BastardCast vs Bill Clinton and the Perfect Stranger Danger from Mars

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Welcome to the festival of light that is The BastardCast, unfortunately the chicken wing coupons that we sent out are expired. Sorry, but hey the #TimeChallenge continues, we sorta have have Star Wars new. Plus the finer points of the great May 6th, 2016 Sophie’s Choice of movie blockbuster weekends that DC/Marvel have set up for us and the worst audition tape ever for a late night TV talk show (but it is for basic cable, so we still have a chance!)

On the show this week we talk about the funny and informative topics, like: (more…)

I Demand a Series! Bruce Timm’s New Batman Short

- 04-10-14Comics, Nerd Culture Posted by Luke Gallagher

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.41.25 PM

In an ongoing celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary a brand new short has been offered up from producer Bruce Timm and DC Entertainment. It’s less than 3 minutes long, but it is one of the best animated things to happen to Batman since Batman The Animated Series. They even got Kevin Conroy (the one true Batman) to voice the Bat for 2 words.  (more…)

‘Gotham’ Finds Its Riddler

- 04-01-14Comics, TV Posted by Brandon Marcus

Cory Michael Smiht

Despite protest and anxiety from some Batman fans, the Fox series Gotham is moving forward at full speed. They’ve already got a novice Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and a whole cast of iconic – but younger – Batman characters lined up. And the cast just keeps on growing. If you’ve ever wanted to play an amateur Man-Bat or Harvey Dent, now’s the time to get your head shots in!


Leaked Poster Reveals ‘Batman versus Superman’ Title

- 04-01-14Comics, Film Posted by Team Bastard

With CinemaCon officially wrapped up there seems to be a few dangling threads. Late last week, twitter was abuzz with the possibility that there might be a few reveals trickling out of Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel sequel; most notably the big reveal on Ben Affleck‘s Batsuit in celebration of DC’s launch of Batman’s 75th anniversary celebration. Those fires were kicked up a notch when Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara told the New York Times that announcements (note the plural) on a unified DC cinematic universe were imminent.

Well, the weekend has come and gone, and so far we haven’t see any sign of those announcements (save for those Green Lantern rumblings.) But, that might not be entirely true. The folks over at have posted a handful of pictures late last night from what was reported to be the abandoned launch for DC’s foray into the joined comic book universe market.  (more…)

Is DC Fan Casting a Rebooted ‘Green Lantern’?

- 04-01-14Comics, Film, WTF? Posted by JT Stevens

green lantern

With the success of The Lego Movie, Gravity, the buzz surrounding the upcoming Batman & Superman team up film and the news that we will see a new trilogy from the Harry Potter-verse in the future, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara is surely riding high, but he’s not Marvel Studios high, and that may be something that the exec wants to change. (more…)

Batman is Turning 75! WB and DC are Celebrating All Year Long

- 03-27-14Comics, Film Posted by Brandon Marcus


You’re looking good, Batman. You don’t look a day over 32. Well, maybe sometimes closer to 60 depending on the comic.

Yes, Gotham’s Caped Crusader is celebrating his 75th anniversary this year and DC  and Warner Bros. are celebrating by putting on events, releasing DVDs and art and looking to the future of the dark knight.


Get Your First Full Look at The Arkham Knight!

- 03-27-14Comics, Videogames Posted by Brent Cook


When Batman: Arkham Knight was first announced, the majority of fans assumed the title was referring to Batman himself, but it was soon announced that it was actually the name of his newest foe, The Arkham Knight. Finally, we have our first detailed look at the mysterious new villain! Click on through to check them out! (more…)

‘Gotham’ Serves Up Press Pic of Alfred Pennyworth

- 03-24-14Comics, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


The jury’s still out on whether fans should get excited about this new Batman project or ready themselves for a disappointment on par with “Batdance,” but when it comes to the Caped Crusader, it’s pretty hard to screw up Alfred. Really, just cast an older British dude and your job’s half done. So on that level, congratulations Gotham producers, you’ve won this round. Scan below to see the first publicity picture of actor Sean Pertwee as (future) Batman’s most trusted ally. (more…)

Toronto ComiCon – Day 1 Cosplay Photo Gallery

- 03-07-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


In the Toronto area today it was the start of March Break, the Canadian equivalent of spring break, but pre-spring. Today was also the start of Toronto ComiCon, the younger cousin of August’s National Fan Expo and the unofficial kick-off to the Canadian convention season. From as far away as Windsor, London, Kingston and Ottawa, Canadian nerds of all stripes – comics, gaming, sci-fi, anime, and horror – have descended on the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for three days of festivities, including, obviously, the parade of cosplayers on the convention floor. Below, is a gallery of some of the costume all-stars who came out on day 1 and showed off their skill with a needle and thread. (more…)

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ To Feature New Villain, And Promises Best Car In Game Ever

- 03-05-14Comics, Videogames Posted by Luke Gallagher

The preview trailer for the newly announced Batman: Arkham Knight hit yesterday, and it was siiiick. Heck, my Bat nipples were beaming in excitement…and I wasn’t even wearing my Batsuit. Coming off the 3rd, mediocre installment (if you take it as expanded game play to Arkham City and not a new game, it’s not that bad), it’s with much delight to see franchise back in the hands of Rock Steady Studios; the makers of first two titles in the critically acclaimed series. That, and Kevin Conroy will be back to voice (the only true voice) Batman! Between Conroy, Rocksteady and the absolutely stunning cinematics shown in the trailer,  justifying spending 700$ on a new console just got a whole lot easier.

Since the trailer broke, a barrage of of details and images have surfaced. One update in particular could change Batman canon as we know it… (more…)