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Last week on Hannibal, Will Graham continued his journey into the mind of his nemesis by traveling to Hannibal’s place of origin – his old family estate. While there, he discovered a few interesting things, including the fact that Hannibal may have started his dining eccentricities with his sister as the main course. But another was blamed and a “friend” of Hannibal’s – Chiyoh – was assigned to guard said person as they were locked away in the estate’s dungeon. Eventually, Will managed to turn the tables and recruit Chiyoh as an ally. Aside from that, Jack Crawford showed up once more and he’s out looking for Will and Hannibal has, with the help of Bedelia, decided that the only way to get over Will is to eat him. This week, the gang’s all back as Hannibal’s former victims gather together, some seeking revenge and others seeking less violent resolutions. Will they be successful? Read on to find out. (more…)

‘Heroes Reborn’ Trailer Touts The Extraordinary!

herores banner1

Ok yes, we all know the original Heroes TV show created by Tim Kring for NBC totally shit the bed after season one. This is historical fact, and totally undisputed. Hell, for some of us (who blindly bought the DVD collection), it remains an open wound! But beneath that whirling dervish of boring sci-fi tropes, and plotlines that literally went nowhere was a gem that truly shined during a time when network TV wouldn’t touch superheroes with a ten-foot pole. Today we got our first trailer for the next chapter in Kring’s saga of the extraordinary.  (more…)

Kevin Feige Discusses Recasting MCU Characters


Let’s discuss the inevitable, people.  Basic sciences dictates that your favorite actors, thespians who helped to bring your most adored comic book characters to life can’t play those characters forever.  You know it, I know it, your friends know it, and apparently Kevin Feige over at Marvel knows it too.  Talk about a problem that you’re lucky to have!  Let’s talk shop, shall well?  More after the jump! (more…)


If you weren’t already aware, Marvel‘s latest movie Ant-Man has had some issues during pre-production when the first director Edgar Wright left over creative differences. Throw in the uncertainty a lot of Marvel fans have over a movie about Ant-Man and you’ve got an Internet cocktail that surpasses all the worries fans and many studio executives had about James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. Now we all know how that turned out, but can director Peyton Reed do the same or better with Ant-Man? (more…)

EW Profiles ‘X-Files’ Return with a Cover Story


So you might have heard that The X-Files is returning for a six-episode season starting this January on Fox. It seemed to come together pretty quick when the possibility was first raised back at the Television Critics Association press tour back in January and now the series is in front of the cameras in the show’s old stomping grounds in Vancouver. (The abnormally hot and sunny Vancouver, that is.) There’s been a lot rumor and speculation about the new series, and a lot of excitement too as fans watch closely for any news or updates. If that describes you, then you might want to pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. (more…)


Remember that time Toys ‘R’ Us removed Breaking Bad figures from their stores because one women in Florida (why is it always Florida?) complained? That was stupid and left a bad taste in the eyes of the geek populace. I, for one, haven’t paid much attention to them since (well that, and I buy most of my nerdy stuff online) but maybe I should. The worlds largest Toy store has totally redeemed themselves! Well, no, they’re not bringing Breaking Bad figures back. They are, however, coming to San Diego Comic Con with a large assortment of exclusive figures and collectibles. Hit the jump to check out what cool Batman, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Transformers toys are coming to Nerd mecca.

Oh, and if you’re unable to attend the convention, the store will offer the same products online at beginning on Thursday, July 9.