Will Depp Be There When the ‘Juice Gets Loose Again?

- 05-08-12Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

Take this with a grain of salt, but in the below video frequent collaborators Johnny Depp and Tim Burton wax on the possibility of Depp appearing in the gaining momentum Beetlejuice 2. The original Beetlejuice predated Burton’s partnership with Depp, but considering that this coming Friday’s release of Dark Shadows marks their eighth time working together, is it even possible for Burton to work without Depp anymore?

Who knows? Let’s watch the video.


So what kind of part might Johnny Depp play in Beetlejuice 2? Maybe he’ll be Beetlejuice’s brother, or the dad of a new family that moves into the Maitland house. Anyway, let’s hold all guess until screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith turns in at least one draft of the script.

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*Sigh* Two More ‘Dark Shadows’ Featurettes

- 05-01-12Film Posted by Luke Gallagher

Two new featurettes for Tim Burton’s upcoming comedy/horror film Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp, have been clawing their way across the interwebs. Each solicit two different concepts: the weird, melodramatic, family soap opera, and the vampire horror. Neither of which sell me on the film. For me, it’s just more drivel from the Burton/Depp outfit.

Perhaps this films odd-ball charm does something for you. If quirky fish-out-of water stories, pasty-ass white people (I never thought anyone could be this white) and a grown up Chloe Moretz, excites you, then go – enjoy these featurettes.

Here’s a long winded synopsis:

In the year 1752, Joshua and Naomi Collins, with young son Barnabas, set sail from Liverpool, England to start a new life in America. But even an ocean was not enough to escape the mysterious curse that has plagued their family. Two decades pass and Barnabas (Johnny Depp) has the world at his feet–or at least the town of Collinsport, Maine. The master of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas is rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy…until he makes the grave mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green). A witch, in every sense of the word, Angelique dooms him to a fate worse than death: turning him into a vampire, and then burying him alive. Two centuries later, Barnabas is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate has fallen into ruin. The dysfunctional remnants of the Collins family have fared little better, each harboring their own dark secrets. Matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer) has called upon live-in psychiatrist, Dr. Julia Hoffman (Helena Bonham Carter), to help with her family troubles. Also residing in the manor is Elizabeth’s ne’er-do-well brother, Roger Collins, (Jonny Lee Miller); her rebellious teenage daughter CarolynStoddard (Chloe Moretz); and Roger’s precocious 10-year-old son, David Collins (Gulliver McGrath). The mystery extends beyond the family, to caretaker Willie Loomis, played by Jackie Earle Haley, and David’s new nanny, Victoria Winters, played by Bella Heathcote.

Dark Shadows is set to hit theaters May 11th.

New Behind-The-Scenes Featurette For Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

- 04-26-12Film Posted by Chris D.

iTunes has released a behind-the-scenes featurette for the next Tim Burton and Johnny Depp film, Dark Shadows, which is essentially a reboot of the 1960s TV series.

The cast and crew give us a little clue into what the movie is about beyond the wacky things that we see in the trailers with no explanation, and take us down the memory lane of vampires in classic films.  (Minus Twilight, ’cause that shit doesn’t count.)  The featurette includes some new footage and puts the spotlight on some surprise cameos of notable people from the cinematic history of vampires.

Dark Shadows will be released in theaters on May 11, 2012.  It stars Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Bella Heathcote, Chloe Moretz and Gulliver McGrath.

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Original Barnabas, Jonathan Frid, Passes Away

- 04-19-12Uncategorized Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

Dark Shadows star and fellow Canadian Jonathan Frid has passed away at the age of 87, according to Digital Spy.

“The 87-year-old actor reportedly died of natural causes at Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario,” says the website. “Frid also starred in 1973 television movie The Devil’s Daughter and 1974 film horror Seizure. He filmed a cameo appearance – his final acting credit – in Tim Burton’s forthcoming film remake of Dark Shadows, which stars Johnny Depp as Barnabas.”

Frid spent much of his career outside of Dark Shadows on the stage, from production on Broadway to across North America. But needless to say he will always be associated with the vampire patriarch of the Collins clan from the gothic nighttime soap produced by ABC through the 60s and 70s. And naturally, the remembrances for Frid, and his place in pop culture history, are rolling in.

“The death of Jonathan Frid today at age 87 has left all of us at MPI deeply saddened,” said Malik Ali, CEO of MPI Media Group, home of the Dark Shadows Series on DVD “As a gifted actor in the role of Barnabas Collins, Jonathan was the heart and soul of ‘Dark Shadows’ and, as recently as last week, was graciously taking part in activities surrounding the series. He never tired of meeting fans and was always excited to hear about new ‘Dark Shadows’ releases. Most recently, Frid filmed a cameo appearance for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s upcoming ‘Dark Shadows’ movie, along with fellow original cast members Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Selby and Lara Parker. MPI remains committed to preserving Jonathan’s legacy, and that of everyone who helped make ‘Dark Shadows’ an enduring and beloved phenomenon.”

Rest in Peace Mr. Frid.

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Elfman’s Dark Shadows Score Now Available For A Listen

- 04-03-12Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

It’s no secret that Danny Elfman and Tim Burton are inseparable when it comes to crafting films.  Virtually every time Burton directs a new movie, he brings on Elfman to compose the score for it (in addition to Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter to star in it).  And every time, Elfman delivers an amazing piece of musical mastery.

The latest in the endless line of Burton-Elfman productions is the much-anticipated Dark Shadows film which will be released on May 11th of this year.  In order to promote the movie (and probably to generate pre-orders of the music), the powers-that-be have elected to allow you, the common people, a chance to listen to the score before it is officially for sale.

You can head over to WaterTower-Music.com and give it a listen, or wait it out until May 8th arrives and the soundtrack is available for purchase.


Thanks to the folks at slashfilm for the heads-up.

New Trailers For ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ And Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

- 04-02-12Cool Stuff, Film Posted by NickBungay

We really need to start calling Tuesday “Trailer Tuesday”; it’s always the best time to release a trailer you’ve seen a hundred times… just with a half second of new footage added each month.

Universal Pictures has released the third trailer to Mirror Mirror Snow White and the Huntsman. In a post-Twilight Saga feature, Kristen Stewart plays the revamped fairy tale character of Snow White as she battles the evil (but more sexually appealing) evil queen, played by Charlize Theron. Trained in the art of war by the Huntsman, (Chris Hemsworth), the two form an alliance in hopes of changing the kingdom and defeating the damn sexy tyrannic ruler.

Expect to see Snow White and the Huntsman in theaters on June 1, 2012.

The newest trailer from the 931764th Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration, Dark Shadows, was also released.  Based on the ABC series of the same name from the mid 60’s and starring fellow actors Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Chloë Grace Moretz and Bella Heathcote, the film takes a more comedic take than the television series did.

Dark Shadows hits theaters May 11, 2012.  Expect it to be the bigger hit between the two films; it’s going to be riding that weird vampire fangirl wave sweeping the country for the last few years.  (Yes, KStew was involved in Twilight, but the creaming happens for everybody in the series but for her.  So… yeah.)

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TV Spots Roundup: Summer Films are Starting The TV Rounds with New Commercials

- 03-27-12Film Posted by Veronique Medrano

As Spring settles in for its short stay, Summer films begin their PR rounds in movie theaters and on TV. The next three films have released detailed film plot’s and longer commercials set to air on Television nationwide. Dark Shadows, Snow White & The Huntsmen, and Prometheus are only a glimmer of what is to come in what will be one of the standout summers for films.


Burton on Liking the Original ‘Dark Shadows': Not so Much with the Enjoyment

- 03-26-12Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

The 1960s gothic soap Dark Shadows has a lot of fans, but it seems that Dark Shadows remake director Tim Burton is not one of them. In an interview with The L.A. Times Hero Complex blog,  Burton talked about the original show and how he wasn’t a huge fan of it, but hey, he liked it enough to want to make a movie version of it.

“I think you could say it was actually awful. It’s a different animal. If I go back and watch something like Star Trek, it’s not that hard to analyze what the appeal was, and even if the show is dated you identify what it was that made it work. The Dark Shadows appeal was a little more abstract,” he said. “What I loved about it was the fact that it was a melodramatic soap opera, and, well, that flies in the face of any modern studio’s interests as far as moviemaking. But what we’ve gone for is a mixture, and that’s always what I’ve been interested in; I think most of my movies are mixtures of light and dark and serious things and things that have humor in them.”

Well, that should ignite some nerd rage. But if you’re starting to have doubts, let’s keep in mind that Dark Shadows star Johnny Depp is actually a Dark Shadows fan, and probably wouldn’t sign on to something that didn’t do the show justice.

“It was a real thing for me, I had to watch it, and it was tough, because you’d miss the beginning—it started at like 3 p.m., but that’s when we got out of school,” Depp said. “And then it moved later because all the kids wrote in letters. When you met someone who knew the show and loved it, there was an instant connection.”

Also, it’s worth remembering that Burton was an admirer of Franklin J. Schaffner’s Planet of the Apes, and we all know how that turned out. “I wasn’t interested in doing a remake or a sequel of the original Planet of the Apes film,” said Burton at the time. “But I was intrigued by the idea of revisiting that world. Like a lot of people, I was affected by the original film. I wanted to do a ‘re-imagining’.”

Think about it…

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Grahame-Smith Says ‘Beetlejuice 2′ Will Be a “True Sequel”

- 03-19-12Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

One of the big pieces of news out of Wondercon this weekend was the new trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but the original author behind that project has his sights set on future projects, and he discussed one of the biggest ones while at the ALVH panel in Anaheim: Beetlejuice 2.

Seth Grahame-Smith talked to Collider about some of the ideas he was playing with for sequel, including his timeline for putting pen to paper for the script. “Beetlejuice is hopefully the third thing I’m gonna write this year,” he said. “I’ve met with Tim [Burton] about it, I’ve met with Michael Keaton about it. There’s a lot of goodwill to want to do it from both of those guys; Tim from a producing aspect and Michael from returning to the character. Again, it’s on me. It’s whether or not I can come up with a script that’s worthy of them jumping back in.”

And if they do jump back in, expect the sequel to take place in “real time,” meaning that the sequel will take place 26-27 years after the original. Beetlejuice himself, however, will be more or or less the same because “time means nothing in the afterlife, but the world outside is a different story.”

As for storyline, and what the movie might be about, Grahame-Smith says, he right now only has a “rough idea of what it’s gonna be.”

“The thing that Tim and Michael and I all agree on, and is most important for me is, I don’t wanna be the guy that destroys the legacy and the memory of the first film; I would rather die,” he says. “I would rather just not make it, I’d rather just throw the whole thing away than make something that pays no respect and doesn’t live up even close to the legacy of the first film.”

Beetlejuice 2 is still far from even pre-production, but expect to hear Grahame-Smith talk more about it when he starts promoting his two big summer movies, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Dark Shadows later this spring.

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‘Dark Shadows’ Trailer Emerges From The Shadows

- 03-15-12Film Posted by Chris D.

Yes, yes, the “teaser” that was released the other day on a preview for The Ellen Show was pretty damn underwhelming.

Now, we have the full trailer for Dark Shadows, yet another Tim Burton and Johnny Depp film.  Apparently Depp has wanted to revive the old TV series for quite some time and finally got Burton on the wagon last year.

Check out the trailer below; it’s definitely a Burton film.

What do you guys think?  This will be hitting theaters on May 11.

Hit the jump for an official synopsis: