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Kevin Smith‘s been a busy guy lately. He started working on a Mallrats sequel, and then he turned it into a Mallrats TV show. And then after that he decided to put proverbial pen to paper for Clerks 3, and develop that project as his next film, but soon all that was abandoned for the prospect of a new Jay and Silent Bob project, because it you’re just going through sequelizing the whole View Askewniverse, you might as well get to the point. But what about all that material for Mallrats and Clerks? Well Smith has a plan for that if he gets around to it. Maybe. (more…)

While it might not be the first franchise that springs to mind when you think about expensive collectibles, Underworld has a longevity that is the envy of many a film series. The first movie was released in 2003 and the fifth instalment, Underworld: Blood Wars, came out earlier this year. There is already a sixth movie underway as well as a television series in discussion, and that’s on top of the comic book adaptations and novelisations of the story. People wouldn’t be going to so much effort if there wasn’t a devoted audience out there who loved it. Indeed, there is a tight-knit cult following within nerd culture that lives for the history and culture and brutal, bloody battles in the saga of the lycan and vampire clans. (more…)

Now, we’re talking! After months of dry, boring episodes from The Walking Dead, things are starting to pick up. Rick and company have gone from being sad, little puppy dogs, back to the bad ass warriors we all know and love. While this weeks episode lacked in the action department, it gave us a few moments where we at least THOUGHT there would be some really cool action scenes. That may not sound like much, but for those of you who stuck around for the first half of the season, the hope of action is better than no hope at all.


Before Star Trek: Discovery, a lot of the talk online about what form a new Star Trek series should take often involved a couple of key words: “civil war.” Fans frequently phrased their idea as “after the Federation Civil War,” or “because of the Federation Civil War”, which suggested to me that a lot of people thought the only way forward was to tear down all the things that make Star Trek, Star Trek. But it’s not breaking a thing that can make a story interesting, it’s how far you can bend it and still keep itself from breaking. That’s Deep Space Nine! It tested the very limits of Trek, and it showed, in the end, the centre can hold. (more…)

Within two weeks, we will see Hugh Jackman’s final ride as Wolverine in Logan. Jackman has played the titular character since 2000’s X-Men one of the first successful comic book movies that kickstarted our current “superhero cinema” phase. Although Jackman was taller than his comic book counterpart, he has encapsulated the core of the character very well. At the age of 48, he has decided to hang up his claws and Logan will be is final outing. Many critics have already seen the movie at press screenings over the last few weeks.  However, they were barred from saying anything due to a press embargo. Well, that embargo was lifted at 4:30 PM yesterday and now the reviews are flooding in. So how did Logan do?


Like Constantine and Preacher before it, another Vertigo title is heading to the television screen. The newest addition to the family is a series called Scalped, based on the comics by Jason Aaron and  R.M. Guéra, and it will be coming to WGN America.

Having ordered a pilot in 2016, Scalped, is now finally underway. Deadline reports that the upcoming TV series has found their leading man in actor.  (more…)

Any show following an hours’ worth of tits, dragons, and war on HBO’s Game of Thrones, would be equivalent to a band following the Beatles. But Silicon Valley did it! A show about techy losers turned out to be the perfect palette cleanser. All it took was TJ Miller screaming “you brought piss to a shit fight” and slapping a swarmy kid across face, and boom, best comedy show ever!

Here we are, now, on the cusp of Silicon Valley Season 4. HBO released a trailer today that promises to continue the show’s satirical take on the ups and downs of the startup world.  (more…)

Child or adult, The Lion King is an emotional journey that should have left an imprint on those who have seen the Disney animated film. From the soundtrack to the colorful visuals to the wonderful voice acting, the movie was the complete package. So when Jon Favreau announced a live-action remake, it was no surprise people got excited. It had been silent on their end for quite some time since then, but today, Favreau finally tweeted out who will play his Simba and Mufasa. Making his return as King of the Jungle is James Earl Jones. By his side, to play Simba his son, will be Donald Glover.