In two days, on February 16, 2013–at 9:00 am PST, the nerd floodgates will open, and a large percentage of geekdom will descend upon the SDCC website, only one single thought repeating endlessly in their fevered brains:


Indeed, the San Diego Comic-Con…our Mecca, our Mothership, our Devils Tower, is upon us once again.

Now, I’ve never been fortunate enough to attend, but from what I gather, Comic-Con season begins with this crazed rush to register for badges…there are millions of foaming nerds who want them, and only about 100,000 available.

Bit of a pickle, yes?

That’s why the SDCC has released this handy-dandy instruction video (below) to help you along with this seemingly brutal registration process. It’s just a simple tutorial–and it doesn’t offer any sneaky tricks that’ll help you get an edge on your rivals (er…fellow con-goers), but it should help prevent some basic registration snafus.

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Nancy A. Collins, best known as the author of the VAMPS novels, and former Swamp Thing writer Stephen Bissette have called for a boycott of popular nerd convention Dragon*Con until they agree to cut all ties to accused child molester, and Dragon*Con co-founder Ed Kramer.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kramer was arrested in Georgia in 2000 after being accused of sexual assault by three teenage boys. He was found to be incapable of standing trial due to health problems, and placed under house arrest, but later given limited permission to travel to New York and New Jersey to receive medical care and visit his ailing mother. Under the conditions of his house arrest, he was to report his location weekly and was forbidden any unsupervised contact with children under 16.

In 2011, he was arrested in Connecticut after being discovered alone in a hotel room with a 14 year old boy, whom Kramer claimed was his ward. He fought extradition to Georgia, but lost last December, and has been in jail back in Georgia since last week.

Collins, Bissette, and a growing number of writers and personalities are outraged that Dragon*Con profits are going towards Kramer’s continued efforts to stay out of prison. Kramer “officially” resigned from Dragon*Con, which he helped create back in 1987, in 2000–but as a partner he continues to draw over $150k a year from them, and has refused efforts by the ‘Con’s other partners to buy him out.

Herein lies the source of the boycotters’ frustrations. Bissette posted the “call to arms” Collins wrote on Facebook at his website…It reads in part:

“I’d like to test it by seeing if social media can cut off the flow of money from DragonCon to accused child molester (and the convention’s co-owner) Ed Kramer, who has been using the 150K+ a year he receives each year from DragonCon to avoid trial and manipulate the justice system to allow him free reign to prey upon children, even while under supposed house arrest. All you have to do is publicly declare you will never attend DragonCon again as long as Edward Kramer profits from the convention.

DragonCon has had over 12 years to sever ties with this man, but has failed to do so. Although the convention’s chairman has bought enough shares from Ed Kramer to qualify as the controlling shareholder, Kramer refuses to be bought out. No matter what DragonCon does or says, funds from the convention will continue to go to Edward Kramer until either he dies or the corporation that runs the convention dissolves and reincorporates under another name. DragonCon knows what needs to be done, but has been dragging its feet on this matter, and has gone to great trouble over the last 12 years to hide the fact that they continue to fund Edward Kramer’s lifestyle. But now the cat’s out of the bag (in large part due to Kramer’s own decision to sue them for a larger share of the convention’s profits) and there’s no putting it back in.’

Convention fixture and Geek Personality Adrianne Curry has also made her opinion known: The popular cosplayer and first America’s Next Top Model winner is an abuse survivor, and was quoted in The Mary Sue as saying:

 “The founder of Dragon con was arrested for being a pedophile. I will NEVER attend dragon con. Many will argue that the child molester is no longer associated w/dragon con. He helped build it…and as a survivor, I wont ever go.”

As of yet, no petition or other formal request has been presented to Dragon*Con asking for the removal of Kramer from their payroll.

Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut. Monday through Friday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at

Above: Gender-swapped cosplay has been all the rage lately, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone swap genders of the fierce Khal Drogo and his Khaleesi, Daenerys Stormborn, of the House Targaryen. This is awesome! Way to be first, Psykitten and Steven Meissner! (The Mary Sue)


It’s Labor Day weekend and that means it’s time for Dragon Con, the biggest, nerdiest, geekiest party and Cosplay convention in the world. Dragon Con is like no other convention you’ve ever been to . . . unless you’ve been to Dragon Con before.

Dragon Con is part Comic book, part Gaming,

part Cosplay, part Anime, part Sci-Fi, and all party!

Two of your NerdBastard staff writers (Sarah Moran and I,  Mark Poynter) are going to be getting an up close, personal look at the festivities and bringing you all the details that make Dragon Con the crazy weekend it is.

The guest list includes Stan Lee, Adam West and Burt Ward, Lavar Burton, Bruce Boxleitner, Alice Cooper, Micheal Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Katee Sackhoff, Felicia Day . . . the list goes on and on, just about every fandom is represented and there are “tracks” of programming with panels and discussion groups to represent each.

Sarah and I will be posting as the weekend progresses so shoot us a comment on Facebook if there’s something you’re interested in that we could check out for you.

Here’s a couple of tips if you’re going to attend Dragon Con:

1. Relax – Don’t let the hustle and crowds get the better of you. Yes, some lines will be long, waiting for an elevator will suck, people will bump into you, people will smell, don’t let that get to you. You’re there to have fun, remember to treat others as you would want to be treated.

2. Hydrate – It is hot and muggy in Atlanta Ga. and you should make sure that with all the walking around you’ll be doing that you keep yourself hydrated.

3. Drinking – There will be lots of drinking at the convention in the after hours, so be sensible, responsible, and look out for each other. Don’t leave your wing-man or wing-girl, stay on target.

4. Money – Go to the bank before you go to the Con, ATMs will run out of cash by Saturday morning. Keep your wallet or bag close and don’t let it out of your sight. Things will walk off with so many people and there will be people there looking to take advantage of your inattention. The same goes for your Con badge, never put it down unless you’re at home or in your hotel room, lose your badge and your convention will suck.

5. Celebrity Guests – Don’t be surprised if some don’t want to shake hands. Convention crud – getting flu like symptoms after a con is legendary and many won’t shake hands because of it. Who wants to be sick for a week after Dragon Con? Be respectful; of their work, their time, and their person. If you see a convention guest going through the hall they might be on the way to a panel full of waiting fans, already spent 3 straight hours signing and taking pictures with fans, not had lunch, or simply tired and ready to go to their room. Let them do their thing, certainly say hi and ask about taking a picture, but don’t get upset if they say they can’t.

6. Last but not Least – Make sure you are not one of the smelly people. Even with everything going on there is always time for proper hygiene. Who knows, you might meet that special someone at the con. You’ll want to make a good first impression.

Some of you may remember that last year I Cosplayed M.O.D.O.K. pictured below:

This year I had a crazy idea of combining two of my nerdy loves . . . Batman and Mario, thus the birth of Bat-Mario. The only thing not handmade is the black paperboys hat.

(A special thanks to Luke for photo shopping up my Bat-Mario picture.)

If you find yourself in Melbourne this June and feel like hanging out with Stan Lee and Patrick Stewart, you might want to drop by Oz Comic-Con.

Hot on the heels of the phenomenally successful Avengers movie, which, as we all know, has been making a disgustingly large amount of money and has been met with glowing reviews, comic book icon Stan Lee is headlining the convention. The creator of Spiderman and other comic icons such as The Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Thor will be signing autographs and posing for photos with fans who wish to bask in his glory during the convention.

Here, check out a video from Stan himself:

Sharing the headline with Lee is Sir Patrick Stewart, best known for his roles as Captain Jean- Luc Picard, Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men film series and as the voice of Avery Bullock in American Dad. While you can also grab a photo with Stewart, you can grab a special X-Men double photo with both Stewart and Lee for just $150.

If the biggest name in comic books as well as Star Trek’s most recognizable captain weren’t enough for you to clear out your schedule from June 30 to July 1st, Game of Thrones and Stargate fans will be excited to learn that Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo, Ronon Dex, Conan the
Barbarian) will be gracing Oz Comic-Con as well.

Or, if 80’s pop culture is more your thing, the convention will play host to Hawaiian beauty Tia Carrere, best known for her roles in Wayne’s World 1 & 2 as Cassandra Wong and as Juno Skinner in True Lies.

Hunger Games fans will find themselves spoiled as ever, with Oz Comic-Con recently announcing that not one, but three Hunger Games cast members will be visiting Melbourne for the convention. Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen), Levin Rambin (District One’s ‘Glimmer’)
and Dayo Okeniyi (District Eleven’s ‘Thresh’) have confirmed they will be attending.

The most exciting thing about Oz Comic-Con is that this isn’t even half of the huge all-star lineup of guests ranging from actors, comic book artists and voice actors. This is really exciting news for those of us down under who often seethe in jealousy when it comes to American
convention guests.

Oz Comic-Con, which is in its first year of running, is quickly becoming one of the biggest conventions in Australia and is not one to be missed.

The weekend long event takes place at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition center and runs from 9am to 6pm on Saturday, June 30th and Sunday, July 1st. Tickets are now available through Ticketmaster, and will also be available for purchase at the doors.

Full event details, including a full list of guests, photo and autograph pricing and schedules, are available on Oz Comic-Con’s official website. You can also like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Oz Comic-Con is the ultimate pop-culture and fan expo, featuring multi-genre content from across the spectrum; from film and television stars to comic book and anime artists, gaming demonstrations and cosplay competitions, to portfolio reviews and creative workshops and master classes.

Oz Comic-Con will be more than just a gathering place for fans of the various arms of pop-culture. It will celebrate and educate; it’s the place to come if you want to share your love of pop-culture, get up close and personal with celebrities, enter contests with fantastic prizes, or learn how to break into the industry.

There will be activities and events galore, more than enough to keep you busy for a full weekend, and wanting to come back for more. After a successful Adelaide debut, Oz Comic-Con moves on to Melbourne on 30th June & 1st July 2012 and will be returning to Adelaide next year on 2nd & 3rd March 2013, after its first Perth event on 26th & 27th of February 2013.

EDITORS NOTE: Article written by Aussie NB contributor Elizabeth DeLoria (@ElizabethDanger)

11 Biggest Nerd Gatherings in the World

For the majority of the year, the most serious nerds among us are shut away in dark rooms or basements in front of computer screens and games of Dungeons and Dragons. But every once in a while, the mothership seems to call them all home, at least for the length of a convention or other kind of meet-up. You’ll see Star Wars characters and gamers in a trance, flocking to event sites. Now, we’re not going to delve into the differences between geek and nerd culture. If you want to argue about it, we can probably assume that you fall into one of those two categories and will find a gathering you’ll love below.


I’ve returned from the clusterfuck that was, New York Comic Con. I had attended this con in the past, but this year by far had to be their busiest yet. Unfortunately the crowds of people only resulted in frustration as it was difficult to get anywhere or into anything. But griping aside, that’s for another post, I still had an effin’ blast at NYCC. A show floor absolutely teeming with anything nerdy you could ever want: nerdvana.

I saw awesome cosplay, must have toys and even managed to grab a little swag. Collected below in one mega-gallery is everything I tried to capture to share with you. Hope you enjoy, and if you’re planning a trip to NYCC next year, leave you’re bubble of personal space at home.

And by invade, I mean attend. And when I say Nerd Bastards, I mean me, Sarah, your charming, witty, favorite Nerd Bastard’s writer, right? RIGHT!? Good, you must all keep fanning my ego.

I’ll be attendance this year as your very own Lois Lane, intrepid reporter. I’ve got lots of plans to bring you the best in New York Comic Con coverage (assuming our reception inside the Jacob Javitts Center isn’t complete shit). You can look forward to tweeted images of cosplay and exclusives live from the con floor. Just make sure you’re following us, @NerdBastards, and keep an eye out for the hashtag, #NBatNYCC.

Also, I hear there are some pretty kick-ass panels featuring kick-ass stuff you’ll want to know about. Instantly! Well, I’m planning to do my best to bring you breaking news from such panels as The Walking Dead, Batman: Arkham City, oh, and one about some little film you might have heard of, The Avengers.

I’m not making any promises, because I don’t want you guys ripping my head of because, “Like, OMG! The Avengers panel ended like, 5 minutes, ago and I haven’t heard anything from you! GRR!! ARH!! INTERNET RAGE!” Hey, at least I guarantee lots of cosplay, maybe even a few scantily clad, nerdy ladies. Eh,eh? Can’t complain about that, now can we.

And if you’ll also be at NYCC, try and find me. I know we’ll be swimming in an ocean of geeks, but I’ll try and tweet out approximately what I’m wearing. If you find me, come say hi, I might have some Nerd Bastards goodies to share.



Dragon Con 2011 hosted a ‘Walking Dead’ cast Q&A panel.   A panel about Zombies in the same city the series is based in?  Genius I tell you.

The Walking Dead Panel consisted of Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh), Laurie Holden (Andrea), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes), Madison Lintz (Sophia Peletier) and Addy Miller (the fucking scary zombie child from the opening episode). The rest of the cast, were apparently off shooting the second season.

There’s lots of fun questions and responses in tne 30 minute video below. However, there was almost zero mention of Frank Darabont. In fact, the audience was asked not once, but eight times to refrain from asking questions about Darabont. Personally, that pisses me off. Darabont left, I can accept that. What I don’t get is why this has to be a “No No” subject. Fans are curious, it should be addressed.

Let us hope that the show doesn’t go down the crapper without Darabont.


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Say Hello to WonderCon 2012…In Anaheim!

WonderCon has been held in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1987, but it look’s like that’s all about to change… for 2012 at least.

Due to the Moscone Center (host of WonderCon) undergoing renovations in 2012 it look’s like the largest comic book/pop culture con in northern America will be calling Anaheim home for 2012. Thankfully this will only be a temporary measure as Comic-Con International had issued a press release making the announcement.

As long as the renovations for Moscone center goes well, WonderCon will return to San Francisco area just in time for 2013. The only fear is that it could do so well in Anaheim that it might never come back and Bay geeks aren’t too pleased about it.

Here’s the official press release from Comic-Con International :
WonderCon to Be Held in Anaheim, CA, March 16-18, 2012

C2E2 and Wizard World to Accommodate Change

San Diego – WonderCon, part of Comic-Con International’s (CCI) family of conventions, today announced that the 2012 show will be held March 16-18, and Anaheim, California, will play host to the long-running comics and popular arts convention. San Francisco’s Moscone Center, WonderCon’s traditional venue, will undergo renovations in early 2012, leaving the 25-year-old show in the unenviable position of either being canceled or finding a new venue.

In a move to help alleviate an overcrowded calendar, ReedPop’s C2E2, which has been waiting to announce dates for its own show in March 2012, will now seek alternative dates while Wizard World has announced that it will postpone its April 2012 Anaheim show.

“It certainly was not our wish to move,” commented David Glanzer, director of marketing and public relations for the nonprofit event. “However, when faced with the prospect of canceling the show for a year or moving locations, after careful consideration we decided to keep WonderCon on the 2012 calendar at a venue that could accommodate our needs.”

“We fully understand the challenges of trying to secure dates at any venue, let alone one undergoing renovation,” said Lance Fensterman, Group Vice President of ReedPop. “In an effort to minimize the impact on exhibitors and attendees we are currently looking to shift C2E2 from our traditional March dates.”

Gareb Shamus, CEO of Wizard World offered a unique solution to offset any potential conflict for fans and exhibitors: “All of us who produce conventions know securing dates can often be a frustrating experience especially when you find yourself having to move to a new city.” Shamus continued, “Because of their long history, Wizard World has decided to accommodate WonderCon and postpone our April 2012 Anaheim show.”

“We appreciate the efforts of Lance and Gareb for going above and beyond in making the WonderCon transition more manageable,” said Glanzer.

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