlap, but when your hobbies all include diving into science fiction, which typically examines philosophy and society by creating parables involving theoretical physics and futuristic technology, it’s hard for nerds to not occasionally feel intellectually superior. This hauteur should immediately dissipate upon the reading of any internet Nerd-Bro comments. You are probably already familiar with the Dude-Bro and the Bernie-Bro. Similar to these close relations, Nerd-Bros are overwhelmingly, though not necessarily, white men, who find it incredibly hard to acknowledge the simple facts that white men, as a group of people, are disproportionately represented in the media and inequitably positioned in society. Even if you’re not ready to accept these basic truths of life in the modern-day United States of America, the following is a list of comments that you should just stop making to help you fake it until you get it, and stop making nerds look bad in the meantime.



In 1986, John Carpenter‘s cult classic masterpiece Big Trouble in Little China was released. While it may not have been a commercial success at the time, Big Trouble‘s mix of ancient Chinese folklore, bizarre storyline, and outrageous fantasy set in San Francisco’s Chinatown won the hearts of audiences upon its home video release. Almost a year ago, it was announced that 20th Century Fox had plans for a remake of the film in the works with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the lead role. Not much has been mentioned about it since then, but while promoting his new movie Central Intelligence, Johnson gave enthusiastic reassurance that the film is indeed moving forward. Check out what he had to say below!



The time is almost upon us for Star Wars Celebration, that time of year where all things Star Wars gather in one place for a weekend-long love-in for all things from a galaxy far, far away. It was at Star Wars Celebration last year that fans were given that wicked teaser of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first of what Disney and Lucasfilm hopes to be a long line of Star Wars spin-off films. It’s going to get full-court press at this year’s Celebration, and if you need any more proof, you need only look at the poster below. The key art for this year’s event that promises to celebrate all things new in the Star Wars Universe. (more…)


If you’ve somehow managed to not hear about Marvel‘s big secret Captain America Spoiler that fired up the Internet yesterday, then we hoped you enjoyed your cave spelunking adventure, because everyone else heard about it, even the Amish. There was no escaping it. We won’t actually talk about specifics until after the jump, but we do have Chris Evans, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain America’s response to the whole thing. (more…)