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70 More Episodes of Rick and Morty On The Way

You might not have seen an episode of Rick and Morty before, but chances are you know exactly who the nihilistic Rick and his neurotic grandson are. If you have seen an episode, you’ve probably seen ALL the episodes several times and have begun to wub-a-lub-a-dub-dub to Justin Roiland’s Twitter post revealing there are enough new episodes coming to keep the show on screens for years to come. (more…)

Lucifer has been going strong for 3 seasons with no signs of slowing down. Bringing in fan-favorites Tom Welling and Tricia Helfer on board didn’t save the show from its inevitable fall from grace. The rumor started going around and has been confirmed by members of the cast. Fans and actors alike have taken to social media to air their grievances and discuss what the future holds for their beloved show.


With the films premier just weeks away, the Deadpool 2 promotional marketing is in full swing. And by full swing, we mean the marketing team has been swinging for the fences and landing some deep bombs.

Coming off the hilarious Deadpool music video featuring Celine Dion’s new single “Ashes”,  good ole’ Deadpool is up to even more zany antics. The red suited goof is coming to Europe, makes overdue apologies to soccer icon David Beckham, as well as epically trolls Marvel’s Infinity War(more…)

Director Shane Black, best known for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3, takes the lead on the fourth installment (If you don’t count the crossover films. But really, who does?) of Predator movies. The trailer gives us a glimpse at yet another new style of Predator, hinting that they may pose a new level of threat. Who on Earth could save us from these killing machines? A ragtag group of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher, of course!


Even if you’ve never watched the show, it’s difficult to escape the phenomenon that is Rick and Morty. This wildly popular Cartoon Network series has inspired a vast fandom, and created much conversation on some very heady topics.

To be clear, Rick and Morty is absolutely profane. It delivers nearly a constant barrage of dick jokes and other similar humor. Once could certainly spend plenty of time enjoying the hedonistic pleasures of that kind of humor alone. This is because the writers deliver such humor brilliantly. It never comes off as dirty jokes for the sake of dirty jokes.

Still, if you dig a bit deeper there’s a lot more to Rick and Morty. The show digs deep into some pretty intense stuff. So much so that it’s gotten people thinking about and discussing topics they normally wouldn’t, and that’s how a show can have a societal impact.

Here are five ways in which the writers of Rick and Morty are creating new conversations.  (more…)

You know what’s fun or rather NOT fun? Checking out the User Reviews sections of both Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 1 And Vol 2 on After reading the sea of effusively negative reviews (which is what this writer made the fatal mistake in doing prepping for this article/review) one might pause for second and question whether or not these were delightfully fun movies. You know what…STRIKE that, don’t go down that rabbit hole. Don’t let anyone shit in your cornflakes. These movies are joyful nonsense with charm, action, and heart… and we wouldn’t have them any other way! And hey, at the very least, they star Chris Pratt. Yeah…let’s talk about “The Pratt”. Oh what a glorious beefcake of a man, with his twin Pew Pew guns (his actual guns, not his well defined arms), cocky attitude, appealing charisma, and amicable buffoonery. He’s a “Star-Lord” indeed, amiright? Alright…alright… enough with homoerotic/man-crush overtones here. Sufficed to say, Christ (that was a typo but oops happy accident) Pratt’s Star-Lord, is one of Marvel Universe BEST if not most affable characters

Hey…psst… want a little piece of this swashbuckler in the stars? Well…Pratt is single now but that’s a Christian Mingle you’ll never catch. What you CAN do, however, is buy up the bestest little Star-Lord collectible this side of the Galaxy.   (more…)

The world of gaming has maintained consistency in its forward evolution. The invention of enhanced technology has delivered more exciting video games for popular console !platforms Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. The Google corporation’s marketing team has kept a finger firmly on the pulse of these industry giants and decided that it’s time to throw their hats in the ring and offer a video game platform of their own. Enter, Google Yeti!

What is Google Yeti?

Google Yeti is in the works and it is designed to become Google’s “Netflix for Games.” The services will offer video games that are hosted on their remote servers. Access to the games will be possible via hardware that allows streaming to a television. The service will be available through subscription that is similar to current gamer services offered through XBox Live and PlayStation already. This is Google’s answer to these popular providers who are doing well in their endeavors. They offer access to the entire collection for subscribers, but what that will entail has yet to be seen.


We’ve gotten bits and pieces of information over the last couple of months about DC Comic’s next mini-event, No Justice. Coming off the heels of Dark Nights: Metal, Justice League: No Justice is a four-part weekly comic. The event splits up the Justice League in new and interesting ways, including some new, surprising members. Scott Snyder tweeted a bit more information on what to expect while showing off the cover of issue 1.