JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens began being tracked by distributors today, and estimates have it grossing anywhere from $170 million to $300 million in its opening weekend. The current highest December weekend opening belongs to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, coming in at $85 million, meaning that that the highly anticipated Star Wars sequel is expected to double the record. However, that doesn’t come close to the highest grossing weekend of all time, which is Jurassic World with $208.8 million. Of course, that film premiered during the summer blockbuster season, when the empty classrooms generally mean more money in studio pockets. (more…)

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Love them or hate them, three more installments of the Avatar franchise are on their way. Tentatively titled Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4, we’ll be seeing them rolling into the theaters one after then other in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Recently, Empire Magazine sat down and had a chat with James Cameron and asked him how the writing process was going. His response was positive and rather strongly worded. Scroll on to hear some of what Cameron had to say about the sequels. (more…)


When James Cameron made The Terminator in 1984, he was under the gun to complete a complex and ambitious film shoot on a limited budget. Heck, even working on Terminator 2: Judgment Day, he was facing doubters as the budget for that film ballooned and its complicated digital effects had yet to be tested before an audience. Still, a brand name is a brand name, and Hollywood loves a brand name, so even without Cameron, people have been trying to make mo’ money off Terminator, as evidenced by the upcoming and oddly spelled Terminator: Genisys. But what does Cameron himself think of the new film? Is he okay with it, is he concerned about it tarnishing his legacy, and will he do more Terminator in the future with an important deadline concerning rights pending? (more…)


Bigger. When you’re making a sequel to one of the biggest movies ever made, there’s really only one way you can go for the sequel, and that’s bigger. To wit, the superhero sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. With two motion-capture characters, several people with super-powers and an army of robot fighters, it was a foregone conclusion that the new Avengers movie was going to tip the scale with the number of visual effects it would require, but now there’s a number attached: 3,000. For those keeping score, that’s about the same number of effects shots in Avatar, about 800 more than what was in the first Avengers, and 250 more than what was in Guardians of the Galaxy. (more…)


The blockbuster business doesn’t come easy, or cheap, and a new list shows us just how true that is. Now, one website has compiled a list of the most expensive films ever made, and chances are pretty good that one or many of your own personal favorites are on here. But who is the big winner? Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, of course. The third Pirates movie tips the bank at $341.8 million, but it’s not the only Pirates movie on the list, and it’s not the only Disney movie on the list either. Want to get a load of the other nine movies in the Top 10? Read on. (more…)


Love it or hate it, James Cameron has plans to inundate the world with his Avatar universe. There are two sequels to the 2009 film already in the works and scheduled to release in 2016 and 2018, with a fourth film planned for some unknown point in the future. There’s also Avatar Land, an atmospheric reproduction of the Avatar-verse coming to Disney World. Now, Cameron is taking his obsession one step further by producing an Avatar-themed Cirque de Soleil stage show. (more…)


As James Cameron toils away in pre-production for the back-to-back-to-back Avatar sequels nobody asked for (can we even find a legit fan of these films any longer?), questions have swirled around the three upcoming pictures. What are they even about, and who from the original cast will even return for the second, third and fourth go-rounds?

Well, confirmation from one major cast member has come, as Sigourney Weaver says that she will, indeed, be returning for all three Avatar sequels.


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And now, we here at Nerd Bastards bring you more news from the front lines of James Cameron’s inevitable Avatar sequels. Okay, maybe more like news from the back lines, but whatever. The point being, so far there hasn’t been much to say about what Cameron hopes to do with the three new flicks. Now, in a recent interview with French news site RTL.fr, Cameron has stepped up and provided a few reveals. Scroll down to learn more about where the Avatar franchise is heading. (more…)