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Unpopular Opinion: Batmen Ranked Edition


Everyone has their own favorite Batman. Every Nerd worth their salt has an opinion on who was the best Batman, who was the best Bruce Wayne, and who was the best at both. And every Nerd’s ranked list differs just a little from the Nerd standing next to them. So here’s our favorite Batmen, ranked best to worst. But this time, we want to hear from YOU. Which Batman was the best? Who didn’t cut it, in your not-so-humble opinion? How wrong were we? Post in the comment below and let us know which Batman stands where in your list. If this post does well and you opinionated (nerd)bastards comment like hell, there could be some Bat-related prizes for future posts…


First Look At ‘Gotham’s Azrael On Set Pictures


Gotham producers have been teasing the appearance of Azrael in the second half of this current season and now we’ve got a look at the character’s costume and a look behind the mask to confirm who is playing the role. The Sacred Order of St. Dumas has been busy this season, causing mayhem around Gotham and generally stirring up a hornets nest for James Gordon and Bruce Wayne. Now the Order is bringing out their big gun, Azrael. (more…)


I don’t usually like to let the cat out of the bag in the headline, but this is incredible news. Crack investigation of the ‘Batman V Superman’ set have revealed photos concerning a tragic event in Batman’s life. It seems from the pics that Gotham City billionaire philanthropists Thomas and Martha Wayne will meet untimely ends, perhaps in flashback, during a scene in the upcoming film ‘BvS: Dawn Of Justice.’ It’s slated to be the sequel to the Superman reboot ‘Man Of Steel’ but seems to have a lot more Batman in it than anyone expected. For instance, this shocking news about the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents foreshadows the young man’s broken psyche. Clearly we’re getting a deeper insight into what would make a man snap, put on a batsuit, and consistently avenge his mom and dad against crime. Check out the photos that allude to this surprise event! (more…)


TV’s ‘Gotham’ is taking flight. You can tell that by all the promotion it’s getting. It’s drizzled in so much pomp and circumstance that I’m sold on the show’s flavor from previews alone. I don’t care much about the no-name actors being stirred into this soup and Jada P. Smith isn’t a strong enough presence for me to want in. But the whole pot’s on medium with the steam rising lightly. All the ingredients are there and this gumbo is smelling like something out of Emeril Lagasse’s cookbook. I haven’t tasted a thing, but from the way stuff looks, we’re in for a gourmet experience. Like top chefs with a well-stocked fridge, the preview gives us a powerful “making of” that just clocks in under 20 minutes. We meet the characters, see some choreography, several interviews, everything but the kitchen sink. Today’s special is ‘A Legend Reborn.’ Bon appétit!



In the spirit of foreshadowing famous events with tales of history, ‘Gotham’ is a series that aims to tell new stories with old characters. Before Bruce Wayne was Batman, his stomping grounds preceded them both. And with our familiar hero in short pants, the tales yet to come have their work cut out for them. Can this show possibly be as compelling as the as the future spawned from its depiction? Absolutely not. Batman is awesome for a dozen reasons and this series will never catch that shooting star. We all know that and accept it and may enjoy the show thanks to the magic of lowered expectations. With that, Fox continues to beguile us with surprisingly effective trailers. The newest comes to us in the form of a preview for fans in the United Kingdom. Clickity click, you magnificent bat-stards! (more…)

gotham 1231232

There’s a lot of new information, pictures, and videos popping up around the Internet for Warner Brothers and ‘DC Comics‘ new FOX television series Gotham. We’ve scoured the Internet, shined the brightest lights into the Internet’s cobwebbed and shadowy corners to bring you them all right here. Seriously, it took me at least ten minutes worth of finger pounding keyboard Goggling. (more…)


This should answer a lot of questions regarding the role Batman is gonna play in FOX‘s upcoming series Gotham.

The young actor above is the show’s Bruce Wayne: David Mazouz of the TV series Touch. And Bruce Wayne is the ONLY character Mazouz will be playing–Batman isn’t even a gleam in the troubled orphan’s eye yet.

Hit the jump for further details on young Master Bruce, and meet the newly cast “Proto-Catwoman”: Newcomer Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle(more…)

Superheroes continue to be a hot ticket item, even if their hold on the box office is slipping. And as another summer movie season comes to an end it’s time to look towards what new superhero feature films are coming our way. It’s time for another superhero movie news round-up!



Jeff Wadlow, writer/director of this weekend’s Kick-Ass 2, already has another superhero team-up on the docket – the big screen adaptation of Rob Liefeld‘s X-Force. The popular 90s comic series that gave the world Deadpool is another film in FOX‘s efforts to build their own shared Marvel universe; one populated by mutants and with absolutely no connection whatsoever to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers.

While out and about promoting Kick-Ass 2, Wadlow chatted with Den of Geek who invariably asked about X-Force. Here’s what Wadlow had to say,

All I can say is this: I bought X-Force #1 when I was a kid, I’ve read the recent run of Uncanny X-Force which I thought was fantastic, but other than that I just can’t comment on the line-up or anything yet.

Oooh, let’s see, what can I say? Let me put it like this. It will seamlessly exist in the X-Men cinematic universe, but it’s not a sequel.

So no confirmed line-up, but Wadlow did also hint at including team staples: Cable, Domino, and perhaps Sunspot (who’s also appearing X-Men: Days of Future Past). The concept of a shared universe with the X-Men films is, at this point, a no brainer. Marvel and Disney have already proven this to great success, and now DC and Warner Bros. are hoping to continue that trend.

For more read Wadlow’s entire interview with Den of Geek (via CBM).

Speaking of shared universes, you better count on including the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot into FOX’s Marvel universe, as their creative consultant, Mark Millar explains below the cut.



It’s New Comic Book Day! (Yay!) And one of the books hitting the shelves is Batman Incorporated #8, it’s a big deal because a major character from the Bat-family dies in the issue, a culmination of nearly a decade of planning and writing on the part of DC Comics mainstay Grant Morrison.

So in order to discuss this, I guess we need a… SPOILER ALERT!!!!!











Still there?


Damian dies. Yes, the current Robin, and only son of the Dark Knight, gets killed off. How, why and how painful I leave for you to discover for yourself (or maybe you already know), but Morrison took to his blog to comment on his decision to kill off such an important character, and how it plays into the larger themes of the Batman books as he sees it.

“I chose to build my story around the basic trauma, the murder of his parents, that lies at the heart of Batman’s genesis. It seemed to me there would be a part of Bruce Wayne that resented his parents for leaving him and especially resented his father for not being Batman that night, so the principal villains were an archetypal bad father figure in the form of Dr. Hurt and a dark mother in the form of Talia, our villain for the concluding chapters of the story. 

This master theme of damaged and ruined families was nowhere more in evidence than in the creation of Damian, the first “Son of Batman” to be acknowledged in the canon. In many ways this has been Damian’s story as much as it has been the story of Bruce Wayne and it’s a story that had its end planned a long time ago – for what son could ever hope to replace a father like Batman, who never dies?

And so, via Batman, Batman and Robin, Return of Bruce Wayne and Batman Inc. this epic tale has finally reached its finale.”

Bastards: Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on the (new) death of Robin below. Have you read the book? Was it good? Will you miss Damian Wayne? Sound off below.

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