Conversations in Cosplay with Monika Lee

- 01-11-15Cosplay, Featured, Interviews, Nerd Culture Posted by Regina Lizik


At the age of 21, cosplayer Monika Lee is already an eight year cosplay veteran. We chatted with the Heroes of Cosplay star about the art of cosplay, her crush on Lee Adama and why it’s important for us “to be geeky together.” (more…)

The RadioBastard Podcast RUNS PODCAST-TOWN

- 10-19-14Featured, Nerd Culture Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson


Here at RadioBastard, we pride ourselves on providing an entertaining, economical and culturally enriching experience for you, our loyal listener. To accomplish this, our engineers work tirelessly to fill the program with celebrity impressions and other silly voices that would get a beginner stand-up comedian exiled from the chuckle hut circuit. We also offer the kind of cracker jack insight into the latest in entertainment “news”, human oddities and taco happenings that can only be achieved by two grown men who are woefully under-prepared, over-confident and absent all fucks. They have no f**ks to give, thus they do not give a f*ck and they are passing that f**klessness on TO YOU!

This week on the show: (more…)

Whatever: 9 Observations From New York Comic Con

- 10-13-14Cosplay, Featured, Nerd Culture Posted by Jason Tabrys


New York Comic Con has come and gone and all that is left is to do is reflect on the show and look at the splendid cosplay and all the toys that were out in full force at the convention. For the third year in a row, I was asked to go to the convention and report back on what I saw. Below, you will find my take on the crowds, the cosplay, the celebs, the floor and the creepers at New York Comic Con.  (more…)

NYCC Hammers Down on Fans with Busy Hands

- 10-10-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


After some conscientious female nerds made it an issue at San Diego Comic Con, the organizers of New York Comic Con seem to have taken the hint and ran with it in preparing for this weekend’s con in the Javits Center in New York City. The mantra, “Cosplay is Not Consent,” is omnipresent at the show, and NYCC has taken other steps to make sure that everyone has a safe and happy con free of harassment and inappropriate action on the part of people who don’t realize, you know, that “Cosplay is Not Consent.” In other NYCC news their “don’t be an idiot” and “no weapons” policies seems to be causing great confusion with fans whose hours of hard work on that important prop detail seems to be taken out with the trash. (more…)

Beat Down Boogie’s Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Part 1 & 2 Hit the Internet

- 10-08-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Mark Poynter


Every year Dragon Con goes by like a Japanese bullet train on acid, you check in at the hotel and before you can blink it’s all over and you’re packing your suitcase and checking out to get back to the real world. Another thing that Dragon Con Cosplayers do every year after is scour the Internet for pictures of their cosplay and wait to see if they made it into one of Beat Down Boogie‘s magical Dragon Con Cosplay videos. Well, wait no longer, the first set of Beat Down Boogie videos have hit the Internet. (more…)

Anime Weekend Atlanta Cosplay Gallery Part 3

- 10-02-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Mark Poynter

Anime Weekend Atlanta Day 2 085 (Copy)

Anime Weekend Atlanta was a ton of fun and had so much great cosplay that it took three posts for Nerd Bastards to capture it all. If you missed the first two galleries you can click Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 to check them out. (more…)

‘Cosplay Boom’ is Everything ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ Should Have Been

- 09-30-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Mark Poynter


Although the second season of Heroes of Cosplay redeemed the majority of what was so wrong with the first season, all that artificially amped up drama and confrontation. In fact you’ll see a lot of those same Heroes of Cosplay in Cosplay Boom. The difference? This time you see the side that Heroes of Cosplay basically ignored in that first season, their love of cosplay, what it means to them and the cosplay community. (more…)

Anime Weekend Atlanta Cosplay Gallery Part Two

- 09-30-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Mark Poynter

Anime Weekend Atlanta Day 1 286 (Copy) (Copy)

There was a ton of cosplay going on throughout the 20th anniversary of Anime Weekend Atlanta‘s weekend long celebration. It wasn’t just obscure anime characters that only the anime aficionado would know, there was just about every nerdy franchise represented by at least one person if not more. If you want to know more about the convention check out yesterday’s AWA convention wrap up. (more…)

Anime Weekend Atlanta Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

- 09-29-14Books, Cartoons, Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Mark Poynter

Anime Weekend Atlanta Day 1 250 (Copy) (Copy)

Anime Weekend Atlanta had its 20th anniversary last weekend with a weekend long celebration of everything Anime. There were panels, terrific cosplay, great anime voice acting and musical guests (There was practically a concert going on somewhere in the convention just about all the time), a huge Dealers Room with an equally large Artists Alley, special event sites like the Imperial Maid Cafe, numerous video rooms with Anime streaming, and an impressive, free to read, Manga Library that was open 24/7 during the convention. It was a fun weekend and you can check out the highlights of the convention after the jump! (more…)

Dragon Con 2014: Cosplay Gallery Part 5, More Cosplay Videos & How Local And National News Cover Dragon Con 2014

- 09-10-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Mark Poynter


Here it is, the last Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay post. It took five posts to get everything I saw this year onto the site. This time around we’ve got the last of the Dragon Con 2014 stills, another couple of great musical Cosplay video, a look at how the local and national news covered Dragon Con 2014. (more…)