‘Arrow’ Producer Reveals Drops Some Knowledge About Season 3 Plans

- 04-17-14Comics, TV Posted by Luke Gallagher


Even if you’re not a religious Arrowhead like me, you’ve still likely been drawn in to the amazing writing and execution of the latest season of CW’s Arrow series. The first season was pretty rocky, but they’ve stepped up their game and have been delivering some seriously quality television. But with only five episodes left, it’s about time to start wondering what they plan on doing for season 3. Luckily, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg has stepped up to talk a little bit about the show and where they might be taking it.  (more…)

RECAP/REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ – S02E19 – “The Man Under The Hood”

- 04-17-14Comics, Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Sarah Moran


Two weeks ago, Arrow dropped some serious bombshells. Not only did Slade (Manu Bennet) continue to wage war on Oliver (Stephen Amell), but he revealed to Thea (Willa Holland) her true parentage and told Laurel (Katie Cassidy) The Arrow’s secret identity. Last night’s episode mostly dealt with the repercussions of those bombshells, but the progression of events plodded along in such a way it was difficult to ever really appreciate any developments. There was simply too much going on in “The Man Under The Hood” to give any of its interesting threads the time and energy required. (more…)

RECAP/REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ – S02E18 – “Deathstroke”

- 04-03-14Comics, Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Sarah Moran


Let’s be honest, last night’s episode of Arrow was about as near perfect an episode as they’ve had yet. And this season, as I’ve mentioned over and over, is already a vast improvement over its first. “Deathstroke” is the icing on the cake (which is saying something considering there’s still four more episodes to go). It’s thrilling, tense, and keeps you guessing at where its heading the whole time; an impressive achievement for the often heavy handed show. (more…)

RECAP/REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ – S02E17 – “Birds of Prey”

- 03-27-14Comics, Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Sarah Moran


Based on the title alone my expectations were high for “Birds of Prey“. Maybe that’s why this episode left me feeling a little underwhelmed. It wasn’t that “Birds of Prey” was completely unenjoyable, but it was an almost total deviation from this series’ overarching and more compelling plot line for the sake of bringing back The Huntress only to turn her into little more than a mustache twirling villain (that is until the episodes final moments, but still). (more…)

RECAP/REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ – S02E16 – “Suicide Squad”

- 03-20-14Comics, Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Sarah Moran


It shouldn’t come as surprise that a major issue I’ve had with Arrow are their piss poor villains. This season they’ve thankfully moved away from the terrible ‘villain of the week’ trope for more interesting and varied episodes, but often villains with potential are still wasted in forgettable, one-off appearances. Knowing that, I was a little worried about an episode centered are returning villains working as team, but honestly, I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed “Suicide Squad.” (more…)

The Flash Suit for CW’s Upcoming Series Revealed in Full!

- 03-11-14Comics, TV Posted by Sarah Moran


It was during Arrow‘s mid-season finale that we saw actor Grant Gustin hit with bolt of electricity and sent through a shelf containing various chemicals. Fans surely recognized it as the origin of Barry Allen’s alter-ego, The Flash, and in the time since then there’s been growing speculation over what his speed suit is going to look like once his own show premieres on the CW. Will it be more modest like The Arrow’s duds or full-on comic book regalia? After a tease a couple weeks ago (above), today they’ve unveiled the full look: (more…)

RECAP/REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ – S02E015 – “The Promise”

- 03-06-14Comics, Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Sarah Moran


Arrow is surely hitting its stride. Last night’s episode, “The Promise” was a true pleasure to watch, especially for those who’ve stuck with the series through all its hiccups and growing pains. In the past, Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) and Slade Wilson’s (Manu Bennet) relationship is disintegrating before our eyes, while in the present the two pace around each other like prize fighters–neither too sure who’ll land the first blow. The tension they manage to build in this episode is unlike anything the CW drama could have pulled off a year ago, and it’s all the evidence needed if you’re still wondering if Arrow‘s worth watching.


Grab a First Look at the CW’s New ‘Flash’ Costume

- 02-28-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


We’ve just got a hold of the first official image of Barry Allen’s Flash costume for the CW‘s Arrow spinoff The Flash starring Grant Gustin. The suit was designed by the very talented Colleen Atwood, a three-time Academy Award winning costume designer. Let’s compare it to the 1990′s Flash suit worn by John Wesley Shipp. (more…)

RECAP/REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ – S02E14 – “Time of Death”

- 02-27-14Comics, Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Sarah Moran


Here we are, back from another hiatus with Arrow‘s second season heading into the final stretch. The Arrow Cave is getting a little crowded, there’s a new villain on the scene, and just about everybody’s reconciling their differences. In fact, while it’s obvious this episode’s title – “Time of Death” – is referencing new villain, The Clock King, it also neatly ties in with everyone seeking forgiveness as it’s something customary to do before you die. (more…)

Meet the Flash’s Mom: Michelle Harrison Joins CW’s ‘The Flash’ Cast

- 02-25-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Word is making the Internet rounds that the Arrow spin-off series The Flash has cast Michelle Harrison to play Nora Allen, the mother of Barry Allen, the Flash (Grant Gustin). Wait, didn’t Barry say she was dead in that episode of Arrow? (more…)