Dragon Con 2014: Cosplay Gallery Part 5, More Cosplay Videos & How Local And National News Cover Dragon Con 2014

- 09-10-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Mark Poynter


Here it is, the last Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay post. It took five posts to get everything I saw this year onto the site. This time around we’ve got the last of the Dragon Con 2014 stills, another couple of great musical Cosplay video, a look at how the local and national news covered Dragon Con 2014. (more…)

Dragon Con 2014: Cosplay Gallery Part 4, Musical Cosplay Video, & The Deadpool Conga Line Videos!

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We’re back with another batch of Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay pictures and videos. There was so much there to see that if we’d tried to put it in one post it might have overloaded and shut the site down! This time up we’ve got a Cosplay gallery, a great musical cosplay video, and more Deadpools than you can shake a stick at!


Baltimore Comic Con: Cosplayers Invade Charm City

- 09-08-14Cosplay, Featured Posted by Shelly V.

bcc feature

The Baltimore Comic Con descended on Charm City this past weekend bringing out a bevy of cosplayers and comic book fans. Some of my personal favorites from this group include Hawkgirl with her amazing (and one imagines, hard to walk around with) wings, the Flash/Zatanna pair, Loki and this fun picture of a fan in a TARDIS dress with a cowboy hat fending off a weeping angel. I also want to give a shout-out to possibly the first, only and best Whistler cosplay that I’ll ever see. That dude rocks.

We’ll likely have a little more about BCC in the coming days as we try to bring you some info about some of the craftiest vendors at the convention, but until then, enjoy this cosplay gallery and our recap of the convention. (more…)

Dragon Con 2014: Cosplay Gallery Part 3, Epic Cosplay Video, & Drag Racing Turtle Van!

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We’re back with another Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery, this makes Part Three of what should end as a Five Part series. We took a heck of a lot of pictures over four days. Enjoy the Cosplay gallery, then check out the two Cosplay videos below.


Dragon Con 2014: Cosplay Gallery Part 2, League Of Legends Music Video, & Incredible Skyrim Dragon Video!

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The-New-Dragon-Con-LogoSo big it had to be cut up into smaller chunks so you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with Cosplay madness, here’s the second portion of NerdBastards Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay coverage. Dragon Con 2014 may be over, but the cosplay lives on as cosplayers get home, unload their suitcases and download all those wonderful Cosplay pictures. (more…)

Dragon Con 2014: Convention Cosplay Gallery Part 1, Cosplay Parade, James Gunn Groots, & MOAR!

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This year’s Dragon Con went by in a flash, it felt like we’d just checked in and suddenly after an avalanche of Cosplay, cocktails, and cavorting the whole thing was over and we were packing up the car to return to reality. There was so much great Cosplay this year, but that’s to be expected at Dragon Con. We’ve got a gallery of what we saw this year along with the official Dragon Con TV coverage of the Parade on Saturday morning.

Let’s start with a look at what one would have seen if you just wandered the halls of the host hotels. These 400 plus pictures are just a sample, it’s almost too much for the senses to take in. If it was nerdy, geeky, and had a fandom, it was represented in cosplay at some point in the convention. One of my quirky favorites was the Chicken Lady from The Kids in the Hall. She had us in stitches as she squawked and tried to pick up the guys walking by. (more…)

FAN EXPO – Images from Day 1: Cosplay, LEGO, and Gaming

- 08-28-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Whenever Nerd Bastards goes to a con, we don’t just like to highlight the celebrity guests, news items and other things. No! We also like to put the camera on you, the fans. Those of you in costume anyway. So many fans get into an incredible amount of detail with their costumes, fret over the smallest detail and make sacrifices of comfort and mobility, so it’s only right that as we celebrate the culture, we also celebrate those that make the culture possible with their mad nerdiness. On this Thursday of Fan Expo 2014, we found judges, super-people, brains, robots, and something that looks suspiciously like something out of Will Graham’s nightmares. Also, some very impress LEGO sculptures were on display. All that, and MOAR, in this first photo gallery from Toronto’s National Fan Expo! (more…)

More Allegations of Harassment at a Con; SDCC Called Upon to Change Policy

- 07-29-14Nerd Culture Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


It’s become a sad coda to some of the major conventions, news after the fact that some of the behavior of fans at said convention was inappropriate. It’s happened once again at this past weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, but this time, a group of cosplayers is looking to convince SDCC organizers to do something a little more proactive about the problem. (more…)

A Collection of Curious Cosplays From San Diego Comic Con 2014

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Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.30.31 PM

The shock and awe of San Diego Comic Con has come to pass (check out our SDCC Coverage page to see if you missed anything) but the belly of the beast still rumbles,  spewing out some left over goodies before it settles into its 1 year slumber. In this last blast of nerd media mayhem, we treat you to a collection of most curious and ambiguous cosplays from SDCC14. From crafty, to clever, to the downright weird. This selection of masquerading marauders demands your attention and respect. So, head on down, feast your eyes, and tip your Jayne hat off to these pioneers in peculiar and astonishing.

Get Ready For The Weekend With This Four Minute History of SDCC

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Today begins the day before the first day of SDCC 2014 and things are already starting to happen. Every year the start of the convention creeps forward a bit as fans and exhibitors try to get a jump on all the happenings of the fast paced weekend of Nerdy events. Before we all get hip deep in SDCC announcements, videos, and convention swag, let’s take a look back with this four-minute history of SDCC. (more…)