Get Ready For The Weekend With This Four Minute History of SDCC

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Today begins the day before the first day of SDCC 2014 and things are already starting to happen. Every year the start of the convention creeps forward a bit as fans and exhibitors try to get a jump on all the happenings of the fast paced weekend of Nerdy events. Before we all get hip deep in SDCC announcements, videos, and convention swag, let’s take a look back with this four-minute history of SDCC. (more…)

The Road to Comic Con: Making The Most Of Your Time At Comic-Con

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You can’t see everything at San Diego Comic-Con.

No matter how many times you hear that, it really doesn’t sink in until you’ve experienced SDCC for the first time. At any given moment, there will be several things happening that you’d like to attend and you’re going to have to make some tough choices.

It’s a safe bet you’re still digesting the list of exclusive items that Comic-Con announced last week. We covered many of the highlights in last week’s column.

And before the rest of panels comes out (Thurs and Fri schedules have just been released) and completely overwhelms you, let’s walk through some strategies for making the most of Comic-Con.

In addition to the many panels that will be announced shortly, there will be so many other things competing for your time: cast signings, booth giveaways, lining up for exclusives, offsite adventures, screenings, after parties. Hell, crossing the street could take you fifteen minutes at peak and just getting into the convention center can slow you down if you go at the wrong time. (more…)

‘Wolverine’ Bucks Mean More ‘X-Men’ Spin-offs

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The Wolverine made good money over the weekend, and we know that 20th Century Fox has an X-Force movie in development, so you know what that means: Fox is going spin-off crazy!

To confirm, Collider caught up with comic book writer Mark Millar last weekend at San Diego Comic Con. Millar, as you’ll remember, was hired as a consultant by Fox to corral the Fox-owned Marvel properties into a coherent universe on par with what Marvel/Disney’s been doing with The Avengers properties.

So using the X-Men films as the basis, Millar says that he thinks that five to 10 other potential franchises that could be spin out of the main X-Men films, which is hardly surprising given how many X-Men and X-Men related books have come off the printing presses after all these years. So what’s Millar thinking? Let’s ask him.

“We’re not talking crossovers or anything just yet; the idea is to build it quietly in its own way and bring in the best possible talent but you’re right – Marvel sold the X-Men franchises back in the ’90s when they needed the cash but you have to remember they were the crown jewels…

The reason they got snapped up is that they were Marvel’s best-selling book really for 20 years. So we’re sitting on gold right now. Very vaguely, we are talking about lots of possibilities but I think there’s a good five to ten golden franchises in there.”

So could we see future film versions of books like X-Factor? Or New Mutants? Excalibur even? Time will tell.

Watch the full video interview with Millar below:

Source: Blastr

SDCC ’13: Comic Con Cosplay! Days 1 & 2

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Our roving, embedded reporters have not only been capturing the showroom floor, the sights around the convention center, reporting back on interactive experiences, and live blogging panels straight from Hall H. In addition to all that they’ve also been scouring San Diego Comic Con for some simply amazing cosplay. And guess what? They’ve found it!

Collected here is a compilation of cosplay seen on the first two days of Comic Con. In the slideshow below I’ve gather some of the best, for the full gallery hit the jump!

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Bear McCreary Scoring Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’, Featurette Introduces Fitz & Simmons, Plus Comic Con Teaser Art

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Continuing his streak scoring only the best genre television - Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Defiance, Da Vinci’s Demons - Bear McCreary has just signed up to score ABC and Marvel‘s Agents of SHIELD. Speaking with EW about his approach, McCreary said,

The series centers on the behind-the-scenes people, their heroism and their quirks. As such, the music I wrote is heroic and, at times, quirky and offbeat…. For me, the entire series hinges around Clark Gregg’s Agent Phil Coulson. He has a magnetic presence and an irresistible charm. Every time he’s onscreen, musical ideas are bursting into my brain… To me, a superheroic score is only as good as its main theme. If you’re not singing the tune in the shower a few days after hearing it, then an opportunity has been lost.

I’m sure all I have to do is mention The Walking Dead‘s theme and your brain is already humming it. And just think, Agents of SHIELD‘s theme will be same in a matter of months. I definitely recommend you check McCreary’s full interview with EW about composing for Agents of SHIELD. But then! Make sure you come back here for a look at some Comic Con teaser art, and a new featurette introducing us to two of the agents: Fitz and Simmons, the most Whedonesque characters of the cast, yet.


Philadelphia Wizard World Con Update

- 05-09-13Cosplay Posted by Shelly V.


Con season is coming up and while SDCC gets the largest amount of attention, there’s plenty of cool events that go on before and after the big kahuna. One of those events, Philadelphia Wizard World, starts Thursday May 30th and goes through Sunday June 2nd.

Why should you care about a non-SDCC con? Well, first… shopping! Tables and tables of merch to stuff into your Yoda backpacks, but also, a ton of cool guests that include John Barrowman, Stan Lee, Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal, John Cena and a lot of comic writers and artists.

The con was supposed to also feature an appearance by Nathan Fillion, but he unfortunately had to pull out. That sucks, but the above names are still awesome enough to get me to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Plus, there’s also a con exclusive reprint of Walking Dead #1 that I need in my life, but I guess you can have it too… assuming you find your way to the city of Brotherly Love in late May and early June.

Heres a complete list of guests from the Wizard World website… where there is also a ton of info about tickets for the event and also photo ops.


Aaron Ashmore
Shawn Ashmore
Adam Baldwin
John Barrowman
Manu Bennett
Linda Blair
WWE ® Superstar Daniel Bryan ®
Dean Cain
Charisma Carpenter
WWE ® Superstar John Cena ®
Holly Marie Combs
Jarrett Crippen
Shannen Doherty
Giancarlo Esposito
Lou Ferrigno
Jason David Frank
Summer Glau
Nick Gomez
Steve Guttenberg
Kris Holde-Nried
Lauren Holly
Brian Krause
Juliet Landau
Stan Lee
James Marsters
Andrew Mccarthy
Ray Park
Norman Reedus
Michael Rooker
Brandon Routh
William Shatner
Curtis Sliwa
Kevin Sorbo
Jewel Staite
WWE ® Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
Henry Winkler


Al Wiesner
Alex Eckman Lawn & Nick Tapalansky
Alexio G. Gessa
Amanda Nen Francis- Kilburn
Amber Davis
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Taylor
Angel Unzueta
Barry Kitson
Barry Sachs
Ben Shaw
Bexx Fine
Bill Dinh
Bob McLeod
Bordin Marsinkul
Brad Hudson
Brendon Fraim
Brian Kong
Brian Roll
Bryan Hitch
Caleb King
Catiana Conte
Chadwick Haverland
Danielle Gransaull “Soloud”
David Goldstein
David Savage
Dawn Griffin
Derrick A Rivers
Douglas Brown
Drew Blank
Eric Downey
Evan Baranowski
Frank Kadar
George O’Connor
Gina Dangelo
Ian Glaubinger
Jake Estrada
Jamie Fay
Jason E Axtell
Jason Lenox
Jeff Kaufman
Jeffery Scott
Jim Calafiore
Joe Dragunas
John O’Connor
John Richard Scott
Joi Washington
Jon Swartz
Julian Totino
Kate Glasheen
Laura Inglis
Leinil Yu
Liz Leonard
Louie Lapalombara III
Mark C. Frankel
Mark Mariano
Mark Pingitore
Matt Triano
Maurice R Mander
Michael Banks
Michael Golden
Michael Manomivibul
Michael Rivers
Michael Rivers
Michael Rooth
Mico Suayan
Mike Chen
Mike Ellis
Onrie Kompan
Renee Witterstaetter
Rich Bernatovech
Robert Quill
Rusty Gilligan
Salvador Larroca
Sara Richard
Sarah Braly
Sarah Hoppes
Sarah Martinez
Scott Ethan Ambruson
Steiner Palomino
Stuart Sayger
Tania Del Rio
Tara S. Rosenburg
Ted Dastick Jr.
Yildiray Cinar


Bryan Singer Tweets ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Set Pic and Teases Comic-Con Appearance

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Bryan Singer likes to tweet and we’re all the better for it. This time Singer gives us an inside look at the construction of a familiar X-Men set to be used in X-Men: Days of Future Past while teasing us a bit about Comic-Con.


It’s a pretty safe bet it’s the entrance way to Cerebro, the device created to find other mutants by Professor X and created in the movies by the Beast, Hank McCoy.

Singer also included this question in his tweet:


Funny guy, but it won’t be that long until Comic-Con and we can expect some big doings by the X-Men: Days of Future Past production team and actors. I’m betting on a huge panel of celebrities.

What new stuff are you excited to find out about at this years Comic-Con?

Via: Bleedingcool

Editorial: Words About Cosplay, Tony Harris, and Newbies

- 11-13-12Comics, Cosplay Posted by Jason Tabrys


I’m goona rap at you people.

I respect Tony Harris’ art — the fellow can move a pencil on paper in a way that is pleasing and Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days is among my favorite books — but when he tries to pivot from pictures to words, something gets lost in translation.

Today, on the Great Public Embarrassment Generator known as Facebook, Harris took to the soap box that we are all given in exchange for our personal information and he told the world, nay, the universe, what he thought about female cosplayers. Apparently he thinks you are all phony, so please pack up your bosoms and go home. (Okay, that wasn’t expressed, but it’s sorta close to that, isn’t it? Go ahead, read it, I’ll wait…)

Now, I don’t know what Harris thinks a real female comic book fan dresses like, and I really don’t care. His notions are either fiction or a fraction of the truth, because in my experience as a chubdorable male that frequents conventions, female comic fans don’t dress in one specific way or the other.

They are cosplayers, they are “sexy” cosplayers, they are tee shirt clad, and so on and so forth. There is diversity within their ranks and that is outstanding, undeniable, and irreversible.

Women, men, Klingons, and everyone else should feel comfortable to be themselves when they go to a con because that is one of the most beautiful things about cons — they are a sanctuary for a group of people who love similar things and they should be a free, safe place.

What threatens that? People with agendas and people who forget that they have sisters and mothers and grandmothers and pretend that women are there to be preyed upon, though the portrayal of Comic-Cons as a lawless badland over-run with dick-in-hand thugs feels inaccurate.

With that said though, every costume is not an invitation and they aren’t declarations of whoreishness. They aren’t political statements either. Sometimes a Power Girl costume is just a Power Girl costume and sometimes that’s someone’s way of getting attention and that’s cool too. Really, whatever thrills you.

Honestly, I’m too busy looking for 1/2 price trades or sprinting from panel to panel to notice (because as a grown up, I have seen breasts and thus they have no power over me), but sex and sexiness and dressing in a sexy way should be embraced and allowed because hell yeah freedom and all that good stuff. And oh by the way, plenty of men dress in cosplay and plenty of them wear the form fitting costumes popularized by their favorite characters as well, but no one ever brings that up or the fact that men are sexualized in comics as well. Well, almost no one.

Here’s another thing that should be celebrated at cons: newbies. I’ve been a hardcore nerd for five years. Wanna see my nerd card? Frak you. I’ve spent days marathoning Buffy, BSG, Angel, Trek, Doctor Who, and I’m coming off a period of hurricane inspired technical isolation that I spent in the OCD hell of action figure re-posing and the nerdvana of thumbing through the contents of a long box of comics and trades on my own private Elba. I didn’t do that to gain favor with others, I did that because I love this shit and I love this shit because science fiction and fantasy are about inclusion.

Tony Harris’ remarks aren’t about inclusion (or reality, unless I’m just too mellow and toy obsessed to notice the sexual Gettysburg that Mr. Harris spies) and that’s unfortunate because as someone who makes comics, you would think it would be in his best interests to try and bring people into this world, not push them out.

Alright, that’s really all I have to say about this, so in conclusion: I really don’t care if people want to dress up as Chewie or Cheetara and I just want everyone to relax, read a comic (even a Tony Harris one if you can excuse his remarks), and enjoy this amazing era in nerdiness without letting the rest of the bullshit seep in. Peace out.

The opinions expressed in the above article are those of the writer and not Also, did he just close out the article by saying “Peace out”?

Rejoice! San Diego Comic-Con to Stay Through 2016

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Originally attended by 300 people, San Diego Comic-Con has become the Mecca for all things geeky, nerdy and exclusive since 1970, when it was known as “Golden State Comic-Minicon”. For the last few years however, fans have been worried about the con’s possible move to Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Anaheim.  But announcement from San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders now confirms that Comic-Con International has extended its stay in San Diego through 2016!

That’s right people, Comic-Con is staying home – for a few more years at least. Thanks to a $520 million expansion of the convention center, fans will have many more years of waiting in line for hours to see their favorite stars sign their hundred-dollar replicas. And with Comic-Con 2013 scheduled to run from July 18 to 21st, many people have already started the countdown to next year.

Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer issued a statement over the extension of the event into 2016 saying,

“We really didn’t take the expansion into consideration in making our decision. If by next year and the following year, we have such an influx of people that the added space we use doesn’t work and there’s no expansion, then it could be an issue.”

Honestly, San Diego is the home of Comic-Con; it’s why “San Diego” is in the name in the first place and moving the event anywhere else would spoil it.

Thanks to 130,000 unique visitors per year the event should forever stay in the city, bringing with it the estimated $68 million in spending for hotels, dining, transportation and other related items, i.e. collectibles and Robert Downey Jr. As long as San Diego can keep 130,000 nerds or more entertained for four days a year I say “Let them stay for as long as they damn well please.”

Geek Tyrant

Interview: Andrew Lincoln And Others From ‘The Walking Dead’

- 07-24-12Comics, TV Posted by Tiffany Brown

During San Diego Comic Con, Hyundai and Future US sponsored the Walking Dead 100th issue Black-Carpet Event. The event celebrated the 100th issue of the Walking Dead Image comic book which was released just prior to the convention. It is already the best selling comic of the century according to Image.

The Walking Dead creator and writer Robert Kirkman, and artist Charlie Adlard were in attendance along with most of the Walking Dead cast including Andrew Lincoln (‘Rick”), Norman Reedus (“Daryl”), and Denai Guerrero (“Michonne”), all of whom we spoke with in the video posted below. Other guests included Orlando Jones, Seth Green, and Lucas Till.

When asked what his character Huck from ABC’s Scandal would do to survive a zombie apocalypse, Guillermo Diaz said, “I think Huck would build a bomb. Some sort of chemical bomb that would kill all the Walkers without hurting any humans.”

Diaz wasn’t the only one with ideas on how to survive. The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) said that if she had a choice between her character from The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural, she would pick her Walking Dead character Maggie.

Check out the interview below.

NB-SDCC-WalkingDead 1 x264 from Jason Tabrys on Vimeo.