AMC Order Pilot For Seth Rogan And Evan Goldberg’s ‘Preacher’

- 12-04-14Comics, TV Posted by Derek Robertson


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been trying to get Preacher on to the small screen for some time now, and it looks like it’s finally happening thanks to AMC ordering a pilot episode, with a view to commission a whole series. Now, what makes this an interesting concept – whether you are a fan of Rogen and Goldberg or not – is that a comic adaptation of this nature belongs on a network like AMC. The comics are published by the the Vertigo label (iZombie, Hellblazer), which says it all really, especially in terms of how dark, and violent the subject matter is (oh, and let’s not forget the deep sacrilegious themes that run throughout the series). If is fitting that AMC have taken a gamble on this, as Rogen and Goldberg’s admission that they want to stay “true to the comic,” means that it’s going to be all kinds of controversial. As we have seen, bringing dark source material to cable TV just doesn’t cut it. The proof is in the pudding, having just witnessed the failure, that is: Constantine. (more…)

The ‘Frozen’ & ‘Breaking Bad’ Musical Mashup You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For

- 11-18-14Cartoons, Funny Videos, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Looking back on AMC‘s award winning Breaking Bad series, the only thing I regret not seeing is Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) singing. now we don’t have to imagine what it might have been like thanks to the folks over at Animeme and Toonocracy. They teamed up and produced this little animated video gem. (more…)

The RadioBastard Podcast Just Talks About Marvel Movies And Tacos, Happy Now?

- 10-30-14Featured, Nerd Culture Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson


This time on your favorite podcast, Jeremy and Jason sell out and embrace societies appetite for celebrity gossip before grasping your ear hand and taking you through the wild week in Marvel Cinematic Universe news that saw the announcement of a Captain Marvel film, a Black Panther film, an Inhumans film, and all of the rest of Marvel’s impressive slate. Also, there are robot things and a monstrous #TacoTalk.

More specificity! (more…)

Toys ‘R’ Us Pulls ‘Breaking Bad’ Figures, Cranston Hilariously Responds [UPDATE: Now Aaron Paul Speaks]

- 10-22-14Cool Stuff, Nerd Culture, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Thinking about giving some awesome Breaking Bad action figures to someone you love for Christmas? Well, don’t go to Toys ‘R’ Us to get them because some Florida killjoy/mom has decided that because she thinks its inappropriate for figures marketed to adult fans and in the adult section of the store to be sold in Toys ‘R’ Us stores. Hey, it’s only the country’s largest retailer, am I right? Whose going to go to Toys ‘R’ Us first to buy action figures? So anyway, Spartacus won, and had the whole kit and kaboodle of figures from Mezco Toys have been pulled from the shelves. But don’t think that this whole thing is going to end quietly, or without the input of a key figure from the Breaking Bad saga. (more…)

Netflix Snags Exclusive Streaming Rights to ‘Gotham’ Before The First Episode Airs

- 09-03-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Netflix is flexing its financial muscles once again. This time around Netflix has procured the multi-territorial rights to Warner Bros. Gotham even before a the first episode has aired. What else makes this deal special? Usually those rights are worked out on a country by county basis and not packaged together. How much did Netflix shell out per episode? (more…)

TCC – Giancarlo Esposito Breaks Good for Toronto

- 03-09-14Nerd Culture, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Giancarlo Esposito is well-known for playing some not so good guys on Breaking Bad and Revolution, but the man himself, as he appeared at Toronto ComiCon, was warm, jovial, and inspirational. More than the standard Q&A with a celebrity guest, Esposito sometimes wandered into the realm of the motivational talk as he discussed memories from the set, and lessons learned for the everyday. (more…)

‘Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons Said to be “Serious Contender” For Lead Role in ‘Star Wars VII’

- 01-10-14Film, Nerd Culture Posted by Mark Poynter


The latest rumor making its way around the Internet Water Cooler is this: Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights) is considered a “serious contender” to land the lead in Star Wars VII. (more…)

Nerd Art Dump: Darth Joker, 66 Synthetics, DC Vixens and MORE!

- 12-08-13Nerd Culture Posted by Luke Gallagher

Time for your weekly dose of the fantastic fandom based art to hit the web this week with your Nerd Art Dump. Each and every week we pick and choose through the masses of prints and pics on the digital frontier to give you nothing but the best to fill your geek needs. So on with the dump!
ABOVE: Taking a twist on some classic movies with a retro touch. Artists Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo have taken movies like Batman, Robocop, Army of Darkness and Blade Runner and made these amazing prints that will be featured in a show titled Modern Vintage that opens at Gallery 1988 East in Los Angeles on December 6th. [SlashFilm]


Looks Like You Won’t Have Damon Lindelof to Kick Around Anymore – on Twitter

- 10-17-13Nerd Culture, WTF? Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


It looks like Damon Lindelof has taken his final internet ass-kicking on Twitter as the prolific writer/producer has seemingly deleted his Twitter account. I know cyber-bullying is a hot issue right now, but to think that even a Hollywood player like Lindelof can have his ego so shattered that he gives up his Twitter account… Well boy, I don’t know. (more…)

Hopkins Glowingly Salutes Cranston & ‘Breaking Bad’ in a Letter

- 10-15-13TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


To say that someone is the best ever at something is pretty big declarative to make, especially if you mean it. Still, when the person offering you that praise is on par with a professional like Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins, you’re probably going to go on a little bit of an ego trip. So Bryan Cranston, get ready to trip. (more…)