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The third and final Wolverine movie won’t be hitting theaters until March 3, 2017, but that hasn’t stopped the marketing train from hyping the film early. There’s been a lot of stuff released for the film lately, including the films title, a look at one of the villains,  a weary Charles Xavier, and several other teases. Now comes another reveal. Director James Mangold unveiled the first image of Jackman as Old Man Logan, and he’s looking as hard-bitten as ever.  (more…)


For the vast majority of us, and by that we mean the ones who weren’t lucky enough to be in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con back in July, we have not seen a darn thing about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Let’s be honest, we’re crack addicts for this. We’ve been dying for a while to see something, and director James Gunn couldn’t go online to offer his condolences about a comedy legend’s passing without being inundated with “Where’s the trailer?!?!” outrage from fans. Well, wait no more because while this is not a full trailer, this sneak peak of GOTG 2 will definitely get you moving. (more…)


When we talk about Space Jam these days, it’s usually about the proposed sequel starring LeBron James. Discussions about some kind of continuation of the Looney Tunes meets basketball film is appropriate because we’re coming up on the 20th anniversary of that film, and in a perfect world, this would have been the perfect time for that King James-led reboot, but he’s still busy playing basketball against humans and winning world championships for most of the year. So maybe this will work just as well: Fathom Events has announcement that next month, they’ll be bringing the original ’96 Space Jam back to theatres for Looney Tunes versus space monsters delight. (more…)


This past week, Ghostbusters unceremoniously landed on Blu-ray and DVD, where the redheaded step monster of cinema now currently sits at the top of the rental charts of both Rotten Tomatoes and iTunes. Online it seems like the toxic and vitriolic welcoming party that the film received this past summer has largely dispersed. Perhaps the haters feel like their job is done, perhaps the heat of summer has given way to the cooler clarity of fall, or perhaps the goggles have come off and people are prepared to admit that Paul Feig‘s Ghostbusters isn’t a monster out to destroy their innocence. Speaking for myself, I know that I still like it. (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘TheFlash’ – S03E03 – “Magenta”

The look on Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) said it all. Ever since he found out The Flash was Barry (Grant Gustin), he’s had this look like he was missing something, or missing out on something. Maybe he doesn’t want to be a speedster, but he definitely wants to help. The question is what can he do? His dad’s a cop, his sister has investigative skills, Cisco and Snow are the techies, and then there’s Wally. You can’t blame him for wanting to do more. To make matters worse, here comes Jesse Quick (Violet Beane) with new skills as a speedster; who got hit by the same dark matter as Wally. Poor kid. His moment will come, though. It’s just a matter of time.


Saved By The Bell was one of the most iconic television shows if you were a kid growing up in  late 80’s/early 90’s. A show about a group of kids who went to high school together. The show had it all. It was funny, a beautiful cast, and even dealt with some real life issues that could affect anyone their age. Who could forget the time when Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) got hooked on caffeine pills? Then, of course, there were the notable set locations: the lockers, the classrooms, Mr. Belding’s office, and The Max. Now, thanks to a passionate owner, you and your friends can visit The Max located in Chicago.



With the explosion of augmented reality game Pokémon Go earlier this year, the latest installments in the ongoing Pokémon narrative series, Sun and Moon, have become some of the franchise’s most eagerly awaited games. And that is saying something, because those games have not gone out of fashion in twenty years. Though it is expected to fit roughly the same plot that most of the other games have, there is a lot that makes it stand out from its predecessors. Showing off a little of what they have up their sleeves, Nintendo released a short free demo on the eStore earlier today. (more…)