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By now we’ve all seen the live-action Simpsons opener that was used only as a specially produced, promotional tool. Well look’s like a new, actual, live-action episode being created by Fox. Just like every episode of ‘The Simpsons’ it’s gonna have a guest star, which is gonna be international sensation Katy Perry. By live-action we mean green screen and puppets which means Katy is gonna be in a special, Sesame Street style episode. Those folks at PBS must be slapping themselves silly since this is gonna be the best form of payback for Katy Perry.

According to EW, the Dec 5th episode, entitled The Fight Before Christmas, Katy will be involved in her own rendition of The 39 Days of Christmas. Also noted was the fact that she would also be playing the girlfriend of local bartender, Moe Szyslak. This might just be an actually watchable episode since their so-called ‘Glee’ episode sucked harder then Lindsay Lohan with a bottle of Jack Daniels. After all, Katy Perry’s sketch with Sesame Streets Elmo was pulled from being aired (but can be seen here) this is a perfect piece of universal karma.

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Time Lords Really Are Helpful

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The Doctor really does save the day, what a time traveling gentleman. Matt Smith, seen below, swings in to save the day (and ta-tas) of Daisy Lowe. Yes, the daughter of Gavin Rosedale was saved from a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction by a time lord. The little bugger even takes a second to look down and sneak a peek at what he’s holding. Now, if they’d only throw something as good as this (or better) in an episode of ‘Doctor Who’. Who know, maybe the sonic screwdriver unlocks more than doors?

Take a look below at the time lord’s shenanigans between adventures:

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F*ck Me Ray Bradbury, The Song/Music Video


This is a song and music video entitled, ‘Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury’ by Rachel Bloom. It’s about some chick who wants to get boned by Ray Bradbury. It’s a catchy little tune with some fair production value and I love how she slaps Kurt Vonnegut at the end, but ultimately it’s a nerd fail. It needed more cowbell. Seriously, the song is nothing but a two minute bit about fucking. But really, is there anything even wrong with that? Her boobs, sexual innuendos and mere mention of Ray Bradbury is a service to fans is it not? So what if she the vaguest familiarity with Ray Bradbury? So what if he would be insulted to be referred to as a Sci-Fi writer? This hot nerdy girlie has some titties that we suck you in like tractor beams. That’s all that matters doesn’t it?