Toronto ComiCon 2016: Cosplay, The Best of the Rest


To wrap our cosplay tour of Toronto ComiCon, the image gallery below reflects a wide variety of styles, types and modifications to a great many beloved characters from TV, movies, comics, video games and anime. The level of imagination and sophistication when you see cosplayers at these shows continues to impress, and even at times when you don’t have so much of the latter, it’s more than made up for it in the former. From cardboard masks, to spandex suits, and from modified store-bought costumes to suits made entirely from scratch, all the cosplayers wandering the Metro Toronto ConventionCentre were ready-to-wear in the awesomest fashion to be seen until September at Fan Expo Canada! (more…)


Star Wars cosplay at cons is so ubiquitous it could, and should, be it’s own category. So we created one. Toronto ComiCon this past weekend was no exception for the inclusion of that parade of Star Wars costume love for both regular fans and the ever growing and swelling ranks of the local chapter of the 501st Legion, a staple of any Toronto area con. Of course this was the first Toronto con after the release of The Force Awakens, and the usual march of Stormtroopers, Jedi and Sith Lords was joined by many Kylo Rens, Reys, and even a few BB-8s. (Yes, you can cosplay BB-8. See below.) (more…)

Toronto ComiCon 2016: Cosplay from Day One

When I arrived Friday night at Toronto ComiCon – Fan Expo Canada’s younger, smaller, and spring-set cousin – I had a question in the back of my head: How many Kylo Rens will there be, and how many Deadpools? Star Wars cosplay is a staple of any con, and so is Deadpool for that matter, but things have changed in the cold months between convention seasons, there are new Wars characters to dress up as, and Deadpool is now as well known as Iron Man and Captain America. And then I saw it! Everything you could want this, my first convention of the year, to be. As I was setting up my camera, walking towards me was Constable Deadpool of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. (more…)


For many of the more serious Cosplayers, nailing all the details of your costume and/or props can come at the cost of your own blood, sweat and tears.  Many times fans find that the gear out there just isn’t detailed or accurate enough.  Hasbro and Marvel understand the struggle, and have teamed up to release a line of “movie accurate” accessories, according to Gizmodo.  The Marvel Legends line of role play items aren’t due to hit stores until the fall, so you wouldn’t be able to rock these props at Comic-Con, but here are some details on the Iron Man and Captain America pieces. (more…)

Car Con

Ever since the power of Marvel was able to ignite an entire genre of films, comic book conventions have slowly but steadily made their way into the mainstream.  Sure the big ones are still the big ones, e.g. San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con, Dragon Con, etc., but smaller conventions have popped up across the country that have become accessible to any audience who wishes to partake in the geek culture that we all hold so dear.  One such convention took place over the weekend in Tucson, Arizona and while this infant convention may have been rather small in scale, the potential that it brought along with it was massive.  Tucson Car Con brought not only the typical superheroes that you see at most conventions but added a feature that is very uniquely Tucson – a car show.  That’s right, Tucson, AZ may have just started a new trend. (more…)

Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo 2015
With summer con season winding down, one of the newer kids on the comic/pop-culture convention scene wrapped up this past weekend. The Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo enjoyed it’s sophomore year by shattering last years attendance by Shatnering those in attendance. You could say the more than 13,000 attendees experienced the Wrath of Con and even Rescue 911 couldn’t save them from getting T.J. Hooked… uh, um, I am trying to say that William Shatner was there through the power of puns because someone told me the kids are really into puns these days, ok?

Anyway, yes Captain Kirk was there and it was as awesome as you’d expect which would then make for a decently successful expo, right? Sure, but Sask Expo 2015 wasn’t satisfied with just being decently successful, it was shooting for a spectacular second year. Did it cross into the final frontier of fantastic? Will I keep ham handedly forcing these Shatner puns?

Let’s find out! (more…)

FAN EXPO 2015: Cosplay from Day 3


No, that is not a clone of Leonard Nimoy or even a close relative. He’s just a remarkable facsimile of the late beloved Star Trek actor, and he was using that likeness to raise money for epilepsy. Spock was one of numerous characters one could encounter on the convention floor, and Saturday was full of Starfleet officers in all eras of uniforms. And then there’s the guy dresses as Next Generation villain Q. And video game hero Mega Man. And new space age heroes Star Lord and Groot. And is that, yes, Darth Vader: Hawaiian Style?! Those are just some of the many costumes and cosplayers that were seen out and about on the convention floor as Fan Expo went into the second half for 2015. Check out below the third and final cosplay photo gallery.  (more…)

FAN EXPO 2015: Cosplay from Day Two


It’s fun to pick up the trends in cosplay when you walk the floor of a con. What new films and TV series have people adapted to? What old favorites are still making fans enthusiastic enough to dress up? What characters are fans bending the gender of to create something new? I’m not sure if the below photo gallery answers any of those, but the pics do show off the incredible range and creativity being displayed by cosplayers at the National Fan Expo in Toronto Friday. From the worlds of movies, comic books, anime, video games, and claymation figures form the 1960s, there are costumes meant to appeal to just about everyone’s sense of style. Let’s take a look at the looks of Day 2. (more…)

FAN EXPO 2015: Cosplay From Day 1


It wouldn’t be a con without lots and lots of cosplay, and the National Fan Expo is no exception. A lot of local Toronto cosplayers save up their best stuff all year to strut at the Expo, and for some it was a feat all the more impressive because Toronto is sweltering under a heatwave tis weekend. Sunny and humid is hardly the weather you want for wool hats, long coats and plastic helmets, but the people persevered and the results of their efforts can be seen below. All the usual suspects are here including Dredd, Captain America, and Batman-related characters, but there were also a lot of pleasant surprises. Want to check out some of the costumed action at the Metro Toronto Convention Center? Look at the photo slide show below. (more…)


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Above: Xenomorph and Predator wood stoves by Burned by Design. [Technabob] (more…)