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You can look, but for Pete’s sake don’t read it out loud! Starz has released a few pages from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, the book of the undead, that will be appearing in Ash vs Evil Dead later this year. Bruce Campbell is back as Ash, the everyman pulled into events beyond his control as he battles Deadites for the fate of the world. You’ve been warned, you can look, but don’t utter a sound. (more…)


Starz new series Ash vs Evil Dead has decided to give us all a little sugar today with the first official look at Bruce Campbell in all his Ash with a chainsaw Glory. The ten episode first season is set to air later this fall. Let’s all hope that between Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert, that they can capture that Evil Dead madness that made the franchise such a cult classic. (more…)


Truth time: the world as we know it has been heinously below its quota of ALL BRUCE CAMPBELL ALL THE TIME for a while now.  Fortunately, the screwheads in charge of Hollywood seem to be finally wizening up, as the beyond-enticing TV series “Ash vs. the Evil Dead” is ramping up production as we speak – er, type and read.  Earlier this week, we seem to have gotten the first bit of behind-the-scenes juiciness directly from The Man Himself, via his Twitter feed.  (more…)

Consider Yourself Teased for ‘Ash Vs The Evil Dead’


One upon a time, there were a trio of guys from Michigan that decided to make a movie. For the then princely sum of $350,000, writer/director Sam Raimi, producer Rob Tapert and star Bruce Campbell created a seminal indie horror hit that’s still beloved and referenced by fans and audiences to this day. It inspired two sequels, a remake and a beloved interactive musical that’s been performed on stages the world over. Next: TV. The television continuation of The Evil Dead featuring original star Campbell has been in the works for a while, and now Starz is wetting your whistle for what’s to come when the adventures of Ash Vs Evil Dead. (more…)


Bruce Campbell is the King, baby, and every chance he has to remind his legions of fans of this fact, he takes.  Fans are chomping at the bit to see the new Evil Dead television series, Ash vs. The Evil Dead, and for good reason!  The series will reunite Campbell with his long-time collaborator, director/writer Sam Raimi, and give fans more of the character that they fell in love with back in 1981 with the cult classic horror flick, The Evil Dead.  However, while speaking with Movieweb, Campbell just gave horror fans some news in which to sink our teeth.  It looks like Campbell is working on an Expendables-type horror flick.  Or dreaming about one.  Either way, this idea could have some potential. (more…)


“In a time of evil books, deadites, and smart ass S-Mart clerks, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero”. She was Lucy Lawless, a well-known cult actor forged in the heat of several TV series that appeal to a nerdy/obsessive audiences. The power. The danger. The one-liners. Her courage will change the upcoming Starz series Ash Vs. The Evil Dead. That’s all a roundabout way of saying, yes, Lawless has been cast to join Bruce Campbell in the new Starz series that continues the story of Ash and his neverending fight against The Evil Dead as featured in the trilogy of movies of the same name. (more…)

More Details On The ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Series


More details have surfaced from the grave (well, when we say “the grave,” we actually mean Starz head-honcho Chris Albrecht), regarding the upcoming horror series Ash Vs Evil Dead, from gore-maestros, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. Since the initial details were released about the series, fans have been haemorrhaging arterial-spurts of blood-induced galore, at the prospect of seeing the iconic Ash return to ‘slice-n-dice’ some demons. (more…)


Bruce Campbell will be gracing the small screen again and this time he is reprising his iconic role of Ash from The Evil Dead franchise. A role that is, quite frankly, been made for him, and has to be one of the most quoted fictional characters to this day. So, there’s no surprise that Campbell is saying that the TV series Ash Vs. Evil Dead, is the “real deal“. Campbell has been building up the new show, telling fans that “this is what they have been waiting for.” (more…)



We had Fede Alvarez’s critically acclaimed remake back in 2013 that certainly didn’t hold back in terms of the amount of gore and blood that was used during production. Supposedly they used 50,000 gallons of blood for the final scene alone, but the somber and serious tone took away from the heart of the original trilogy. There was also a certain character – and thus so, lack of one-liners – missing from the movie. So, the news that Starz have greenlit the long-awaited follow-up to the classic film franchise The Evil Dead has us very excited indeed. If there is two words to some up how we are feeling, then they would be “Groovy Baby.’  (more…)