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Last year was 2015, the furthest point in the future that our time travel friends from Back to the Future journeyed to in the epic trilogy. It’s enough to make you think about the possibility of a reboot. Think about it! What a great homage would it be to remake Back to the Future? Set it today with a new Marty McFly going back to the 80s and meeting his parents then, in the era the original movie is set in. It’s an idea, admittedly, that’s not likely to fly, especially with the producer of the original movie series. In fact, the phrase, “Over my dead body” comes to mind. (more…)


It’s only been running since 2015, but this year it has received over 450 entries worldwide. It has tempted swarms of amateur, student and professional filmmakers from all over the globe to crawl out of the woodwork in a bid to terrify us, and is curated by some of the scariest minds in horror cinema. The 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a wonderfully fascinating example of what the darkest, most twisted and creative storytellers can achieve in only, well, 15 seconds. (more…)


Avenger’s Infinity War is scheduled to begin filming in January 2017. The upcoming Phase 3 film is to be the accumulation of all previous Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films (18 films will be completed before Infinity War) where the all-powerful Thanos will obtain all the Infinity gems and attempt to unleash his reign of destruction across the galaxy. It will be up to the all the superheroes to group together to try to stop him. Not only are the Avengers supposed to be in the film, but also other characters including Black Panther, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more. The Russo Brothers were heard saying that up to 75 MCU characters may appear in the film. Needless to say, excitement is high as the film is about to go into production.



The sequel to the 1982 Puppet-fueled fantasy classic The Dark Crystal is finally here! Not as a film as many had hoped for, but rather in the form of a 12-issue comic book series entitled The Power of The Dark Crystal, stemming from the un-produced screenplay by David Odell, Annette Odell, and Craig Pierce. The comic itself will be brought to us by Boom! Studios and Henson Company

If you were a child of the 80’s then Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal was a quintessential part of your filmic fantasy movie going life! If you were not a child of the 80’s then stop making the rest of us feel old and immediately go ask your parents to show you this classic piece of puppet history. Now that we’re all on board, let’s talk about the upcoming sequel.  (more…)

“Skirt!” Best. Line. Ever. This week’s episode of The Flash continued the “Invasion” crossover happening on all of the DC Universe/CW television shows. Even though the event began with Supergirl, the core of the story is in this episode. There were aliens, team-ups, superhero poses, conflict, BIG conflict, and an ending that is satisfactory, but will leave you tense enough that you have to watch the rest of the shows to see what happens next. But this review is all about The Flash. That being said, it will be a long time before this writer calls any other episode of The Flash “the best.”



Suppose you’re not the usual Star Wars fan. Suppose that it’s not just your intention to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it’s not just your intention to see it opening weekend, or even opening night. Suppose that you might consider seeing it not just once or twice, but 10, maybe even 20 times. If this sounds like you, then Regal Cinemas may have a deal that’s worth your interest. For $100 you can get an all access pass to Rogue One for 12 weeks at a Regal Cinema near you. Any format, any time! All you need is a Regal Ultimate Ticket.  (more…)


It is nearing two years since Universal Parks and Resorts announced that it would be teaming up with Nintendo to build a theme park based on some of gaming’s best known characters and stories. First revealed in May 2015, it came at a time when the new consoles at the time weren’t doing too well in terms of sales and Amiibos were some of the best selling Nintendo products. Now, with the success of numerous Pokémon games throughout the year and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild eagerly anticipated, it seems like the perfect time to get people excited about visiting a real life Nintendo adventure. (more…)