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Usually, when a fan-film is made, it’s no big deal. You can scroll through YouTube on any given day and see a quick fan-film for some of your favorite movies uploaded without any major studio grievances aired. However, the Star Trek fan film Axanar has been met with many legal issues from Star Trek’s parent company Paramount Pictures. After raising more than $1 million through crowdfunding to produce a feature-length fan film within the Star Trek universe with high production values, Paramount filed a lawsuit against the production company. Star Trek directors JJ Abrams and Justin Lin both did not see an issue with the fan film and urged Paramount to drop the lawsuit and let the film be made, but Paramount continued to move forward with it, until now.


This week’s Trek Bastard was going to look back at the problems at a previous incarnation of Star Trek, but the problems of the present keep presenting themselves. As you may have heard, Star Trek: Discovery has been delayed again, moved off from its premiere perch of this coming May on CBS All Access to parts unknown. Even though the series is supposed to start shooting next week, CBS/Paramount has offered no new release date for the series, which the studio has been pushing for over a year now, and while on the one hand we may be able to appreciate a deliberate pace with development, we’ve all got to wonder if Discovery’s maybe gone off the rails. (more…)

The upcoming Green Lantern Corps film set to release in 2020 is scouting for its leading man. The rumor mill has pushed out the shortlist for possible contenders to take on the role of the Emerald Crusader. As we mentioned in a previous piece about the film, there hasn’t been much released about what we can expect other than the main characters will be the Green Lanterns of Earth: Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner. This morning, The Wrap, dropped some names for who might take on the role and a surprising top of the list has a little experience with the character.


NBC has not had a good track record when it’s come to super hero shows. Remember the wasted opportunity that was Heroes? Or how about The Cape, which was the exact type of show the superhero genre didn’t need. Then, when they did eventually get a superhero show right, and manage to create a fanbase with something like Constantine… they went and cancelled it. Tsk…tsk. Whoever at NBC is in charge of making creative decisions (we can only assume it’s a Dr. Claw type character sitting in an overly sized chair stroking a cat) clearly doesn’t know a thing about the comic book / superhero genre.  But to their credit, their aiming for a change-un’.

Coming in February, NBC will premier Powerless, the first situation comedy series set around the DC Universe. Moving on from there, NBC is jumping from one comic-verse to another. From DC to Top Cow Comics, with a reboot of Witchblade, the comic-book series that already inspired a short-lived TNT drama.  (more…)

Here’s an unusual story for a Friday night, perhaps even more unusual given the already strange turn of events that have followed the development of the Terminator franchise. What started as a time travel slasher movie in 1984 became one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, and despite numerous attempts to keep the gravy train going – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator: Salvation, and Terminator: Genisys – Hollywood just can’t seem to make Terminator work, at least not without its creator. Perhaps that why there’s news tonight that James Cameron is plotting a Terminator comeback, and he’s bring a special new friend along with him. (more…)

When you hear the word Kaiju, several things probably pop into your head: Guillermo del Toro, Giant Robots, and the word “awesome.” The last things that probably come to mind are probably Anne Hathaway and dancing. Well, get ready to add them to the list as both come to life in the trailer for the new movie called, Colossal. It’s not entirely about a dancing Kaiju but it seems to be about a girl and her ability to control one. On paper it doesn’t sound like many fans of the monster genre may want to see, but its something out of the box and, therefore, may be worth a shot.


Last week, we announced that Game of Thrones vet Peter Dinklage was reportedly joining Avengers: Infinity War and the Untitled Avengers sequel that comes afterward. While the details of who exactly he will be in the upcoming movies were not announced, many fans speculated that the actor would most likely play Pip The Troll, buddy of Adam Warlock who plays a significant part in the Infinity Gauntlet series, which the upcoming films is reportedly based on. Given the actor’s size, that’s what many assume. Of course, he could also play any number of Marvel’s cosmic characters, including MODOK, or even the Living Tribunal. With production about to start for both movies in Atlanta very soon, everyone’s getting ready for filming, and that means getting their hair ready.


What a year for Sterling K. Brown! He had a key role as Christopher Darden in The People VS O.J. Simpson, he co-stars in the biggest new series on broadcast TV This Is Us, and he was recently cast in a secretive new part for the upcoming Marvel Studios movie Black Panther. When you’ve got this kind of momentum in Hollywood you’ve just got to keep going, so it’s understandable that Brown might want to add another franchise to his resume. So now, following in the footsteps of Darden, Brown is committing to chasing down another killer… from outer space! The Predator. (more…)