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In the long history of superheroes, the costumes they wear have become almost as iconic as the person who wears them. From Superman’s “S” to the green of Green Arrrow’s outfit, there’s always that one characteristic that stands out the most. Included in that history of costumes are helmets. One of the most famous helmets has to be Doctor Fate’s helmet. Then, of course, you have the Nova Helmet, Juggernaut’s helmet, and Magneto’s helmet. Now we can add one more dome piece to the collection. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to John Diggle’s (David Ramsey) helmet.


FAN EXPO 2015: Cosplay From Day 1


It wouldn’t be a con without lots and lots of cosplay, and the National Fan Expo is no exception. A lot of local Toronto cosplayers save up their best stuff all year to strut at the Expo, and for some it was a feat all the more impressive because Toronto is sweltering under a heatwave tis weekend. Sunny and humid is hardly the weather you want for wool hats, long coats and plastic helmets, but the people persevered and the results of their efforts can be seen below. All the usual suspects are here including Dredd, Captain America, and Batman-related characters, but there were also a lot of pleasant surprises. Want to check out some of the costumed action at the Metro Toronto Convention Center? Look at the photo slide show below. (more…)


At nearly 70 years old, practical make-up and special effects master Tom Savini shows no signs of slowing down, but he did note that he’s taking more time to live in the moment. Worried about the future, fretting about the past, don’t worry about it Savini said, “these are two places you can’t do anything about, two places your helpless in.” Savini was rather philosophical there at the beginning of his Q&A, but most of his panel at Fan Expo was less about the moment then it was revising his past, his future, and the inspiration he could offer for future effects artists. (more…)


How do you say goodbye to one of the most topical and twisty sci-fi series of the last few years? That’s the conundrum that fans of Continuum are facing as the show mounts its final season this fall. As a Canadian production, those of us in the Great White North get the first look at new episodes when the season begins, and so it goes for this six-episode final season of Continuum. The first episode is online and available to Canadian viewers, but the second episode was shown tonight at Fan Expo. What follows is (hopefully) a spoiler-free review. (more…)



Force Friday is being heralded in in a fun way with all new Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and collectibles being revealed! Hot Toys has premiered their first Force Awakens figures: Kylo Ren, the First Order Storm Trooper, and two versions of First Order Stormtroopers– one regular, and one Heavy Gunner. These guys are all part of Hot Toys’ 1/6 scale line of collectibles, and are super life-like and detailed. Here’s more info, straight from Hot Toys themselves! (more…)

‘Mega Man’ Is Coming To The Big Screen


Gamers across the globe may be able to connect in ways that were not possible back in the 80’s, in games that get even more realistic and immersive with each generation.  Seriously, have you seen that Halo 5 opening cinematic? It is incredible.  Still, there is little argument against the belief that some of the best games ever made were given birth during the Golden Age of Console Gaming.  One of the games that is held in such high esteem is the absolutely wonderful Mega Man.  Not only did the game lead to over 50 sequels/versions over multiple platforms that seemed to get better with each entry, but the 8-bit hero also inspired several comic book titles, a couple of animated series, a novel, and even several soundtracks that fans have scrambled to collect.  Today, word has it that the battle robot is set for another big adventure, this time, on the big screen. (more…)