beauty and the beast

For centuries, writers have been transfixed by monster stories. The most common monsters are from the 20th Century films: Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, the Wolfman, King Kong. But the ancient greeks had Medusa and the Minotaur. The Nords marvelled at Fenrir and Jormungand. The Chinese spun tales of Zhulong and Juiwei Hu. Humans have always been fascinated by the terrible creatures lying around each corner and, perhaps more fascinatingly, the aspects of their humanity.

Even more of a marvel is the evolution of monsters and love stories. Often, monsters would steal young women and were seen as cruel antagonists. They even were commonly metaphors for female impurity. However, over time, the idea of monsters being romantic leads grew and has become a new trope in literature and cinema. One of the earliest, most popular examples of this is the iconic, classic tale of Beauty and The Beast.

While Beauty and The Beast is a leader in this romantic subgenre, other films such as Twilight, Warm Bodies, and The Shape of Water have also been modern staples of the “finding beauty in ugliness” love stories. Though only these few are mentioned, there are countless more tales expounding upon the topic. However, one might wonder, how does such an odd sub-genre come about?


Beauty and the Beast debuted in it’s opening weekend, smashing box office records and sucking in cash, making it unequivocally the most successful of the Disney live action remakes thus far, and it’s only in its first weekend. Disney has quite a few more of these live action remakes planned, and with the money they seem to be making, why would they stop now?


Beginning with Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland, Disney’s series of live action remakes of classic movies offers a contemporary take on the films that have inspired generation after generation. The new movies reimagine the original stories not only in the real world but also with a more modern and, at times, mature outlook on life. The latest addition to the series, Beauty and the Beast is no different. Emma Watson’s Belle has far more agency than her 2D counterpart, now an inventor instead of her father as well as an avid reader, and the Beast is just as interested in literature as she is, lending their relationship a more convincing depth. (more…)

This is not usually a music site, but sometimes there’s a fine line between movie news and music news and this is one of those times. In a little over a month, the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast opens in theatres everywhere, and not only will the movie feature three new songs written by Alan Menken and Tim Rice, but it will feature new versions of the old ones, like the now classic theme song. We got a taste of the new version in the most recent trailer for Beauty and the Beast, but now you can listen to that new tale as old as time in its entirety. (more…)

It’s a tale as old as time, and another way of saying that is Beauty and the Beast is probably going to unfold rather predictably. Don’t expect a bold departure from Disney‘s 1991 classic, the only animated film so far to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, because whenever these movies depart way off from the source material, that’s how you get an Alice Through the Looking Glass. So when watching the new trailer below, keep in mind, this movie’s going to sell you on everything you already love about Beauty and the Beast, just in live-action. (more…)

Now you can finally hear Emma Watson singing as it should be heard, not from some toy recording. Beauty And The Beast has released Watson singing Something There from the B&B soundtrack. This is the song Belle sings after Beast saves her from the wolves. She then bandages his wounds and they have their first turn around the library. While we would have liked to hear some of the other actors singing voices, particularly the inanimate objects come magically to life played by Ian McKellen, Josh Gad, and Emma Thompson, this is a good start. (more…)


2016 had its share of movies. Sure, some of them were duds, but overall, it was a pretty good year for the box office, and an even better year if you were a superhero geek! Now that 2016 is almost done, we have to look forward to the plethora of awesome movies in the pipeline for 2017. Fandango, everyone’s favorite website for purchasing tickets often polls their users to see what they think. They recently asked users what movies they are looking forward to for 2017 and the results were interesting (if not predictable).



Finally the first trailer has hit the Internet for Emma Watson‘s live action Beauty and the Beast adaptation. Enough with all the posters and teasers Hollywood, just get to it already. The visuals are stunning, the music uplifting, it’s everything you’d expect in a Disney fairy tale. This latest take on B&B looks to one of the better attempts. check out the trailer below. (more…)


The latest in Disney‘s series of live action remakes, the new Beauty and the Beast is really starting to take shape, what with all the new information being shared about it. Entertainment Weekly recently published a number of beautiful images from the film, which showcased the new incarnations of a lot of familiar faces as well as showing off the quality of CGI in the new movie. The studio itself has released a sneak peak at the live action film in the 25th anniversay special edition DVD release of the original animated movie, which was fans’ first opportunity to hear Emma Watson as Belle. (more…)