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A couple of months ago, Nintendo announced the pending arrival of its next gen console, The Switch. The new system aims to combine the best of both worlds, console and mobile gaming, into one innovative system, while at the same time securing Nintendo’s place atop the sales charts once more. The question is, will the gambit work? Well, we will find out in less than two months now because Nintendo has officially announced the release date of the Switch along with the first slate of games and how much the Switch is going to put you out.  (more…)


While it may have been a joke last year when Deadpool wasn’t even eligible for an Oscar nod, this year the possibility of Deadpool receiving multiple Oscar nominations isn’t a joking matter and Ryan Reynolds is ready to do what it takes to make things happen. He’s just released a new For Your Consideration Video and sent personally signed letters in screener packages to Oscar nominators. Check those out below. (more…)


In the aftermath of X-Men: Days of Future Past, a whole bunch of spin-off films were on the horizon for the X-Men universe. Such films included Deadpool, Logan, New Mutants, X-Force, and other “First Class” sequels. One film that was planned was a solo film featuring everyone’s favorite card-throwing Cajun, Gambit. The planned spin-off would feature Channing Tatum as the title character. The film was planned for a Spring 2017 release. However, out of nowhere, the project’s start date was pushed back and then later taken off the proposed schedule. After that, the film’s director Doug Liman left the project as well. Many started to lose faith that the film would ever get made as it’s still in “Development Hell” territory. Many feared that the film will never get made and probably be shelved.


Kong Skull Island Screen Cap 2
Remember that time when Jack Black starred in a King Kong movie and delivered the most poignant line in the entire movie? That was almost 12 years ago. And in Hollywood, that the amount of time needed for a reboot. Kong: Skull Island is another telling of an age-old classic about a giant ape and his girl. Of course, as of right now, it’s hard to tell if there will be any romance between the two, but the latest trailer from Japan does spill the beans on all the action. Check it out after the jump.



While The Avengers might get the billion-dollar budgets, the support of clandestine government agencies, a giant floating aircraft carrier and an honest-to-God God backing them up, not every superhero team can boast those kinds of assets. Down on the dirty streets of New York, the heroes that survive are lone wolves who views partnership as a hazard they may not be able to afford. This has been the draw behind The Defenders, Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series that has been on its way down the pipe for over three years. Today, we got our first official image from the production team, along with a whole slew of new rumours, hints and tantalising factoids. Let’s dive in. (more…)

ahs murder house

It wasn’t that long ago that the creators of Amerian Horror Story confirmed that they were working on a seventh season on the cult horror show. Having torn apart and reassembled various tropes of the genre in a parade of glorious Frankenstein’s monsters in the six seasons so far, the seventh season, Roanoke – due to hit screens in spring this year – expects to meet with the same fanfare as it tackles the fabled Lost Colony. Though there are still a few months before the season is aired, the show has already been renewed for two more seasons after it finishes. (more…)


To capture the synergy and hype around Marvel Studios‘ very popular collection of Netflix shows, Marvel Comics is going to be releasing a new comic book version of The Defenders this coming June. In the past, the comic book Defenders has featured the likes of Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, the Hulk, and Namor, but they’re all now heroes that have appeared on the big screen, or may still have their own movie. So naturally, this new comic line-up is going to reflect the upcoming Netflix show, and it will feature the team-up of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Shall we check out a sneak peak? (more…)


Netflix is bringing Kevin BrooksiBoy to television with fan favorite Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones, Doctor Who) and Bill Milner (Son of Rambo). When Tom, played by Milner is shot by some neighborhood gang members he gets shards of his smartphone lodged in his brain. Suddenly, things aren’t the same as Tom begins seeing things and doing even more incredible things with electronics. Check out the trailer for the movie that hits Netflix January 27th. (more…)