SDCC14: A New Documentary Reminds Us All That Burton’s ‘Superman Lives’ Was the Worst Idea Ever

- 07-24-14Comics, Film Posted by Jacob Knight


Today at San Diego Comic-Con (is anything else happening in the world at the moment?), the first full-length trailer for Jon Schnepp’s documentary, The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? (the question’s rhetorical, obviously) debuted and has now been released online. One of the weirder “what if” films of all time, Schnepp’s documentary digs at the “whys” behind the collapse of Tim Burton and Kevin Smith‘s potential superhero shitstorm. (more…)

Bonus Story Packs With Batman: Arkham Knight Pre-Order

- 07-24-14Comics, Cool Stuff, Videogames Posted by Aspry Jones


This Fall, Batman will again be the talk outside of Gotham when his new Kevin Conroy-voiced game debuts. Yesterday, GameStop teased a playable story within Batman: Arkham Knight, but you have to pre-order the game in order to access it. Inside the tweet was a blurred out image (ABOVE) of the character they were featuring. This information comes behind the already announced challenge maps and “story pack” of Harley Quinn‘s playable avatar. The pixelated image could actually pass as Pitfall Harry (how cool would that be??), but the color scheme is completely wrong. It still produced a good amount of fervor over the interwebs, even though you’d have to be a real noob to not know who it was. There aren’t too many Bat-friends wearing red things on their heads. (more…)

Quintessential Batman: The 12 Most Impactful Experiences of the Dark Knight

- 07-23-14Comics, Film, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


What did I get myself into? The idea was simple: create of list of the most important Batman stories across all media – comic books, TV and movies. More than that, it should be a list of suggestions. If someone asked you about Batman having never engaged with the character before, where would you tell them to begin?

Easier said than done.

After a lot of hand wringing, soul-searching, and suggestion taking, the following list of 12 items spans Batman stories culled from the pages of several comic books to the celluloid dreams of his finest big and small screen adventures. They all tell us something about Batman, but they also tell us something about how to do Batman right, which is no mean feat in and of itself. Some of these choices may be obvious, some of them you may (vehemently) disagree with, but if you had never heard of Batman before, and were looking for a good place to start with your understanding of the man and his mission, can you really do better than these 12 items listed below? You be the judge. (more…)

Showrunner Explains How Arkham Asylum Fits Into FOX’s ‘Gotham’

- 07-21-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Just when you thought Gotham had thier hands full dealing with future Batman villains Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, and that recurring teaser the Joker, showrunner Bruno Heller recently teased another big Batman-Comic-Book-Villain, Dr. Hugo Strange. What even more exciting Gotham news did Heller lay out? (more…)

New ‘Gotham’ TV Spot Reveals Possible Series Plotline Spoiler

- 07-17-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Yesterday, we got a wonderful new Gotham trailer and today the marketing powers that be over at FOX have followed that up with two new Gotham videos that spotlight the series villains and soon to be super villains. I’m sure there’s more videos and clips to come before the September 22nd premiere. (more…)

New ‘Gotham’ Trailer Pictures a City on the Edge of a Tipping Point

- 07-16-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


If you watched the MLB All Star game on FOX last night, you got the added treat of a brand new Gotham trailer titled, The Good. The Evil. The Beginning. Despite my early reservations about a Batman television show without Batman, Gotham just keeps looking better and better. (more…)

‘Gotham’ to Tease Possible Future Joker in Every Episode?

- 07-15-14TV Posted by Mark Poynter


We, along with the rest of the Internet, have focused a lot of attention on the Gotham character “The Comedian” played by Jon Beavers. He first appeared on our radar when cast and described as a comedic performer at Fish Mooney’s (Jada Pinkett Smith) club. Just about everyone started to speculate, “Would this be the new Joker?” Now we’ve got another sneaking suspicion that might even be better.  (more…)

Batkid Doc Needs Kickstarter Help to Finish Film

- 07-14-14Film, Nerd Culture Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Last fall, everyone fell in love with Batkid Miles Scott, a 5-year-old leukemia patient who’s Make-A-Wish wish was to be Batman for a day. The City of San Francisco obliged in overwhelming fashion by turning the city by the bay into Gotham City and letting Miles live out his superhero dreams. The event became a social media phenomenon, and warmed the hearts of nerds and non-nerds everywhere, so naturally, they’re trying to make a movie about it. A documentary to be precise. But it’s going to need your help if it wants to get finished. (more…)

‘Gotham’ Roundup: 12 Pilot Screen Captures, & Two New ‘Gotham’ Videos

- 07-11-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter

gotham 1231232

There’s a lot of new information, pictures, and videos popping up around the Internet for Warner Brothers and ‘DC Comics‘ new FOX television series Gotham. We’ve scoured the Internet, shined the brightest lights into the Internet’s cobwebbed and shadowy corners to bring you them all right here. Seriously, it took me at least ten minutes worth of finger pounding keyboard Goggling. (more…)

Will ‘Batman v. Superman’ or ‘Star Wars 7′ Get any Love at SDCC 2014?

- 07-08-14Comics, Cool Stuff, Film, Nerd Culture Posted by James Daniels


Short answer? Doesn’t look like it. After years of domination by Marvel where movie news is concerned, SDCC 2013‘s Hall H was utterly conquered by Warner Bros. and their pants-crappingly exciting announcement that not only was a sequel to Man of Steel in the works, said sequel would co-star BATMAN!

It’s now a year later, SDCC 2014 draws nigh, and we know much more about this film, entitled Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice–which is either a hint of the studio’s plans to finally make a Justice League flick, or WB simply hates nerds.

There was chatter recently that SDCC 2014′s Hall H would be the scene of an official announcement that Justice League is indeed happening, as well as rumors that Warner Bros. would have other announcements regarding future DC based films–but apparently, there is no solid evidence that any of this is to be: (more…)