TV Review: ‘The Flash’ – S1E6 – “The Flash Is Born”

- 11-19-14Comics, reviews, TV Posted by Rush Urbalejo

Flash Feature

Reviewing every episode of The Flash’s freshman season is a unique opportunity.  Not only do I get to watch one of my favorite television shows and write about it, then call it “work”, but it forces me to remain completely objective about the quality of the series rather than just getting lazy and taking the ride.  For the most part, this objectivity leads me to find flaws in episodes that others may not notice or that they may just accept without a second thought.  For episodes that have several flaws, this objectivity can make my viewing experience less than completely enjoyable (I generally watch an episode twice – once as a critic, once as a fan), but for episodes like last night’s episode, The Flash is Born, watching the episode through the eyes of a critic really drives home the fact that The Flash is really one of the best shows on television right now and one of the best superhero series’ that we have ever been offered.  Warning – spoilers ahead. (more…)

TV REVIEW: ‘The Flash’ – S1EP5 – “Plastique”

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Marvel may have a death grip on the box office when it comes to their cinematic universe, but WB has let them know that DC has its sights set on the production house juggernaut and is coming to take some of the wind out of their sails.  Well, at least, they plan on giving it the old college try!  While the big screen showdown won’t actually heat up until Batman v. Superman hits theaters in 2016, DC is already making its mark on the small screen and while Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has improved by leaps and bounds upon its freshman season, DC unleashed a secret weapon this season: CW’s The Flash.  Last night’s episode of the new series, Plastique, was another great example of why Marvel should be worried about DC’s future on television.  Mild spoilers ahead. (more…)

TV REVIEW: ‘The Flash’ – S1E2 – “Fastest Man Alive”

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After one of the better pilot episodes in any genre in recent memory, fans were a bit cautious about getting excited for the second episode of The Flash.  No one likes being burned and after its epic premiere, it seemed that The Flash had nowhere to go but down.  Luckily, the creators behind the series know the characters that live within the new CW series and, better yet, they know its fans.  For those that were a bit skeptical about where the show would take them, tonight’s episode wiped away any doubt in the series, and for those that were already in for the long haul, the episode rewarded your loyalty with yet another almost perfect episode. (more…)

New ‘Arrow’ Poster & S.T.A.R. Labs Featurette Brings the Speed

- 09-18-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


As the October 8th premiere of  season three of Arrow and the pilot of The Flash creeps ever so closer, we’ve got a new promotional poster for Arrow and a new featurette video on S.T.A.R. Labs (Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Labs). While DC may be having issues getting its Cinematic Universe rolling, the DC Television World is rocking like nobody’s business. Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine, along with talk of a Supergirl show are quickly taking television and the Internet by storm. (more…)

Time For A ‘Flash’ Easter Egg Hunt!

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We are only weeks away from the premiere of CW’s newest addition to their DC lineup, The Flash, and most fans of the character couldn’t be more excited.  So, CW decided to up the ante a bit just to see if they could make some heads explode by releasing the latest poster for the freshman series, and it is chock full of Easter Eggs! (more…)

SDCC14: Check Out the Hot New ‘Flash’ Promo Spot

- 07-27-14Comics, TV Posted by Jason McAnelly

the flash

If it’s one thing that SDCC has been rife with, it’s footage from upcoming movies and television shows. One show that didn’t get left out is CW’s upcoming Flash series. They let loose with a promo spot that, while it has little to do with the actual plot of the series, is still a bit of fun none-the-less. Scroll on to check it out. (more…)

‘Sin City’s Devon Aoki Joins ‘Arrow’ Cast: What DC Character Will She Play?

- 07-02-14Comics, Film, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Word is making the Internet rounds that the CW‘s hit show Arrow has cast Devon Aoki (Sin City, 2 Fast 2 Furious) as a recurring guest star for season three and beyond. What DC character will she portray? (more…)

See More of ‘The Flash’ With New Featurette

- 06-13-14Comics, TV Posted by Jason McAnelly

the flash

Even naysayers have to admit that what the CW has shown us thus far of their upcoming Flash television series is making it look pretty good. The effects are looking solid, Grant Gustin has already proven himself to be capable with his appearance on Arrow and the production values make it seem like the powers-that-be are taking this project seriously. Now, have yet one more taste of The Flash with a brand new featurette – Impossible Man. (more…)

New ‘The Flash’ S.T.A.R. Labs Clip & Official Pilot Plot Synopsis

- 06-11-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


After the first trailer for the CW‘s Arrow spin-off show The Flash just about broke the Internet last month, fans have been chomping at the bit to find out more about the show. We can expect the CW marketing machine to go into overdrive soon, but they’ve decided to start slowly with a clip featuring the scientific team at S.T.A.R. Labs (Scientific and Technological Advanced Research) and a plot synopsis for the series pilot. (more…)

90’s Flash Actor to Play Barry Allen’s Father on CW’s New Flash Series?

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Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 7.18.24 PM

A 5-minute trailer for CW’s Flash series – spawned from the successful of Arrow – was released a few days ago. It was met with much rejoice. The way the Flash looked (red suit and identifiable lighting bolts on chest and ears) and moved (signature red blur and tremble), as well as his personality has left little for fan-boys to argue about. It seems most everyone is genuinely excited for this show. If Arrow is any indication of what DC and the CW can do in terms of bringing iconic heroes to the television screen, then The Flash should do pretty well. It certainly looks like it’s gonna be rad. 

OK, so, for you fans that didn’t get to enjoy the grandeur of the 90’s, and for those that do remember it fondly, there was a Flash live-action series that starred John Wesley Shipp and a post Star Wars/pre-Joker Mark Hamill.  It was campy as hell, but it was good enough being that super hero TV shows weren’t really the IN thing back in those days.  Anyways, it was announced that, as homage to the original 90s show, Shipp would have a mystery but recurring role on CWs revised Flash series. Many have speculated on what that role might be, but if you saw the 5-minute trailer you got a glimpse of Ship. And it’s fairly clear who he is.  (more…)