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If there is one thing that Screen Junkies has made quite clear over the years, it is that no one is safe from ridicule, that any and every movie must be criticised to prove its worth. No matter how great it might be to the untrained eye, the Honest Trailers series will expose every flaw in all the most popular releases. In their most recent video, they’ve taken on be the baddest of the bad. The most dangerous villains in the entire DC universe have come under the critical eye of one of YouTube’s most scathing pop culture critics. (more…)


Westworld ended with a bang, figuratively and literally, on HBO this past Sunday. The robot revolt in an Old West theme park series wrapped up its first season with a cliffhanger as many of the main characters confronted a major change in the status quo. Butwhere does the series go from here? When will it be back? What new *worlds* will the series explore, and who will be left to explore them? These are all key questions that have been put to the show’s two shuwrunners – Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy – in the last 48 hours. So what are the answers? Spoilers ahead, obviously. (more…)


Not to be outdone by yesterday’s Luke Cage season two announcement, the Netflix Iron Fist gang has released four new images from the kung-fu action series featuring Danny Rand (Finn Jones), Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), Joy (Jessica Stroup), Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey), and the glue that holds the Marvel Netflix Universe together, Claire Temple (Rosario Dawnson). Iron Fist hits Netflix on March 17th. (more…)


In 2014, Universal Studios released Dracula Untold. It was supposed to be a radical new take on the character, combining the mythology created by Bram Stoker with the real history of Vlad Tepes III, Prince of Wallachia, the real-life inspiration for Dracula also called Vlad the Impaler. The film was supposed to be huge for Universal, a big, ambitious remake of one of their classic films, but it ended up making a less than impressive $200 million at the worldwide box office, barely breaking even once marketing and distribution were taken into account. Dracula Untold had one last chance at redemption, but now even that’s been taken away, it’s not a part of the planned Universal Monsters Shared Universe after all. (more…)


The comic book X-Men is a great big world with many different facets, but seeing that world brought to life in the live action realm has only covered so much ground. The 10 X-Men movies so far have focused mostly on the team, the solo adventures of Wolverine, and one slightly off-kilter tale of everyone’s favourite Merc with the Mouth, but there’s a lot of nuance to the world of X-Men, a subtlety that can often be lost in big screen, blockbuster filmmaking. Good thing then that Legion is coming to fill that void, and this new look at the show will make you look forward to its premiere – now in the not too distant future – all the more.  (more…)

When it comes to Michael Bay, everything needs to be bigger and bolder. So it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that he’s currently working with IMAX to create a virtual reality project that will involve the Transformers franchise. There aren’t many details regarding the project, but strap in and get ready to go face to face with members of the Autobots and, maybe, fight along their side. More information about the project after the jump.


Zach Galligan Gives An Update On ‘Gremlins 3’


It’s been more than 27 years since the last Gremlins film. The original horror comedy which focused on cute little Gizmo, when after breaking the 3 main rules unleashed Gremlins, the pesky troublesome creatures that caused all sorts of havoc on Kingston Falls in the original film, and in New York City in the sequel. While the sequel was not as successful as the original, fans still wanted to see more of this world. For years many have wondered if there would ever be a sequel to the franchise. It looks like, after all these years, we have an update.