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After a whirlwind day yesterday – October 21, 2015, the infamous date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel to the “future” in Back to the Future II – full of glorious references to the film, new movie-centric products being released, and a slew of interviews, memes, and cosplay, the best was unequivocally saved for last.  As the clocks began to turn to October 22nd, 2015 (the first day ever that the events depicted in the Back to the Future film series took place entirely in the relative past), Jimmy Kimmel pulled the biggest coup in BTTF fandom on his late-night talk show: Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox reunited in character for an amazing trip down future-memory lane.



We’ve officially celebrated the passing of October 21, 2015, otherwise nerdily known as the date to which Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled into the future, as seen in Back to the Future II.  With the 30th anniversary of the franchise in full swing, it’s time to look at a few of the super cool things that have happened in honor of of one of the most heavy film series ever to exist.



Back to The Future II is a film beloved by all and on the eve of its celebratory BacktoTheFutureDay 10/21/2015 (the day Marty and Doc traveled to the future) lovers of the film all over the world have waited with bated breathe for the launch of amazing and fantastical products straight out of the fictional world. Cities are changing their names, hoverboards are being developed for release, and the biggest excitement of them all comes in a particular bottled soft-drink. Not just any soft-drink of course, but none other than Pepsi Perfect, the fictional beverage served to Marty in a futuristic diner. The bottles, which contains Pepsi Made with Real Sugar were set to release today with a limited run of  6,500 units.

Of course all good things never end well. Do they?



There are many things to love in the movie trilogy Back to the Future, including everyone’s favorite kooky scientist – Doctor Emmett “Doc” Brown (played by the incredible Christopher Lloyd).

But, an article on written by Gene Newman brings up some interesting points about ol’ Doc, that really make you wonder. Beneath all that hair, was there the mind of an evil genius?

Read the amazing article below the jump and you be the judge!

*EDITORS NOTE: This is a re-post of an article we featured in October 2010. We took it out of the vault in appreciation of Back to the Future Day.



Puente Hills Mall in Industry, California was the mall parking lot used in the filming of Back to the Future. Director Robert Zemeckis renamed it Twin Pines Mall and the rest is history. Fans still make pilgrimages to the site, and you can still see black tape (scorch) marks in the parking lot that commemorate the firey path Doc Brown’s DeLoeran took into the past. This month the mall, and many BTTF fans are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the film’s release. Including the signage pictured above. (more…)

We’ve all been here before. There’s a movie we love and the actors who starred in it. It’s been 25 years since it premiered in theaters and then silence. The story had ended and everyone had moved on. One day someone asks one of the stars if they’d ever do a sequel to the last movie. Of course they’d say yes, but it’s only an answer to a question. So, what movie is it and who is it this time? Last time we had the Firefly cast saying they would do a second season. Now we have Christopher Lloyd saying he would do a Back to the Future IV, but you won’t believe the incredible circumstances for this to happen.



We’ve all seen the kinda-sorta hoverboard prototype that Lexus created earlier this year – if for some reason you aren’t familiar, click here to get wise – but now, just a few short days in advance of Back to the Future Day (October 21, 2015, the “future” date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel to from their home time of 1985, for the record), we’re given a glimpse of an entrepreneuring Canadian who may be able to give us the real deal!