See The Opening to New Whedon-Penned Supernatural Romance: ‘In Your Eyes’

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When Joss Whedon isn’t finding new and even more horrific ways to kill off his most likeable characters, he’s finding ways to entangle them romantically: Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Spike, Wesley and Fred, Zoe and Wash (R.I.P.), Mal and Inara, Simon and Kaylee, Jayne and Vera….you get the picture.

Ergo, it’s not surprising that one day he might write a straight-up romance–with a preternatural twist, naturally, this IS Whedon we’re talking about: Thus, we have In Your Eyes. And Nerd Bastards has the first 3 minutes of the Brin Hill-directed film–you guessed it–after the jump:  (more…)

More ‘The Day of the Doctor’ Clips & Behind the Scenes Footage

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This is it, this is the final stretch towards the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. In the lead up we’ve seen trailers, clips and photos. We here at Nerd Bastards have been counting down the days, and with only five more to go the BBC has released a short, behind the scenes video teasing us even more.  (more…)

Dame Helen Mirren Kicks Ass in New ‘RED 2′ Clips

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Most people Helen Mirren‘s age are slowing down, taking it easy, but as you will see in the below clips, the classy British actress and Academy Award winner can go gun for gun with the best of them, and can maintain perspective and offer important life advice even while disposing a corpse in a full-length ball gown. As I said, classy lady.

In these new clips from the upcoming action sequel RED 2, we get to see Mirren show off her shooting skills to a doubting whipper-snapper who looks and acts suspiciously like Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe, and in the second video she calls up Bruce Willis and friends to give them some bad news.

The first RED was a surprise hit when it was released in 2010. The sequel comes out on July 19th.

Let’s roll the clips below:

Source: The Mary Sue

Pine vs. Cumberbatch in New ‘Trek’ Clip, PLUS: Win a Chance To Meet Abrams and The Cast. MORE PLUS: IMAX Offering Free Poster to Early Comers

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This new clip from J.J. Abrams’ hotly anticipated Star Trek sequel: Star Trek: Into Darkness (via Apple) shows Chris Pine’s Captain James T. Kirk facing off with Benedict Cumberbatch’s superlatively creepy John Harrison while the latter is being held in what I can only assume is the Enterprise‘s brig (the exchange feels more than a little like the convo between Loki and Black Widow while the former was imprisoned in The Avengers…but that could just be me).

Pine is appropriately righteous and indignant, while Cumberbatch is just plain eerie…If this is what we can expect from Into Darkness, it might well surpass its predecessor:

And there’s more!

Charitybuzz is auctioning off a four-pack of VIP tickets to attend the Star Trek: Into Darkness premiere in Los Angeles, the proceeds going towards The Mission Continues: A charity that works with post-9/11 veterans. Paramount and Bad Robot are putting up $25 Grand to match the winning bid.

The winners will walk the red carpet, meet director J.J. Abrams and the cast, and attend the premiere after-party.

Sounds like it could be fun :)

And EVEN more!

IMAX is beginning a new promotion called IMAX FANFIX: They’re offering this original poster by artist Mark Englert to fans who show up to their 8pm show on Wednesday, May 15th at participating locations.


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‘Who’ News! Coleman Teases the Clara Mystery, Hear the Ice Warriors in Two “Cold War” Clips, and More!

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Lately, all the buzz has been on the filming of Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary – which they’ve been doing quite publicly – but there’s still plenty of Season 7B ahead of us! Only two episodes have aired thus far – our reviews: “The Bells of Saint John” & “The Rings of Akhaten” – and already the mystery behind Clara, the “impossible girl,” is building. In a recent interview with TV Guide, Jenna-Louise Coleman teases all those little coincidences surrounding Clara. Like the birthday on Victorian Clara’s tombstone being November 23rd, which also happens to be the date of Who‘s anniversary. Coincidence? Not likely,

In the Christmas episode, I didn’t know why that was the case. But again, we will find out by the end of this series. But it’s really exciting — [the season finale] is phenomenal.  My spine was tingling when I read it. Again, I’m teasing your so badly here, but there’s the beginning opening sequence, which [is]  kind of building up into the 50th. It’s just huge.

So clearly, Clara and her impossibility is somehow linked to Who‘s 50th. That’s an interesting twist. Coleman also commented on Clara’s relationship with the TARDIS, which if you’ll remember from “Akahaten” seems to be off to a rough start,

The TARDIS and Clara have a relationship. Actually I don’t think we’ve talked about this in interviews before. It’s something that’s running through the series. Instead of it being like, “Does so-and-so like Clara?” The TARDIS and Clara have a bit of a face-off. So, the Doctor is obviously bringing back somebody new. I think we’ve done a whole additional content scene of me talking to the TARDIS, and the TARDIS is making fun of Clara. They kind of have an argument. They’ve got a relationship individual to the Doctor where they have a dialogue.

I definitely noticed the TARDIS was a little cold with Clara, not letting her inside without The Doctor for instance. I think the TARDIS senses something about her, recognizes that the same girl appearing in three separate times isn’t right. What do you think? Does the TARDIS know something’s wrong with Clara? Is that how she connects to whatever’s going down in the 50th?

Hit the jump for two clips from this week’s episode, “Cold War,” featuring our first footage of the new Ice Warriors, as well as the official synopsis for the fifth episode, “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.”


Tony Offers “Holiday Greeting” to Mandarin in 1st ‘Iron Man 3′ Clip

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Some of Tony Stark’s most telling character moments in the Iron Man films come when he’s standing in front of the press, so it’s kind of perfect that this is the first full clip we get to see from Iron Man 3.

In the embed below, Tony (Robert Downey Jr) issues a rather pointed, personal and non-subtle threat to The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). Even though I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to threaten to kill someone, you can’t deny that is a very powerful moment, one that perhaps sets-up some pretty damning stakes later on in the film.

Let’s role the clip courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

So is that helicopter attack on Tony’s house shown in the trailer retaliation for Tony’s threat? I guess we’ll find out when Iron Man 3 opens in a theater near you on May 3rd.

Source: Collider

‘Oz the Great and Powerful’: Why Exactly Iron Man Isn’t in ‘Oz’, New Clips, & Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

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Based on the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and a prequel to the events of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, Oz The Great and Powerful has been gathering quite a buzz since images and trailers started releasing late last year. Starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams the Disney feature from Sam Raimi may have been quite different if Iron Man had accepted the role back in 2010.

What made producers turn down freakin’ Robert Downey Jr.? RDJ was one of Sam’s top choices to play Oscar Diggs, the “Wizard” of Oz, and in an act of good faith the director gifted him with a plant hoping to lure RDJ to the role. Months later at a meeting at the actor’s home Raimi noticed the plant wilting in a corner, and ended their talks.

It sounds completely made up, a plant cost RDJ, the living Tony Stark, a chance to float in magic bubbles for Disney. This is one of those “too weird not to be true” stories and the filmmaker declined to comment in the article from The Hollywood Reporter. So, you can practically spit on the Spider-Man film trilogy, but you mess with horticulture and Sam kicks your ass to the yellow brick road.

Maybe it’s for the better though, Iron-Man 3 is right around the corner and new clips from Oz the Great and Powerful are already here. Check them out after the jump.

The Latest ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Clip Shows Just How Bad The Franchise Has Become

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The first Resident Evil film was, early on, what looked to be the beginning of a successful film franchise filled with gore and action. You even a got a few shots of Milla Jovovich‘s naughty bits for good measure. After that though, things went down hill.

It no longer has any real connection to the original subject matter, the characters you actually want to see have become mere co-stars and Paul W.S. Anderson gets to nail his lead actress. It has finally peaked. But, after all the girl-on-monster fighting, we finally get what we’ve all been waiting for in this newest clip from Resident Evil: Retribution - girl-on-girl fighting action.

Except it comes with that filler and signature “go big, but add more quick cuts and slow-mo” filming you’ve come to expect from Anderson. And never mind that you can’t hear the audio. It was too embarrassed to be involved in this rough cut you’re about to watch.

Honestly, is anyone – Paul in particular – even trying anymore or is Screen Gems just prepping us for Resident Evil: Shut up and give us your money?

Source: Topless Robot

7 Clips From ‘Avengers’ Blu-Ray – Relive the Dream!

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Coming Soon has 7 new clips from the upcoming Blu-Ray release of The Avengers. Now, most of these you’ll remember from the movie, including the now infamous post credits scene featuring a certain villain. Clip number 7 though is from the new short “Item 47,” featuring Jesse Bradford and Lizzie Caplan as regular folk who find a very particular remnant of the alien invasion in The Avengers.

So let’s roll the videotape. Prepare to relive The Avengers experience!

The Avengers will be available on 2D Blu-ray Combo Pack, a 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on September 25th.

Source: Coming Soon

New Marvel Studios One-Shot Looks at ‘Item 47′

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Marvel’s latest tradition, “one-shot” short films on their DVD releases, is getting a serious shot of ambition with the new film being released with Blu-ray edition of The Avengers this fall.

Following up on the shorts “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer” and “The Consultant,” which were released on the Blu-rays of Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger respectively, The Avengers disc will feature a new short called Item 47. At 12 minutes, it will be three-times longer than the previous shorts, and as opposed to the single-setting shorts starring the late-Agent Phil Coulson (played by his still living portrayer Clark Gregg), Item 47 will strive to show the greater effect of the events of The Avengers on the so-called average folk of the Marvel Film Universe.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Item 47 will follow a New York City couple played Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield) and Jesse Bradford (Flags of Our Fathers), who discover one of the abandoned Chitauri weapons, and decide to go on a little crime spree. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents played by Maximiliano Hernández (returning from small parts in Thor and The Avengers) and  Titus Welliver (Lost) follow in hot pursuit.

Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito directed the film, and explains:

The world is topsy-turvy now. There’s been an alien invasion, and things are crazy. So when this gun ­literally fell into their lap, this is a sign: We’re going to rob a few banks, we’re going to buy a boat, we’re going to the Caribbean, and all our problems will be solved.

Eric Pearson, who wrote the screenplay for all Marvel One-Shots so far, including Item 47, adds that that the intention of the short was to show how the Chitauri invasion impacted the average citizen:

Anything that expands the world and shows you the more human elements of it, that just makes the world more colorful and fun for the average viewer.

But aside from doing side-stories (like Item 47) or doing some slight teasing (like with the other two shorts), D’Esposito sees a bigger tableau for the Marvel One-Shots:

There’s always a potential to introduce a character. We have 8,000 of them, and they can’t all be at the same level. So maybe there are some that are not so popular, and we introduce them [with a short] – and they take off. I could see that happening.

So by now you’re probably salivating at getting a chance to see Item 47. Well the good news is that if you’re going to the San Diego Comic Con, you’ll be able to see the whole thing. The bad news (or good depending on whether you like games and have an iPhone) is that you’ll have to follow a Scavenger Hunt through San Diego itself to find the location. You’ll have to download the Avengers Second Screen app (available for free download at the iTunes store this Friday) to get the clues. Not going to Comic Con? You too can download the app and get access to a special clip from the film.

So what do you Bastards think? Excited for the new clip? More cool stuff from Marvel, or powerfully lame and capitalistic?

Source: /Film