Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Gina B.

- 02-01-13Cosplay, Featured Posted by NickBungay

391537_422449634458276_81111356_n Welcome to February, the month of love, but more importantly Friday the most magical day of your week! It’s time for this week’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week and the United States own Gina B. This tough New York lass has been doing cosplay for the last few years and every time she makes something new Gina B. just keeps getting better and better. Making all her own my own costumes, props, armor and weapons this curvy little beauty has waltzed her way into the limelight, not bad for someone who’s almost been arrested just for trying to take great pictures. Why would you want to arrest someone as spirited as Gina B., that itself is a crime. It’s not like this determined and inviting cosplayer doesn’t have a closet full of tricks at her disposal, like DC ComicsHawkgirl and Ghost in a Shell‘s leading cyborg lady Kusanagi Motoko. Check out some more of Gina B.’s costumes in the gallery after the jump. (more…)

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: FairyPorchQueen

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The week is wrapping up, reward yourself with this week’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week and a visit from the United Kingdom’s own FairyPorchQueen.

One of the UK’s premier cosplayers, FairyPorchQueen has only been doing cosplay for the last couple of years and already has an expanding fan base. A hard worker too; as a model, gamer, tattoo enthusiast and Final Fantasy super fan this cosplayer always leaves time to make herself at least one new costume for every convention. With her radiant good looks and sweet, cheerleader curves FairyPorchQueen has won the NEO magazine cosplay competition twice!

From her sleek and stylish Selene of the Underworld franchise to her many Final Fantasy pieces like Tifa Lockheart and Oerba Yun Fang, she even has some knockout Catwoman costumes you just have to see. Check them all out in the gallery after the jump. (more…)

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Electric-lady

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Once more unto the breach that is Friday afternoon people and time for this week’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week. Today we meet the United States very own Electric-lady.

This Arizona resident is no stranger to knocking a few jaws to the floor at conventions. She’s the kind of cosplayer who puts every minute detail into her work, if it can be sewn together then you can bet she’s going to put it together. With her sensuous figure and outright good looks this buxom beauty rocks some of the best cosplay around.

With her knowledge of cosplay and her love for fighting games, Electric-lady has done some really cool cosplay. Darkstalkers Lilith and Persona‘s Elizabeth and the criminally insane Bad Girl from No More Heroes are just a few weapons in her cosplay arsenal. Check out more of Electric-lady in the gallery after the jump.

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Soni Aralynn

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Greetings programs, with a long week of news behind us it’s time for that break everyone needs. It’s time for a healthy dose of the Sexy Cosplay of the Week, a booster shot of happiness all on one page and this week it’s 10cc’s of Soni Aralynn. Stat!

After her first convention, this cosplaying vixen has been steamrolling her way across the United States with her custom made costumes. A seamstress and model that loves to keep herself busy in between by doing commissions for fans, Soni is also a huge Power Rangers fan. Often referred to as the “Sentai SuperChick” a name she can live up to with her multiple Power Ranger based costumes and encounter with former green Ranger and professional MMA fighter Jason David Frank. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Even with all these celebrity encounters and multiple convention appearances Soni draws people in with her charming personality, alluring figure and collection of costumes. From her unique take on DC Comic‘s 90s’ Superboy and Star Sapphire, Marvel‘s Russian super spy the Black Widow to the Power Rangers Dino Thunder’s Kira Ford. Check out more of Soni in the gallery after the jump.

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Rei-Doll

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Got time for the Sexy Cosplay of the Week before you’re off to the weekend wonderland? Good. This week, in the first of many new weekly posts, we hang with Russia’s Rei-Doll.

A gamer, big time reader and a huge lover of science fiction Rei-Doll could be one of most knowledgeable nerds to come out of Russia. And knowledge is power! (I read that somewhere) From her love of Disney princesses, including Cinderella and Princess Jasmine, to her steampunk version of Poison Ivy from DC Comics, this is someone with talents that need to stand out for everyone to enjoy. Check out the full gallery after the jump.


Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Nadya Sonika

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We’ve done an entire year of weekly cosplaying ladies that you’ve come to enjoy and with the last Friday of 2012 underway today is no different. Seeing as how we’ve bypassed the Mayan Apocalypse this final Sexy Cosplay of the Week is our way of ringing in the new year with Mexico’s own Nadya Sonika.

A seasoned traveler, Nadya Sonika has appeared at various conventions in both the United States and all over her home country of Mexico. Showing off her knockout model figure and stunning good looks this cosplay has been everything from a panelist to a guest of honor. You might have even seen the heavily passed around image of her as a female Cyclops from last year’s Comic-Con!

Using the highest quality materials she can find Nadya has done some of the most intricate costumes this nerd has ever seen. From Sucker Punch‘s Babydoll and Hellsing’s Seras Victoria to the more iconic characters like DC comics’ Zatanna and Black Canary. Check out more of Nadya after the jump.

Sexy Cosplay of The Week: Kristen Hughey

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Greetings programs and welcome to another weekly, end of the world defying edition of the Sexy Cosplay of the Week, where hot women and costumes collide. This week is a special treat because we’ve been getting contacted a lot about this cosplay and we think it’s time you meet her too, the United States own Kristen Hughey.

Kristen say’s she is still learning the ropes when it comes to cosplay we think she’s already got a masters degree on the subject. Following the principle of “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.”  Kristen has exploded into the hearts of the cosplay world.

Even if her costume catalogue is minimal at the moment, we can’t wait to see what else Kristen comes up with in 2013 and beyond. With her already stand out pieces like DC‘s Black Canary and Poison Ivy to Marvel‘s red headed wonder, the always captivating Mary Jane Watson Kristen is a one woman wrecking crew of talents.  Check out more of Kristen after the jump.

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Witchiko

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You know what time it is, it’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week as we head down to exotic Brazil for the very enchanting Witchiko!

This has to be one of the hardest working cosplayer this nerd has seen in a long, long time. She is also a graphic designer, a plushie maker and occasional writer for Cosplay Gen magazine. With her soft skin and easy on the eyes good looks she counts as one of  Brazil’s most productive cosplayers. Breaking nerd hearts and making the pulshies that put them back together.

As a businesswoman and world traveler you would almost miss the fact that Witchiko is a damn talented cosplayer at her core. From the sweet and dangerous Panty of Panty and Stocking with garterbelt and Disgaea‘s Flonne to more classic characters like Inuyasha‘s Kagura, Witchiko is the kind of cosplayer we can get behind.

Check out Witchiko’s gallery after the jump.

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Callesto

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We dug through the Internet to bring you this week’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week and Rochester, New York’s own Callesto.

We might just have our cosplayer of the year -a category we just made up- and it’s not even the end of the year yet, it shows just how much we love her. Callesto originally got into cosplay after being inspired by the costume work on the Lord of the Rings, eventually teaching herself to sew. With her strong love of costume making and elegant figure you can’t deny her talents, like an actress on her way to win an Oscar award.

This fine young lady loves what she does and she sure knows how to do it well, from intricacies of Chai Xianghua from Soul Calibur 4 and Disney‘s Rapunzel to the simple Sookie Stackhouse of True Blood. Callesto is one of those ladies you would love to hang out with and a cosplayer we can learn from. (more…)

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Lexi Strife

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It’s the start of another glorious weekend and time for The Sexy Cosplay of the Week.

This week it’s the land of love and France’s own Lexi Strife.

While still relatively new to cosplay,  this French spitfire has the mindset of a pro: it’s all about having fun. It helps to score nerdy points when you’re also going to school for geography, any woman that can explain a location better then Wikipedia can has already won our respect.

Lexi Strife is a cosplayer that anyone could strive to be, just for the sake of being a good person. From her several versions of Gurren Lagann’s Yoko to Final Fantasy’s Rikku and Yuna, Lexi Strife is one talented lady. (more…)