MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Godzilla’ Still Reigns as King of the Monsters

- 05-14-14Featured, Film, reviews Posted by Sarah Moran


Godzilla has had a career unlike any star of the silver screen. Debuting in 1954, Ishirō Honda’s Gojira was a somber, bleak and quite realistic depiction of the sheer destructiveness of nature (itself an allegory for humanity’s own penchant for destruction). From there, some 27 films later, the franchise has gone through many iterations. Sometimes Godzilla’s simply a monster, sometimes a hero, sometimes he’s truly terrible and frightening, and other times a chintzy, campy joke. Yet though all of it, Godzilla endures. [Minor SPOILERS follow.] (more…)

New International ‘Godzilla’ Trailer and Featurette on Classic Roar

- 04-28-14Film Posted by Luke Gallagher

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.51.19 PM
The marketing folks behind Legendary Pictures new Godzilla remake have been teasing the king of the Kaiju in its trailers and spots. Leaving star Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad’s Walter White) to voice over cuts of destruction and humanities defenselessness to sell the picture. If that hasn’t been enough to fill your eye holes, maybe this latest trailer detailing the story and featuring a number of money shots will get you to throw money at the screen. And if that still isn’t enough, we have the films first featurette spotlighting the giant creatures epic roar.


New ‘Godzilla’ TV Spot Focuses On the Human Element

- 04-18-14Film Posted by Jacob Knight

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 5.27.05 PM

Strangely titled “Nature Has an Order” (which would lead one to believe that it’d just be thirty seconds of Gojira stomping on that ass), the latest TV Spot for Gareth Edwards’ redux of Godzilla features more narration from Bryan Cranston. Only this time, instead of warning us about the government’s lies (in his best Ozymandias tone), he quickly illustrates the inherent human tragedy the apocalypse carries with it. Yet again, Warner Bros. and Legendary have put together an incredible piece of marketing that continues to sell Edwards’ film as the must-see movie of Summer 2014.


Make Room on the Shelf! Godzilla Toy is 3 Feet Long

- 03-17-14Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


There was once a Godzilla toy that stood about 2 to 3 feet tall, spit paper fire and bizarrely fired his fist like a projectile; it’s rare, it’s fondly remembered, and it’s about to get some competition from a brand new version of the King of Monsters, a toy made to promote the upcoming movie from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures. (more…)

Bryan Cranston is Really Scared in Latest ‘Godzilla’ Trailer

- 02-25-14Film Posted by Sarah Moran


The first Godzilla trailer did a wonderful job establishing the mood and atmosphere for Gareth Edwards’ entry into the 60 year franchise. It also gave a damn good impression of how enormous and terrifying the radioactive monster would be, but nothing gets across how truly frightening a giant kaiju is like Bryan Cranston‘s performance in this latest trailer. (more…)

Bryan Cranston Gives His Best On Set ‘Godzilla’ Roar

- 01-16-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Bryan Cranston spent most of his time in this on set visit teaching Entertainment Tonight Canada how to roar like Godzilla. Which is just about the only thing worth watching for most Godzilla fans. (more…)

Bryan Cranston Officially Cast as Lex Luthor? – UPDATED

- 01-07-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

cranston luthor

Well, we may have hit the jackpot with this one, should this turn out to be 100% true, but a fairly reliable source is claiming they have the skinny on the casting of Lex Luthor for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman flick.  And it turns out it’s someone that we’ve all been routing for – Bryan Cranston. (more…)

Wait! Is Joaquin Phoenix the TBD Villain in ‘Batman Vs Superman’?

- 12-18-13Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Here we go again, another day, another Batman Vs Superman casting rumor. This one is interesting though. Sources are saying that Warner Bros has approached Academy Award-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix to play the part of the main villain in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel. The notoriously unpredictable actor is the latest in a long line of names mentioned as potential unknown bad guy in the movie, but he is apparently the frontrunner. So what are they waiting for?  (more…)

OH-NO There Goes the In-ter-net GO-GO Godzilla: New ‘Godzilla’ Teaser Trailer Hits

- 12-10-13Film Posted by Mark Poynter

Director Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla trailer that everyone has been waiting on has finally hit the Internet. Does Legendary’s reboot deliver the Godzilla Goods? (more…)

From Locke to Luther? O’Quinn Rumored for ‘Batman Vs Superman’

- 11-18-13Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


A lot of the casting speculation around Batman Vs Superman the last week has been decidedly more superhero-focused, like who’s playing Nightwing and Wonder Woman. Lost in the hustle is the real question in Superman casting, who’s playing Lex Luthor? The Man of Steel’s biggest bad was decidedly absent from the Man of Steel movie (although there were hints we was around), so it’s all but certain he’ll play a part in the sequel, but who will fill his decidedly evil shoes? A new answer has emerged, and it maybe that those shoes will be filled by an actor best known for being a pig-hunting man of mystery with an unhealthy attachment to a mystical island in the South Pacific… (more…)