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Will ‘Boba Fett’ Be the Next ‘Star Wars Story’?


For a guy who said like 17 words in the original trilogy, it’s hard to think of a Star Wars character more popular than Boba Fett. The bounty hunter that took the frozen in carbonite Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt at the end of The Empire Strikes Back has long been a point of fascination for fans, and many stories have been told about him in the expanded Star Wars universe, so many assumed that with the advent of the anthology Star Wars movie, a Boba Fett adventure would be in order. As it turns out, if one website is to be believed, a Boba Fett movie will begin in short order. (more…)

Deadpool And Boba Fett Throw Down The Mic In Epic Rap Battle


With Christmas fast approaching and Star Wars just days away, you know Marvel’s Merc With A Mouth won’t let the Galaxy Far, Far Away get away trying to steal the Yuletide thunder. And Just like a hungry Sarlacc Pit, Deadpool slaps down a Chimichanga load of epic rhymes in the latest Epic Rap Battle Of History.



Jeff Sneider revealed during his Meet the Movie Press podcast, one potential Boba Fett director who has made a few visits down to “San Fransisco” **coughcoughLucasFilmscoughcough**, a contender to play Boba Fett, and their thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars film hype. Listen to Sneider’s comments in the video below.



We’ve all wondered, how did Boba Fett evolve from that precocious little clone upset about his father’s decapitation to becoming the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy? Well, maybe some of us want to forget about that first part because who wants to think of Boba Fett as a 10-year-old giving Obi-Wan Kenobi the stink eye? In fact who wants to think of Boba Fett’s childhood period? Perhaps that all will be skipped in the end because, as expected, it’s been announced that Boba Fett will be the subject of the second Star Wars Anthology film. Not bad for a guy who has about six lines of dialogue in three movie appearances. (more…)

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Let’s say you’re a mega-studio that owns everything and run by a high-pitched, talking rodent. You just wrapped on a movie than expands the universe of an iconic trilogy, paving the way for new blood to take the reigns and star in future related films. What do you do? Do you accept the fact that your original cast is aging and it’s time for said new blood to run like wild horses? Or do you refuse to let go of the older characters and rehash them into a prequel type spinoff of the aforementioned iconic trilogy? I know what I would do, but I’m not a falsetto rat, and I barely own the clothes on my back. So let’s talk instead about what he might be doing. (more…)

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With the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer looming on the horizon, we’re all anticipating what we’re going to see with the first look. But just because the beginning of the new trilogy is getting closer and closer doesn’t mean that the rest of the Star Wars franchise isn’t plowing forward. The latest rumor regarding non-trilogy movie plans is something that might interest you or might just leave you rolling your eyes. For, if the mystic people known as “sources” are correct, 2016 is going to bring us a Star Wars heist flick. (more…)


I don’t know about you, but I always get nervous when geek sites start running conjecture based on unnamed “sources”. We’re not exactly dealing with regular Bob Woodward types here, so the “Deep Throat” veils of secrecy always strike me as mere excuses for nerdboy fantasy.

According to Schmoes Know, Lawrence Kasdan is 100% confirmed by their “trusted source” to be writing the 2016 Boba Fett film. This comes hot on the heels of Disney’s announcement that both Gareth Edwards (Godzilla ’14) and Josh Trank (Chronicle) are directing two of the three Star Wars spin-off movies planned to be dropping in-between the still untitled Episodes VII – IX. (more…)


I’ll admit, I’ve never understood the Boba Fett fascination. He shows up in Empire, skulks around in the background, collects Han, macks on some slave dancers at Jabba’s palace in Jedi, then dies from jetpack complications and a hungry Sarlaac. Not really a character I had a burning desire to learn more about. But due to either the mystery surrounding Boba – until the prequels gave us that lame origin story – or his seriously cool design, Boba Fett became one of the most popular and recognizable Star Wars characters around.

And he was a character those involved were super excited to debut. So excited, Fett’s first appearance was actually in an animated segment on the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special – which George Lucas would kindly like you to forget ever happened – not Empire.

This rarely seen screen test from the same year shows the initial Boba Fett design, and it’s not radically different from what we eventually see in Empire. In the video you’ll see sound designer Ben Burtt explaining Fett’s suit and the reasoning behind its design; like how it was made to be worn by almost anyone and serve as another universal Star Wars mascot, like Vader and the droids. Which I believe is partly why Fett’s Mandalorian armor is so popular. With the right gear, anyone can be Boba Fett! In fact, the Boba Fett of this video is actually editor Duwayne Dunham.

So the whole reason this early screen test of Boba Fett even came to light is because Sideshow Collectibles are getting ready to debut a new Fett figure modeled after this very first prototype. The above image is of their upcoming 1/6 scale figure.

Any interest in owning your own prototype Boba Fett?

Source: Sideshow Collectibles via /Film