Ant-Man, the character, may not be the best of anything to do with Marvel. You got a character who’s super powers is shrinking down to the size of a popcorn kernel and talking to Ants. That’s lame, and will always be something to balk at. Regardless, the character has been around for ages and is quite synonymous with the rest of The Avengers.  He’s popular enough that Marvel went and gave him his own movie. Which, so happens to be, is opening in 3 weeks.

Some have speculated that due to Ant-Man’s appeal, or rather lack there of, that the movie (starring Paul Rudd) will be their first real flop. That remains to be seen until, well, the premier – not gonna know the reception until its released to mass audiences. Member of the press, however, have seen it and have hit up Twitter with their early reactions. Seems that all the trash talkers and doubters (namely people who are just sour grapes ever since Edgar Wright got dropped as director and replaced with Peyton Reed) may have to stuff it. The majority of Twitter posts below indicate that Ant-Man is another hit for Marvel Studios, but there are a couple who beg to differ. Furthermore, it’s revealed that we’ll get not one, but two big post-credits scenes.  (more…)


If you weren’t already aware, Marvel‘s latest movie Ant-Man has had some issues during pre-production when the first director Edgar Wright left over creative differences. Throw in the uncertainty a lot of Marvel fans have over a movie about Ant-Man and you’ve got an Internet cocktail that surpasses all the worries fans and many studio executives had about James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. Now we all know how that turned out, but can director Peyton Reed do the same or better with Ant-Man? (more…)


Just the other day, we rounded up all of the coolest exclusives coming to San Diego Comic Con 2015 – all the stuff you want, the things you need, and everything you can’t afford. Now a few more items have entered the mix.

Kotobukiya has revealed their San Diego Comic-Con limited edition Deadpool “Chimichanga” ARTFX+ statue. And Hasbro is thinking big and small (literally) with their .75-inch Mini Ant-Man figure ($9.99) and Ant-man 4 pack. Making the obligatory Ant-Man pun, these collectibles are sure to shrink your wallet.  (more…)


Is anyone truly excited about Marvel’s Ant-Man – yes, no, maybe? Seems most are considerable unimpressed with Marvel’s latest entry into their Cinematic Universe. Maybe it’s because the lead characters super powers of shrinking down to the size of a popcorn kernel and talking to Ants isn’t all that interesting. Or, maybe, it’s something deeper. Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was as nonstop kinetic force – it was as fun and exciting as a super hero movie can get. Any Marvel solo film following a blockbuster like would be akin to being the guy that has to go on and perform after The Beatles .

Obviously feeling that Ant-Man isn’t tracking as strong as they may like, Marvel has dished out some movie posters with some familiar faces. When in doubt, cross promote!  (more…)


All eyes are on the casting process for the new Spider-Man, the young actor who will carry the mantle of the web-slinging hero into his next solo film and through other appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is sort of big deal, and Spider-Man himself still looks likely to make his first full appearance in next spring’s Captain America: Civil War (rumors that casting was taking place recently in Atlanta, where Civil War is currently filming further suggests this), but fans have been eager to see if hints will be made in upcoming Marvel projects. Some shrewd fans got the better of the internet with a faux scene that was supposedly the end credits tag for Avengers: Age of Ultron of Spider-Man yelling at a window washer, but as it turns out you may not have to wait for Civil War to get your Spider-fix. (more…)

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.34.14 PM

Most Marvel fans know to go expect a few curveballs in their movies, (and to ALWAYS stay during the ending credits!), but was a major Ant-Man spoiler revealed by hands other than Marvel’s? LEGO already has a track record of such leaks; such dropping the Iron Man 3 plot twist with Aldrich Killian, and giving us a view of the Vision before his poster was officially revealed. This time the victim of possible spoilage is Ant-Man, by way of an interesting image for an Ant-Man LEGO set. (more…)


I’m not sure if this a violation of franchise/franchisee confidentiality, but recently Joss Whedon, director of The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, talked about Ant-Man. Before there was The Avengers, before there was even an Iron Man, Ant-Man was slowly gathering steam under the direction of Edgar Wright, the filmmaker most famous for the zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead. Wright’s years of toil were about to pay-off when, all of a sudden, he was out and Peyton Reed was in as Ant-Man director. Jesus wept, and so did the internet, because we were now robbed of the presumptive awesomeness of Wright’s Ant-Man. But Marvel Studios told us to chill, and now, Whedon himself is saying that from what he’s read, we’re right to miss what would have been Wright’s vision for the character. (more…)