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In 2012, Universal Pictures did something weird, they released a Jason Bourne movie without Jason Bourne. It was a bold move that did not pay off despite the presence of Jeremy Renner, who at the time was making a play to take over every major Hollywood franchise. But Mission: Impossible stuck with Tom Cruise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains without a Hawkeye solo movie, and this summer, the Bourne legacy will return to the powerful hands of Matt Damon, who returns for more global @$$ kicking in this first look at the imaginatively named Jason Bourne. (more…)


In a world of 2016 Super Bowl Ads…there are more superheroes than you can count. We’ve got an intense spot for Captain America: Civil War, an off-the-wall Deadpool spot, and a flat-out epic X-Men: Apocalypse spot, but what about DC? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters in a little more than a month. Surely DC and Warner Brothers want to give it a worthy spot. After the polarizing response Man of Steel got from the public, there’s arguably a lot riding on the second entry in DC’s cinematic universe. Luckily for us, DC delivered the goods.  (more…)


It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and that means what better time is there for a revisionist version of 80s American history that integrates the growing, frustrating battle for superiority between the mutants that want to protect mankind, and the mutants that want to rule them. Not to be a bummer on this most festive day, but Apocalypse is coming, and by that we mean the title character played by Oscar Isaac in X-Men: Apocalypse. Did you think you were going to make it though the big game without getting a case of mutant mayhem? Well, you’re wrong! It’s time for War. And Famine, and Pestilence, and Death. (more…)


Marvel is on point this year. Not only have they been killing the box-office numbers, but they’ve brought that same formula to their SuperBowl commercials and brand collaborations. You can check out some of the other Marvel Trailers and Collabs here, and  Coca-Cola delivers an epic commercial featuring  Marvel’s biggest and smallest Super Heroes, which they have teased “Is Only the Beginning” take a look at the first of what is set to unfold on Coca-Cola’s social media from this day forward.



In the first Independence Day, director Roland Emmerich blew up the White House, the Capital, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Grand Canyon. It took 20 years, but Emmerich finally knew what he wanted to do for an encore. We won’t spoil it, you can see it for yourself below, but if there’s a movie that pretty much demands inclusion in the Super Bowl menagerie of movie ads, it’s Independence Day: Resurgence. Don’t let the “Star-Spangled Banner” recital fool you, it’s time for some patriotic destruction of property as we count down to late June when the irony-aware aliens and their giant spaceships return for round two. (more…)


The sudden announcement of 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s imminent release last month caught all observers by surprise, especially since it features three well-known and busy actors – Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr. and John Goodman. The fact that producer J.J. Abrams could pull off another secret Cloverfield project, especially with top-drawer acting talent, is a magic trick the man behind the mystery box deserves a lot of credit for pulling off. Adding fuel to the speculative fire now is a new 30-second ad that premiered during the Super Bowl, and while the first trailer showed off the tension indoors, this TV commercial offers hints of what’s happening outdoors. (more…)


When the first trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows hit the web, a new surge of hope for the franchise swept the nation. Even some of the most dedicated members of the Micahel-Bay-ruined-my-childhood bandwagon had to admit that the trailer looked pretty promising. While the first film had some white guy in a suit overshadowing the iconic Shredder, this sequel is delivering much more recognizable characters. So far we’ve gotten a peak at Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman and Casey Jones. However, there was a lot of initial speculation of whether or not one of the Turtles’ biggest enemies would be included. Would we finally see the live-action debut of Krang? Thankfully, the answer ended up being a resounding “yes,” and we finally got out first look at our favorite talking brain in tonight’s Super Bowl Spot. (more…)


With an audience of literally millions, Hollywood is more than eager to show off all the movies that they’ve got in store for 2016. Tonight’s Super Bowl ads will include previews for hyped-up films like 10 Cloverfield Lane and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Out of all the new trailers making their television debut tonight, one preview is especially anticipated. As the melanistic felines and the untrained equines partake in dubious battle, a whole nother war is just on the horizon. While the former of these conflicts centers around an inflatable piece of leather, the latter involves whether or not superheroes should be registered with the government. It’s the battle of Team Iron Man vs. Team Captain America.   (more…)