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For that last 70 plus years, the National Board of Review has compiled an annual list of the best movies from each year. While the NBR’s list is not affiliated with the Academy Awards, the lists are often very similar. In fact, only twice over the last 15 years has the NBR’s Best Film of the Year not been nominated for the same Oscar. While the two are separate, the National Board of Review’s list is a good indication of how the Academy will vote for their awards in January. This year’s National Board list included a few surprises, and it declared Mad Max: Fury Road as the best film of 2015. (more…)

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It’s been three months since Marvel’s Deadpool trailer came out, but now there is a new tease.  The international UK movie poster was released on Twitter with the following caption: “Finally, a hero with worthwhile assets.”  The latest comic super hero film in the Marvel Universe comes out in the U.S. on Febraury 12, 2016, and is already causing a stir due to its controversial R rating.  But it’s not due solely to the shoot-em-up blood and gore one may expect.  Deadpool is known for his sick and twisted sense of humor and antics.  This new poster showcases those qualities of “bad ass” and “smart ass” and gets a little cheeky with the mention of his “great ass”. (more…)


Feeling envious because the rich and powerful might see Star Wars: The Force Awakens before you do? Don’t feel so bad – George Lucas hasn’t seen it either. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Lucas admitted that Disney hasn’t screened the movie for him. In fact, the Star Wars fanbase is one up on him, since he hasn’t even seen a “single frame” of the movie, which would include the never-ending parade of teasers, trailers, and “now with one second of new footage!” TV commercials hitting the Internet. (more…)

Red Faced

After a two-episode swap – done to avoid negative connotations/bad timing with the Paris terrorist attacks – Supergirl is back to to its normal programming schedule, normal being both the operative word here and not coincidentally, the theme of episode 6, “Red Faced.” Supergirl/Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) finally has a breakthrough (not, of course, that we thought she needed one): She gets past the anger – “the anger behind the anger” as her boss, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), puts – to face up to what’s been bothering her all episode long: Her presumed inability to have the “normal” life she once envisioned for herself and which she sees every time her permanent crush, James “Superman’s Pal” Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), engages in public displays of overt affection with his no-longer-ex-girlfriend, Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan Tatum). Apparently, a breakthrough is all Supergirl needs, at least for the foreseeable future, to get back on track and fulfill her self-appointed duties as National City’s Superman stand-in/analog/protector. (more…)


The dynamic duo of Derek and Hansel are back, with the sequel to arguably the most quotable movie ever made: Zoolander.  Oddly enough, the original wasn’t that big of a hit back in 2001 when it premiered in theaters; earning only enough to place 55th out of the highest domestic grossing films of that year, behind projects like Rat Race and The Animal.  The cult classic status it has accrued since then will most likely garner some major numbers this time around, however.  Read on for the plot summary of the film, the international trailer, and promotional poster for Zoolander 2! (more…)

Jay Olivia Plans Gritty Reboot of He-Man


If you grew up in the 80’s you are probably quite familiar with He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. The show featured a colorful cast of characters set on the planet of Eternia, a sort of Swords and Sandals meets Sci-Fi world where Prince Adam protected  Eternia and Castle Greyskull from the evil Skeletor and his minions as the super hero He-Man. (more…)


In 2006, Sylvester Stallone reinvigorated one of his signature characters by making Rocky Balboa, the sixth in a series of Rocky movies about the championship boxer from Philly. He followed that up in 2008 with a new movie about his other legendary character, Vietnam veteran John Rambo in the simply titled Rambo. With new found box office success for the Rocky-inspired Creed, in which Stallone is getting Oscar buzz for his reprise as Balboa, naturally, we have breaking news that’s Rambo related. Sources are saying that a new series focusing on Rambo and his never-before-heard-of son might soon be coming to Fox. (more…)

‘Predator 4’ is Getting Underway


Screenwriter Fred Dekker took to Facebook recently to confirm that the script for a new Predator movie had been turned into the studio. He also included some concept art by 7 year old Angus Herndon in his post. This will be the fourth movie in the series (not counting the Alien vs Predator movies; no one counts them. In fact, forget we mentioned them). After setting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the jungle and Danny Glover in the city, the last movie we got was an effort produced by Robert Rodriguez, which took the Aliens approach by giving us multiple creatures and adding an ‘s’ to the title. Predators starred Adrien Brody, who consumed so many protein shakes for the role that he added an entire other Pianist to his body. While the eclectic history of the franchise may not give many clues as to what we’re in for with Predator 4, we do know a few things.