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When you really think about it, the comic book movies that have come out in the past several years have been great. Now, they’re not Academy Award winning works of art, but at least they’re not Dragonball: Evolution. As a fanboy of something, if you’ve ever felt like you’ve been wronged, just think about how much worse the feeling could be if you were a DBZ fan who watched this hot mess. And now, it turns out that the man who wrote the screenplay, Ben Ramsey, is coming out and apologizing for what a horrid movie Dragonball: Evolution turned out to be.



There are a lot of complaints and disappointment that seem to grow from Hollywood reboots of classic film and TV franchises. When there was news there was going to be another go at our pizza chewing, Cowabunga spouting, friends from the sewers questions were raised. When it was revealed that Megan Fox was lined up to play April, a collective groan was expelled from the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan base. All this being said, and despite what the fan boys say, the first film was arguably a success. It was funny, action packed and had everything that we would expect from a contemporary take on the Ninja Turtles. The film enjoyed so much success that number two in the live action franchise, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, was given the green light and has now had its final full trailer released. (more…)

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues to be the box-office powerhouse, we have to remind ourselves that it wouldn’t be where it is today without the success of the first film Iron Man.  In order for that film to be made, director Jon Favreau had to convince studio executives that the beginning of what would eventually become a billion dollar franchise would rest on the shoulders of an actor who at the time was not a sure thing.  Robert Downey Jr. may be Tony Stark, but there was once a time where his off-screen antics made him box office Kryptonite.  Favreau had faith that Downey would deliver and we all would be well-off with him cast as the lead.  Because of this risk that was taken and the success of Iron Man, the MCU was able to flourish.  Marvel Studios has been taking risks throughout all of their films, and each time has paid off handsomely.  At this point, you can say that risk has been a part of the Marvel method.  Marvel has also championed their diversity for including superheroes of color such as War Machine, Falcon, and soon enough Black Panther.  Marvel has also had great female superhero characters, such as Black Widow, Jessica Jones, and Agent 13.  However, Marvel has yet to include much LGBT representation in their films.  Is this the next risk they would like to tackle?


Another week, another installment in the Ghostbusters reboot hot mess. Fans of the original outing have been up in arms regarding the reboot almost since it’s first mention. Things only got worse for the movie when a trailer appeared a few months ago – and has now become the most disliked trailer on YouTube – and appeared to muddy the waters on the “reboot” stance, or Stanz if you will. Director Paul Feig has maintained that his movie is a separate entity from the original, a true reboot; however the ill fated trailer opens with a mention of 30 years after historic events in New York City. So rumors have been building is it or isn’t it a reboot? Melissa McCarthy recently clarified this in her own straight shooting way. (more…)


Epic Rap Battles has done it again: pitted two icons against each other in a lyrical throw down that we never knew we wanted to see until we did.  This time around, the contestants were George R.R. Martin, the author of the Game of Thrones books, versus J.R.R Tolkien, the author of the Lord of the Rings works.  The “audience” deems the winner via YouTube votes, so watch the battle unfold and get to commenting who you think dropped the mic harder! (more…)

batman superman hishe screencap crop
Alright, so Batman v. Superman wasn’t the movie that everyone was expecting it to be. Still, it was great seeing two titans in comic book history fight each other on the big screen. Sadly, the quality of the live action adaption was no where near that of it’s paper counterpart. And many out there had plenty to say about how the movie should have been and should have ended. Naturally, the fine folks over at How It Should Have Ended on YouTube had their two cents on the matter and came up with an extremely funny nine minute clip. If you want to see how the movie should have ended in their eyes (which is pretty close) then check it out after the jump.



There’s not much that’s scarier to a child than their own toys coming to life and attacking them. A child’s toys are the only things that are always there for them and on their side as they try to make sense of a senseless world. For those toys to turn on a child would be the ultimate betrayal. Even for adults, tiny, lifelike, but utterly lifeless, humanoids can be disconcerting, a representation of humanity utterly devoid of any. That’s why stories about living dolls have so much staying power. Now, one of the most popular stories about murderous dolls is back. Again. Already. Puppet Master is set to be rebooted and reimagined. Hey, twelfth time’s a charm!


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has exponentially grown to become one of the dominant franchises in pop culture. After Nick Fury first appeared at the end of Iron Man and warned Tony Stark that he was part of a much larger world, the MCU  has continued to grow. In addition to more than 12 films in the can (with 10 more on the way), the MCU expanded into television with such shows as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, and the many Netflix shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders) either completed or in development. The one thing that has remained constant between the two mediums was the interconnectivity of them., like how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was tied in a big way to the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Ever since then, many of the TV shows will name drop events that have happened during the films, and Marvel prided itself on its interconnectivity. But can the reverse come true? (more…)