Cars 3

Some out there would argue that Cars isn’t your typical Pixar movie. Some of their titles include: Toy Story, Up, and Inside Out. Sure, it’s not the big blockbusting money maker that some of their others films have been, yet here it is, set to debut it’s third installment. However, this isn’t doesn’t have any of the feels from the 2006 original. From the initial sneak peek audiences got, there was a hint that the film was going in the opposite direction of the first, and now that a second teaser has hit the internet, they have a clearer view of what it is.



Pixar has been returning to the well and chumming out sequels to the films that built the animation studio to the powerhouse it is today. After releasing the sequel to Finding Nemo (Finding Dory), Pixar has plans to release sequels to Cars (Cars 3), The Incredibles (The Incredibles 2), and also the one that started them all, Toy Story (Toy Story 4) in the upcoming years. Originally Toy Story 4 was planned for a June 2018 release date, but now it has been pushed back.