Matthew McConaughey Set To Play ‘Randall Flagg’ In ‘The Stand’

- 11-25-14Books, Film Posted by Derek Robertson

matthew mcconaughey

After we heard the news back in August that Matthew McConaughey was being considered for the role of the demonic cowboy Randall Flagg in Warner Bros. movie adaptation of Stephen King’s epic 1200-page novel The Stand, director Josh Boone commented that nothing was official. However, now The Guardian are saying that it is pretty much a done deal, and we’re saying “alright-alright-alright (…that never gets old). (more…)

A ‘Wonder Woman’ Director Has Officially Been Signed

- 11-24-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

wonder woman

The Internet has been busy at work trying to figure out who shall be the person to take on what is one of the biggest-deal super hero projects ever made – Wonder Woman. As it happens to be the first big-screen adaptation of this character and the first female-centric flick of the new generation of super hero film fandom, Warner Bros. it taking great care to make sure they do everything just right. And the beginning of said journey is, of course, finding the right person to direct it. Many names have been tossed about, but now an official announcement has confirmed exactly who we shall see sitting in the director’s chair – Michelle MacLaren. (more…)

‘Star Wars’ Rumormill – First Spin-Off a Bounty Hunter Heist Movie?

- 11-24-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

boba fett

With the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer looming on the horizon, we’re all anticipating what we’re going to see with the first look. But just because the beginning of the new trilogy is getting closer and closer doesn’t mean that the rest of the Star Wars franchise isn’t plowing forward. The latest rumor regarding non-trilogy movie plans is something that might interest you or might just leave you rolling your eyes. For, if the mystic people known as “sources” are correct, 2016 is going to bring us a Star Wars heist flick. (more…)

It’s True! ‘Star Wars’ Teaser Coming This Weekend to Some Places

- 11-24-14Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Good news, everyone. It’s true. The first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released this weekend. And in the tradition of Professor Farnsworth, the term “good news” also has a downside, because there are only so many theaters in the country that plan on showing it. As per our report on the weekend, 100 movie theaters in the U.S. this Thanksgiving weekend will show the 90 second teaser for The Force Awakens in front of every single movie, all weekend long. What theaters, you may ask? How long a drive will it be for those of you anxious to chase the Star Wars dragon? Read on… (more…)

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Finds Its Bad Guy – En Sabah Nur Has Been Cast!

- 11-24-14Comics Posted by Luke Gallagher


A young Apocalypse first appeared in the mid-credits button scene (HERE)  at the end of Days of Future Past where we saw him manipulating objects with telekinesis as the Four Horsemen stood in the background. This, of course, setting up the big-bad in Bryan Singers next X-Men installment.

Hot on the heels of rumors that Idris Elba (a.k.a. Heimdall of the Thor film franchise) would be playing the main villain of 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, Variety now reports that someone else has been tapped for the role. (more…)

Black Canary Will Arrive in a “Trilogy” on ‘Arrow’

- 11-24-14Comics, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Yup, it’s a Black Canary trilogy on Arrow. We’ve known from the beginning that Laurel Lance, played by Katie Cassidy, was on a course to become the black clad heroine, and that it was only a matter of time, and as fans of the show have seen, that time is now. Not only have fans of the show seen Laurel training with Ted “Wildcat” Grant to get her vigilante on, but we’ve seen the first pictures of her in full Black Canary regalia, complete with mask and action figure stance. Fans may note that things have been going a little quickly for Canary 2.0, but one of the executive producers of the show says it’s okay because, you know, trilogy. (more…)

‘Constantine’ Wrapping Up After 13 Episodes, Not Cancelled (Yet) Though

- 11-24-14Comics, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


The Golden Age of comic book shows on TV may have hit an unexpected bump. While shows like Arrow, The Flash and Gotham have been flying high, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been enjoying a much improved second season, we get the sad news today that Constantine, based on the long-running Vertigo book about the exorcist and master of the dark arts John Constantine, will be capped at just 13 episodes for its first season. But unlike the recent NBC’s recent decision to not order anymore episodes of the comedies Bad Judge and A To Z, the network is not framing this as a defacto cancellation. (more…)

TV REVIEW: ‘The Walking Dead’ S5E7 – “Crossed”

- 11-24-14Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Regina Lizik

crossed feature 1

We open shortly after the events of “Four Walls and a Roof.” Daryl is back with the group and he and everyone else are tearing apart the church. “Crossed” isn’t an action packed episode, the show is saving that for next week’s mid-season finale. Read on to see how it sets everything in motion for the future of the show.  (more…)