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Ben Affleck Gives Actual Update On ‘The Batman’


After a few months of wild speculation, sourceless rumors, and multiple postings of that same old ‘Sad Batfleck’ picture, we have an actual update on the semi-confirmed forthcoming Ben Affleck written-directed-staring solo Batman movie.

Matt Damon’s better half was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (Jan 9) promoting a sadly non-Batman related film, Live By Night (come on, the title is sooooo close,) and offered a brief statement on the status of the much-scrutinized DCEU production. (more…)


Once upon a time, when the world was shinier and newer and less depressing, the biggest casting news to come out of the DC Cinematic Universe was the casting of former Daredevil star Ben Affleck as everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The internet came close to shaking itself down to its apoplectic foundations over such a perceived misstep by Zach Snyder and company, the Boston accent memes were many, and the future of the Justice League seemed more threatened than it ever had by the likes of Darkseid.  (more…)

Batfleck Says Don’t Rush Me on ‘The Batman’


It seems like only yesterday, but it was really more like the weekend, when rumour control heard that Warner Bros. was moving Justice League 2 out of the way to make room for The Batman, the very, very anticipated new solo Batman movie written by, directed by, and starring Ben Affleck. The fans are very excited about this development, but there’s now someone coming in to throw cold water on these expectations: Ben Affleck. The man occasionally known as Batfleck says he’s working hard on the script, but the actual film is on no particular schedule. Batfleck, you see, wants to do things right.  (more…)


Remember back in 2013 when they cast Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and we we all like, “That’s stupid”? (Well, not us per se, as in Nerd Bastards as an editorial policy, but some of us personally, and a lot of our readers, thought that.) Who would have guess that the so-called “Bat-fleck” was the part we’d be eager to see more of? We know that Warner Bros. has been eager to get a solo Bat-adventure back to the big screen, and that they were seemingly fast-tracking it among the bevy of other pending DC films, but we would never have guessed that The Batman was coming *this* fast.  (more…)


Just the other day, a rumor spread like wild fire. That rumor being, that the script for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie was terrible and the studio execs at Warners Bros couldn’t give a hoot, with “too big to fail” type rhetoric. This story came from American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis who’s comments were pulled from a lengthy online interview. The story was initially blown out of proportion with online media citing that Ellis was at a dinner with some Warner Bros execs who were ignoring concerns and practically laughing their way to the box office. Bret Easton later clarified  that he didn’t talk with any executives directly involved in Batman, it was just some loose round the table gossip. This, however, didn’t ease minds. His follow-up remarks didn’t clear the rumors that the script is a mess – and given the poor critical response for Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, it’s very easy to believe Warner Bros aren’t too keen on enforcing a quality product.

So, now, a surprise figure comes to reassure fans that all, in fact, is well with Batman.  (more…)


Remember a few years ago when Warner Bros. announced that Ben Affleck would be playing the Caped Crusader in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice? The reaction was not overly heart-warming. Even though Affleck had done a lot of growing in the decade after Daredevil, there were a lot of us who could not accept Batffleck until we saw the finished movie and realized, “Hey, he’s not bad.” (Because nerds play it cool.) So now we’re all eagerly anticipating the next Batman movie, and even though Warner Bros. doesn’t even have it scheduled yet, Affleck is already diligently working on the script in what he calls “full-on Batman research mode.”  (more…)

When it was announced that Ben Affleck was going to play Batman, the internet nearly folded in on itself. Some were willing to give it a chance. If Heath Ledger could come out of no where, why couldn’t Ben Affleck do the same thing. Of course, the doubters out numbered the willing. According to some, Ledger was a once in a million event, or Affleck was just too terrible to be given an opportunity. However, it’s been several years since then. Who knew back then that Affleck would turn out to be a good Batman? And now it’s time to start talking about how his solo Batman film will start filming in 2017.



Filming has wrapped on Zach Snyder‘s Justice League and the cast and crew let loose and partied hard. Aquaman (Jason Momoa) posted a bunch of party pictures to Instagram including the one above with Batman (Ben Affleck). There’s still a ton of effects and editing to do, and don’t be surprised when re-shoots are announced in a month or so, it’s just the way things are done in Hollywood these days. Hopefully there will only be one edit of the film and not some cobbled together out of three different versions… yeah we’re looking at you Suicide Squad. Click on through and enjoy the party! (more…)


It’s been a fairly dour year at the box office overall, but the it was the most dour for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. At least that’s the narrative. It’s a bit bizarre for a movie that made over $873 million at the worldwide box office to be considered a flop, but that’s the niche that BvS has been shoved into, and there’s no getting around it. Well, Ben Affleck wants to get around it. Affleck probably has more of a right than most to change the narrative on BvS since he was pilloried personally for years before the movie came out, so what did he think of the backlash?  (more…)


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike, Pee Wee’s Big Holiday) is all set to take on Ben Affleck‘s Batman as fan favorite villain Deathstroke the Terminator. Affleck teased Deathstroke in a Twitter video last month and speculation on casting has been centered on Manganiello ever since. His name has come up before, when DC was casting Superman, Mangnaiello was one of the top names in contention until Henry Cavill sealed the deal and became the Man of Steel. When will Deathstroke make his big screen debut? (more…)