Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Liz Katz

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The summer weather might be gone and Fall is bringing on the rain, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little heat to your weekend…if you know what I’m saying? Anyhoozle, it’s another rousing edition of the Sexy Cosplay of the Week – your little slice of warm nerd pie.  This week, we head to the home of hopes and dreams of Los Angeles, California with Liz Katz.

Making a name for herself back in 2007, this LA dream girl has been on quite the move since she started cosplaying. Becoming a writer and model in her free time, Liz has also been making friends with stars like Steve-O and Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist channel. She’s also heavily involved in the gaming community. At her heart, though, Liz is all about her cosplay, cementing herself with the best of em’.

From Lara Croft and Princess Peach to Star WarsPrincess Leia, check out more after the jump. (more…)

Sexy cosplay of the Week: Lara Lunardi

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Unwind and let loose with another edition of the Sexy Cosplay of the Week. This week it’s Brazilian beauty Lara Lunardi.

At an early age Lara showed an interest in cosplay, making every detail of her costumes herself. She has been making big waves in recent years with her exceptional talent and allure as a cosplayer. Turning heads in two nations while maintaining an active school education and side work as a vocalist with songs released on Youtube and iTunes.

Lara’s main passion right now though is cosplay and design and this gal has some serious skill. With several comic based cosplay including DC’s Black Canary and Catwoman to Nintendo’s Princess Zelda, Lara Lunardi has the makings to be better then most of the cosplayers out there. Check out more after the jump. (more…)

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Omi Gibson

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Each week we take time out of searching the Internet for the latest funny cat videos to bring you the best in the world of cosplay. Yes it is our Sexy Cosplay of the Week and this week, we bring you the insanely real talent that is Omi Gibson. Enjoy!

A lot of cosplayers go for the bright and bouncy characters that are sure fire attention getters, but not Omi here. Known for her costumed work with the Metal Gear franchise this Japanese vixen with a flare for the risqué has branched out across gaming, film, and, animation. It’s a risk that’s paid off too,  as  Omi has gained recognition all across the internet.

Pieces like No More Heroes Bad Girl, Transporter 2‘s Lola and Marvel’s Black Cat you could almost swear you’re seeing the real thing. Check out more in the gallery below. (more…)

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Shermie Cosplay

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i_ll_throw_you_a_banana__by_sweet_little_world-d65mdxhIt’s time for our weekly the Sexy Cosplay of the Week. This week we’re heading (figuratively) south to Brazil with Shermie Cosplay.

Going from locally known to her now world recognized status as a cosplay, this Brazilian bombshell has been quite a busy over the last few years. Using her love of cosplay and video game, Shermie has created a multitude of costumes that have been featured all over the world including the most recent issue of Cosmode magazine. With her outstanding dedication to her craft this cosplayer even did a cosplayer for Game of Thrones, the books series!

You gotta respect that level of involvement. Check out more in the gallery below. (more…)

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Holly Gloha

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We’ve lined up another edition of the Sexy Cosplay of the Week just for you and this week we head deep into the heart of Texas with Austin’s own Holly Gloha.

While this cosplayer considers herself an “amateur,” she sure looks pure pro to us. What was once just a pastime, Holly has embraced the costume community and made a passion out of it. She isn’t just dressing up as fighters or anime characters to look cute either, underneath her cute exterior this woman loves to flex her muscle as a martial artist.

Brains, beauty and the ability to knock most men out kicking them in the head, Holly Gloha is quite the combo. Check out more in the gallery below. (more…)

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Nana Kuronoma

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Nana Kuronoma3

Kick off the weekend with a healthy helping of this week’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week with Austria’s own Nana Kuronoma.

Underneath her exceptional talent as a cosplayer and model lies the heart of a true nerd with a passion for manga and gaming. Nana’s been heavily into cosplay for the past few years and has rose to the forefront of fandom. Her outstanding catalogue of costumes includes the hard-rocking Nana Osaki from Nana to the hard-hitting style of Street Fighter Chun-Li to the sweet and innocent Kairi from Kingdom Hearts . Check out more in the gallery below.


Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Mishiro

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Are you ready to get work out of the way and enjoy the weekend? Well, push that garbage to the side and hold on to your seats because it’s a Nerd Bastards Friday and prime time for another edition of Sexy Cosplay of the Week. This week we head south, to Brazil, to figuratively visit Mishiro.

This red-headed cosplayer has quite the collection of costumes under her belt, all of which she uses to knock fellas senseless. And she’s quite the talented individual too; as a gamer, musician, jazz dancer and pole dancer with some mad skills, Mishiro knows what to do to have a good time with her cosplay. Taking her many years of experience and her cute cheerleader figure all over the country, this cosplayer has been making quite the name for herself in her native land and could make her way stateside whenever she wants.

Amassing a variety of costumes, Mishiro has a little bit of everything, from Tekken‘s Zafina and Nintendo’s Princess Peach to Lollipop Chainsaw‘s Juliet Starling. Check out more in the gallery after the jump.

For more on Mishiro head over to her Facebook, Deviant Art or World Cosplay for more.

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Queen Riot

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It’s been a busy and hot week. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a break from all the stress and sweltering heat? Let Nerd Bastards guide you in the right direction with our Sexy Cosplay of the Week.

We our proud to present America’s own Queen Riot.

With over a decade of cosplay experience, Ashley, better known as Queen Riot, has been making her way across conventions all over America. Using her multi-talented assets to turn her hobby into a gateway for modeling, this cosplayer and her flirtatious good looks, are on a roll. She isn’t one of those “fake gamer girls” either, Queen Riot can mentally mess you up. A graduate of Florida’s Full Sail university, she makes and designs her own video games. This is someone with a passion for gaming, but cosplay is always one of the top things on her mind.

Expanding her love of cosplay into a much larger aspect of her life, Queen Riot has created quite a collection of costumes for herself. With her knowledge and love of comics and gaming, Queen has done DC’s Power Girl and Marvel’s Black Cat to Borderlands‘ resident loving mother/entertainment bringer Mad Moxxi. Check out more in the gallery after the jump. (more…)

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Dani Foca

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It’s been a busy week, what with all this stuff called “work” and all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. Friday is for relaxation and what a better way to kick it off than with the Sexy Cosplay of the Week and Italy’s own Dani Foca.

With her cherub faced this Italian cosplayer has been exceptionally busy in the last few years. An accomplished cosplayer, Dani Foca has won several awards for her videogame cosplay in between her studies as a university student in Milan. Knowledgeable in English, Italian and a bit of Japanese, Dani, with those inviting looks of hers, could take over and dominate Italy if she wanted to.

See her more favoured videogame cosplay, like Tekken‘s Alisa Bosconovitch, or DC comics Posion Ivy and Vocaloid‘s Hatsune Miku in the gallery below. (more…)

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Ivy Cosplay

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The weather might be hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming off your computer screens. Its Friday and that means it’s time for another edition of the Sexy Cosplay of the Week, this week with Italy’s own Ivy Cosplay.

A talented costume maker and model in her homeland Giulia, known to her fans as Ivy, she has been tearing it up at conventions for years. With her amusing charms and attractive figure, Ivy has won numerous awards and been featured on Kotaku, Cosplay Culture and Arcade Sushi to name a few. And being the nice person that Ivy is, she even creates helpful tutorials explaining how she creates all own her props and costumes.

With several years of experience this sweet cosplayer has created quite the collection of costumes for herself. Including Soul Calibur‘s Ivy, for which her cosplay name is based, and Final Fantasy X‘s Yuna to Disney princesses Snow White, Belle and Cinderella. Check out more in the gallery below.