When season two of The Flash ended, Barry did the unthinkable and reset time. By preventing the killing of his mother by the Reverse Flash, he knew he would be changing fate. No longer will his father be accused of her murder and he will no longer be raised by Joe West. Everything is about to change. It’s already been confirmed that the third season of the show will be loosely adapting the “Flashpoint Paradox” storyline from the comic book. In the comic book, Barry resets time only to discover that he’s in an alternate timeline where he had no powers, there was no Justice League, and Bruce Wayne was killed as a child and Batman ended up as his father.  If the show follows the comic book, everything’s going to change.


CW Eying A Reboot Of Cult Classic ‘The Lost Boys’

Lost Boys

With all the recent 80s and 90s nostalgia in movies and television, it’s only a matter of time for studios to go digging in the crates for the potential of polishing their existing franchises. With the 30th anniversary of The Lost Boys coming next year, it’s only a matter of time for us to once again revisit The Frog Brothers from the 1987 vampire horror comedy. There were talks of a fourth movie (who knew there were 2 direct to video sequels?) way back when, but it never came to fruition. Now it looks like the classic film will get the reboot treatment on the small screen.



Ever since the season two finale of The Flash ended, many fans were left wondering where specifically the show would be headed. Barry made the decision to go back in time and stop Eobard Thawne from killing his mother. Doing this would pretty much wipe the slate clean. With his mother alive, his father would never end up going to jail, he would never be adopted by the West family and probably never fall in love with Iris. Was the CW going to do some version of the famous comic storyline: The FlashPoint Paradox? In the famous story, Barry went back in time and saved his mother, pretty much creating an alternate reality where not only did Barry not have his powers, but things were drastically different. Looks like we have a definitive answer for where season three of The Flash is heading.



Writer/Director Kevin Smith is known for wearing many hats. Smith gained notoriety for such indie films as Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and introducing fan favorite stoners Jay and Silent Bob through his “View Askewniverse.” While his films have had some success, Smith’s passions lie in the world of comic books. In addition to owning a comic book store, Smith has actually written for various comic books including Daredevil, Green Arrow, Batman, Green Hornet, and Batman ’66. Smith was able to combine his film-making with his love of comic books and direct for the latest episode of CW’s The Flash. You can see Nerd Bastards review of the episode ‘The Runaway Dinosaur’ right here. The episode was downright beautiful, and it’s no surprise that Smith will be directing more episodes of The Flash, but it appears that Smith also wants to do more for the ‘Berlantiverse:” do some writing. (more…)


Fans of TV’s CW‘s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (damn it, I am out of apostrophes already) are about to be treated to Patrick J. Adams being (briefly) added to the cast. EW is reporting that the Suits star will debut in a mystery role in “Legendary,” the season one finale, and stick around for the season 2 premiere. Though the identity of the character was not revealed he was described as a “fun character the fans will love.”

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While this new cobbled together series of misfit CW Arrow & The Flash heroes and villains looks like a hell of a lot of fun, the new trailer should leave one with some important questions like, “How will the time-line survive these heroes?” Seriously, there are two criminals with ray guns who have killed before, a reformed assassin that was resurrected using a method that inflicts the need to kill on those that use it, along with the remaining team made up of neophyte heroes that are more likely to get others killed right before getting themselves killed. Sounds like a perfect timeline affecting storm if you ask me. (more…)

Arsenal Set To Return in ‘Arrow’ Season 4


The Green Arrow’s buddy is coming back, folks! That’s right, it’s been rumored, but we are indeed headed for the return of Arsenal.

In the interim since his last appearance, the DC TV universe has started to swell the ranks with the likes of the excellent Supergirl, not to mention a really juicy crossover event between Arrow and the Flash (with appearances by Hawkman and Hawkgirl). We don’t know about you, but we’re so excited for the pre-Justice League crossover that we’re almost ready to break our Super Powers action figures back out and make Superman needlessly destroy tons of shit and have Batman yell at him for destroying said shit.

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