Quentin Tarantino’s B-Day Surprise: ‘How it Should Have Ended’ Tries its Hand at ‘Pulp Fiction’ Ending

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In commemoration of Quentin Tarantino’s 49th birthday yesterday, we bring to you a special “How it Should’ve Ended” of cult classic film Pulp Fiction. We get endings to the different stories in the film such as: Vincent Vega & Marsellus Wallace’s Wife, The Gold Watch, The Bonnie Situation, and Pumpkin & Honey Bunny. The changes in endings for all these stories do affect the overall storyline which includes the last story of ‘Pumkpin & Honey Bunny’.  I do agree with ‘HISHE’ in the respect that it would have been an added benefit to have this film’s differentiated endings is a bit longer.

Now with Pulp Fiction out of the way, the crew of “How it should’ve ended” should take a chance with Kill Bill Vol 1&2. What other Quentin Tarantino film would you have changed the ending and how?


Happy Birthday to Stan The Man!

- 12-28-11Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

He is the maker, the master, the dreamer of dreams.

On this day in 1922, one Stanley Martin Lieber was born in New York City, NY. The eldest child of Romanian-born Jewish immigrants, young Stanley Lieber started writing professionally when he was a teenager, but his breakout came in 1939 when his uncle got him a job at a new publisher called Timely Comics. The rest, as they say, is history, as Lee rose up the ranks of Timely, later renamed Marvel Comics, launching popular characters like Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man in the 1960s and being made publisher of Marvel Comics in 1972.

We join nerds everywhere wishing Stan the Man a Happy 89th birthday, and we wish him many more years to come. As a birthday present to fans, we offer this video montage of Lee’s cameos in the blockbuster movies based on his creations.

Happy Birthday, Stan!

Source: The Mary Sue

Nerd Cake: Angry Birds

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Image via adamriggins.com

Image via adamriggins.com

Yes, we need more levels. Yes, we’ve wasted 896+ hours on this damn game. And no, we don’t want to see it turned into a cartoon series. But dammit, we’ll still take an Angry Birds birthday cake! Even the vegetarians among our staff agree that these birds are worth devouring. Check out a couple of pics below, and head to adamriggins.com for more of the peanut butter and chocolate goodness!


Happy Birthday, Buffy!

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Please don’t break out those awful “over the hill” decorations, but Buffy Summers is turning 30 this week — and comic shops across the country will revel in it.

When this week’s edition of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 comic hits the shelves Wednesday, our favorite slayer will celebrate her birthday in typical style: with blood, mayhem and melancholy. Thanks, Joss Whedon!

But wait — didn’t this final issue of Season 8 used to have a different release date? Yep. To properly observe Buffy’s birthday of Jan. 19, publisher Dark Horse pushed the release of the 40th and final issue of the season to this Wednesday. And to help celebrate the glorious event, six Buffy-loving comic shops will be hosting their own birthday parties for Queen B. Click here to see if your city is hosting a party; if not, request that your favorite comic shop do so!

The slayer’s 30th birthday is sure to be anything but rainbows and unicorns, though. As evidenced by annual television shenanigans, Buffy’s birthday usually is an exercise in consternation and sadness. Head to TVSquad to look at some of Buffy’s birthday ventures, starting with perhaps the most tragic episode, “Surprise.”

Source: MTV, via I09