I’m sure you’ve got it marked down in your iCal already, but if you didn’t know, The Dark Knight Rises comes out on home video on December 4th. And in case you need any inspiration to pre-order it, or just otherwise need a reason to buy the disc when it comes out in less than two months, we have a new trailer for the Blu-ray release, which is embedded below (via Coming Soon): (more…)

Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers made a billion+ dollars at the box office (internationally and domestic), so one would assume the DVD and Blu-ray release would yield good results. And well, that assumption would be correct. The Avengers is dominating the home viewing market. It actually broke DVD and Blu-ray sales charts!

Reported by Home Media Magazine, the flick has topped the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert chart, which tracks overall disc sales, and the Blu-ray specific sales chart. The other films of Marvel‘s Phase One have also been rising in the Nielsen charts. Thor moved up to #8, Captain America: The First Avenger to #13, Iron Man 2 to #14, The Incredible Hulk is at #19, and Iron Man at #23. On the Blu-ray chart all five pictures are in the Top 20.

The report continues with 72% of The Avengers‘ sales coming from Blu-ray, which is a record high for a film released on both DVD and Blu-ray. And apparently 23% of those buying The Avengers paid the extra bucks for the 3D version.

I bought The Avengers on its release date at Best Buy. When I had went looking for it, I discovered the shelf  empty. A blue-shirt walking by said, “Yeah…they’ve been flying off the shelf. I’ve been restocking it every 10 minutes.” I suspected The Avengers would do well, but not this well.

Have you picked up The Avengers yet? If so, what format? And did you nab it the day it released?

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Sorry Fans, No Heroes in Marvel Shorts

Marvel has enjoyed unprecedented success building its cinematic universe, including the highly popular series of short films included on each subsequent Blu-ray release of Marvel Films. But each of the shorts so far, including the upcoming Item 47 being released with The Avengers, focus on events from S.H.I.E.L.D.’s point of view, and fans have been wondering if Marvel might see an opening in using this as a platform to introduce more substantive, previously established Marvel characters, like say, The Black Panther or Luck Cage.

In an interview with Film Junkies, Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito unceremoniously shot down that possibility. Find his exact comments below:

“I love Black Panther, he is one of my favorite characters. But before we have a filmmaker on board, it is difficult to do anything. Because we want to involve them in the processes such as casting or design issues or even other areas for which one hires a director. So if we have a director on board and knew that we would turn Black Panther or Luke Cage and Ms. Marvel or whatever for a figure that is, then we would do maybe. But right now it is logistically a difficult hurdle.”

Well maybe I oversold the negative. He said it was a logistically difficult hurdle right now, but he didn’t completely rule it out. It just might be a good idea worth exploring. There’s only the whole Marvel universe at their disposal.

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Just as when the movie released, the U.K. was able to pick up their copy of The Avengers before the U.S. Their version, Marvel Avengers Assemble released on DVD and Blu-ray today and there’s an interesting change. See if you can spot it.

Note, if some how you haven’t yet seen The Avengers, this is a spoiler. Though I can’t imagine you haven’t heard about it by now.

Yeah, they’ve edited away the end of the blade sticking through Coulson’s chest! Could this be some indication Marvel is hoping to retcon away his death?

Unlikely. Evidence seems to point to the decision to remove the blade being made because of excessive violence. There’s an excerpt from  the BBFC’s Extended Classification Information for the film that states,

A slightly stronger moment occurs when a man is stabbed through the back by the chief villain’s spear. The detail of the impact is not shown, only the tip of the spear protruding from the man’s chest with a small amount of blood on it. The image is not dwelt upon and serves an important narrative purpose.

But even that doesn’t seem to necessarily condemn the scene. So was it edited on mistake? I only ask because the Blu-ray version is the same as what will be available in the U.S. It’s a region free disc and therefor will work world wide. And its version of this scene is the same as what was shown in theatres. What gives? Those in the U.K. without Blu-ray players can’t handle, “the spear protruding from the man’s chest with a small amount of blood on it “? What do you guys think?

Our version of The Avengers releases September 25th, Loki’s pokey stick in Coulson’s chest intact.

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We all remember E.T. from when we were kids, right?  I certainly do.  They made me watch it in kindergarten and I was so terrified I’ve refused to watch it since then.

Well, it’s officially been 30 years since it’s been a thing. And to celebrate that, they’re releasing the E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack, which includes the original 1982 movie, an interview with director Steven Spielberg, “The E.T. Journals”, which will have never-before-seen behind the scenes footage.

In addition, the film will be playing in theaters just one night, on October 3, to celebrate its long-standing success, and Shelly Maxwell, executive vice president of NCM Fathom Events, shared a few words:

Thirty years ago, Steven Spielberg introduced the world to E.T. – the alien who stole our hearts with a timeless and endearing story about friendship and courage. Together with TCM and Universal Pictures, Fathom Events invites audiences – young and old – to experience the magic of ‘E.T.’ once again in movie theaters.

Coming Soon shared a few more details about these events:

Presented by NCM Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and Universal Pictures as part of the studio’s 100th Anniversary celebration, the event features the all-new, digitally remastered feature film, as well as a special taped introduction by TCM host Ben Mankiewicz, who will take audiences through the making of this modern classic. Fans will discover how Spielberg came up with the idea for E.T. and learn what working on the film was like for the film’s three young stars. As an added treat, Drew Barrymore, who plays Gertie in the film and who currently co-hosts TCM’s “The Essentials” showcase, shares what the film means to her 30 years later.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial remains one of the most successful movies of all time, ranking 4th in the USA box office.  It has brought in so many different awards and received so many accolades for the way that it inspired people and brought fear into the hearts of others (like me).

Tickets for these events are available through local participating theaters as well as through the official  Fathom Events website.

Source: Fathom Events, Coming Soon

Prometheus was a heavily discussed film, mostly in the sense of trying to untangle, “What did it all mean?” When the Blu-ray releases on October 11th some of you might hope to find answers to those lingering questions the movie left with you. Sorry, that’s not what we’ve got here. This is ten extra minutes of footage deleted from the theatrical release that has been leaked online. No answers to the questions of life in the universe presented by Prometheus, but we do get some extra development on a few of those characters that kicked the bucket before we got to know them.

Spoilers? Most definitely.

Do you think it would have been nice for these scenes to feature in the flick or are they better left as Blu-ray extras?

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At nearly three hours long, nobody’s calling Christopher Nolan‘s theatrical cut of The Dark Knight Rises lean, but does the filmmaker have a director’s cut of his final Batman film in his back pocket? Possibly, says one source.

The news comes from Nuke The Fridge, who say that as much as 30 minutes of footage might be added to the new cut of the film for its Blu-ray release later this fall. Aforementioned scenes depicting Bane’s origins and more Ra’s al Ghul flashbacks are amongst the rumored additions. Here’s the full quote from NTF:

The thing that you should have seen during that sequence is [Bane] being injured in his youth. So one of the fundamental things about his costume is that he has this scar from the back injury. Even if he hasn’t got the bulletproof vest on, he still has to wear the waist belt and the braces. In that scene in the prison, where he’s learning to fight the same way Batman learned to fight, he’s wearing an early version of his waist belt. It’s showing support, but it’s not the finished one he eventually wears. He’s also wearing an early version of his gas mask, all glued together … If you look at the film, unless they’ve cut it—and I’m sure they haven’t—there’s a whole early section for Tom Hardy where he’s fighting and being taunted by people. He’s got chains on him, and he’s standing on a wooden thing while people are attacking him. And in that scene, he’s wearing a much more ragged, primitive version of the mask.

It’s an interesting possibility seeing as how Nolan hasn’t indulged in the practice of director’s cut video releases before, and his old school adherence to letting the finished theatrical cut be the only cut of the film. He didn’t do it for The Dark Knight and he didn’t do it for Inception, but maybe there just wasn’t enough there to be worth going back into the editing room to put back in.

Naturally, it should be pointed out that this is merely a rumor. Even Nuke The Fridge, to whom this news counts as an “exclusive” seems oddly pessimistic about their own scoop, saying, “Until I see the Blu-ray I’m treating this as a rumor.”

More news as it develops.

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Soon movie/comic book nerds will get to relive the joy of this summers biggest movie in the comfort of their own homes, Marvel’s The Avengers hits DVD/Blu-Ray on September 25th. Marvel Studio’s head honcho, Kevin Feige, recently spoke to Moviehole about bringing Iron Man and friends into our living rooms.

We finished the big-screen release of The Avengers on the Tuesday and we started working on the Blu-ray on Wednesday. It was very immediate. There are a number of deleted scenes and a few storylines that fell by the wayside during the editing process for the big-screen release.

What deleted scenes you may ask? Feige reveals.

A few more scenes with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill, played by Cobie Smulders and some slightly different versions of Maria Hill and Nick Fury’s interaction with the World Security Council, which are great to watch – but there are a number of other fun scenes, too.

As for the now famous one-shots we’ve seen in previous home releases for the Marvel movie universe. This time out we have the mysteriously named Item 47 that Feige talks a little about.

At the end of The Avengers, the aliens leave behind a lot of guns and artifacts, as well as a lot of carnage. S.H.I.E.L.D. does their best job to collect all of the alien material so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands – but one gun is left behind. This gun falls into the wrong hands when it is found by a 20-something newlywed couple that decides to use it to their own ends. Agent Sitwell – who was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Thor, The Avengers and the Marvel one-shot The Consultant – is the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in this film and it’s up to him to get the gun back. 

Now, how about that massive nerd boner inducing ten-disc, six-movie special edition “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled” collector’s set?

We have had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for the collector’s set. We’ve been talking about things like, “Oh, we’ve got to create a Marvel Master Timeline that showcases all of the events in all of the movies for the collector’s edition.” Well, that’s definitely in there. Also, I always love collector’s sets that look like a cool prop from a movie, which is why we decided to make the collector’s edition look like the silver case from our movies. It’s the silver case that Nick Fury shows Dr. Selvig at the very end of the Thor movie, after the end credits. It’s the same silver case that Nick Fury puts the Tesseract inside; that Loki ends up stealing at the beginning of The Avengers. It’s going to be great! We’re really excited about the collector’s edition. In fact, we can’t wait for everybody to see it.

Now, personally I usually hate the extra, unwieldy packaging that collectors editions come in. They never fit nicely on your shelf and can often be unsettlingly nerdy when seen by any ‘normals’ that come into your TV room. That being said, I am so picking up the 10 disc S.H.I.E.L.D. Tesseract case edition.

No worries about it taking up shelf space, that baby is getting handcuffed to my wrist as I run around playing Agent Coulson with the neighborhood kids.

Wait, what?

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7 Clips From ‘Avengers’ Blu-Ray – Relive the Dream!

Coming Soon has 7 new clips from the upcoming Blu-Ray release of The Avengers. Now, most of these you’ll remember from the movie, including the now infamous post credits scene featuring a certain villain. Clip number 7 though is from the new short “Item 47,” featuring Jesse Bradford and Lizzie Caplan as regular folk who find a very particular remnant of the alien invasion in The Avengers.

So let’s roll the videotape. Prepare to relive The Avengers experience!

The Avengers will be available on 2D Blu-ray Combo Pack, a 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on September 25th.

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