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After seeing Captain America: Civil War fans were able to decide if they liked the new Spider-Man. Many doubted the young actor could pull it off, but Tom Holland’s performance as the charming, excitable, wisecracking, and incredible natural friendly neighborhood Spider-Man stifled any reservations and shade thrown ahead of his debut.  At 19 years old, Tom Holland is a more youthful Peter Parker than previous incarnations but his portrayal was very true to the comics. He seems just as insecure as a teen superhero should be, and he has a great sense of humor. Basically, his incarnation into the Marvel universe achieved more with the character than Sony managed in the past three or four movies, and that’s just how it is. So… going into Spider-Man’s new solo venture under the Marvel banner has fans very excited. Sadly, audiences will have to wait another year to see Spidey swing into action when Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters next summer, but the actor’s recent appearance at SDCC offered some interesting tidbits to get all fired up about.   (more…)

Agent Carter

Thanks to the streaming service Netflix, some show are able to get a second life. Not bound to commercial advertising, the streaming subscription service has the freedom and flexibility to produce content as they see fit. Based on their users’ ratings and recommendations, the show crafts the Original Programming to suit their wants and needs without the need to please advertisers. As a result, some shows that were canceled get a second chance. Netflix was able to bring shows like Arrested Development, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Killing, Trailer Park Boys, Longmore, Fuller House (Full House), and Gilmore Girls back for additional seasons. As a result, whenever a show with a strong fan base is cancelled, the first thing they want is for Netflix to bring it back. ABC canceled Marvel’s Agent Carter after its second season due to declining ratings. The semi spin-off of Captain America: The First Avenger and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. followed agent Peggy Carter as went on her secret agent adventures in the 1940s was a critical hit, but in the second season did not garner the rating needs for the show to remain on the air.



Just because everyone wants to be Batman, doesn’t mean everyone should be Batman. Case in point, Seattle police were called to a local bar when a man was threatening the bar’s bouncer with a homemade spear. That’s right, this guy had tied a knife to a metal pole (pictures below) and swung it at the bouncer. The man fled the scene, but officers were able to find him and give chase. While trying to out run the police car, the 23-year-old suspect threw a metal Batarang at the police car in pursuit. Ain’t life grand? (more…)

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San Diego Comic Con. The biggest and best show for everything Comic, Film & Video related took place this passed weekend. With some amazing cosplayers attending too! Sneaky Zebra has put together a great music video showcasing some of the best cosplayers they came across at SDCC.

Zipping between the San Diego Convention Center and Petco Park, they’ve caught on camera some of the finest looking cosplay wandering the streets and halls of the convention. Another wonderful video that shows how wonderful a comic con weekend really is.  (more…)


Netflix’s Stranger Things has become one of the most talked about shows in recent memory. While many did not know much about it before it premiered this month, it’s received a strong word-of-mouth thanks to social media and is destined to become must-see TV for the streaming site. Many love the show for its great storyline which has science fiction, supernatural, horror, mystery, and action elements. Another thing that everyone is truly digging is that the show accurately captures everything we know and love from the 80s. Not only is everything accurately from that era, but the TV series pays homage to many films from the 70s and 80s as well. The Duffer Brothers, who directed the show filled many scenes with homages to Stephen Spielberg and Stephen King and have received rave reviews for the show.  You can see our impression of Stranger Things right here, it’s great!

Recently journalist and superfan Ulysse Thevenon created and uploaded a video capturing many of the films that Stranger Things pays homage to. This gives the audience a side by side view of many of the scenes of the show and where they drew their inspiration from. (more…)

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Pokemon GO. You have to be living under an Onix to not know what an insanely huge phenomenon it is. In fact, if you’re one of the millions of people playing, you’re not reading this. You’re probably staring at your phone screen walking towards oncoming traffic trying desperately to catch a Pikachu or wasting pokeballs on an f’n Zubat – probably while driving. For everyone else, the novelty of the game has either warn off, or you’re Clint Eastwood from Grand Torino yelling at dumb kids to get off you’re lawn. For folks finding themselves outside the Pokemon go fad, there comes a satirical video from guys at Honest Trailers.

Pulling no punches, the video calls attention to the games complete lack of depth, how its earning players Darwin awards (people falling into lakes, getting hit by cars, swan diving of a cliff. Good lord people, pay attention!), and the absurd team based turf war promoting online bullying. (more…)


Clive Barker‘s Hellraiser, based on a written story of his (The Hellbound Heart), has been dormant for quite some time. While the first four, arguably, are loved by fans, the movies since have not had quite the same level of fanatic love, excepting only the most diehard lovers of the series. The movies began to be milked (there were two movies released in 2005) in a manner more sacrilegious than Pinhead himself, and 2011 saw the release of Hellraiser: Revelations, a movie so quickly and cheaply produced, longtime Pinhead actor Doug Bradley simply refused to participate. It was released quietly for one day, at one theater, and then shoveled onto DVD; it’s rumored (with all signs pointing to ‘true’) that the movie was only made so Dimension Films did not lose the copyright to the franchise, and could make a bigger, more expensive film later on. Needless to say, it was considered bad. Now Dimension Films is giving Hellraiser another chance with Hellraiser: Judgement, and the first photo has been released.  (more…)


Kevin Smith is a nerd’s nerd. That’s been fairly well established after years of Star Wars and comic book references being smothered all over his movies. Still, as Smith launches his latest nerd-friendly TV endeavour, the talk show Geeking Out, he, like any other nerd, has dreams that are out of reach, even for someone with his reach and influence. So while Geeking Out seeks to bring nerd figureheads and luminaries to your home TV in a personable and honorific setting, Smith knows there are a few untouchable figures that we’d love to see, and that he would love to get.  (more…)