The BastardCast vs #CancelColbert and MossMan McButtstuffs

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Congratulations, you’ve selected the the 95th episode of The BastardCast, a comedy and entertainment podcast for rich and beautiful people BY portly slacker types. On the show this week: I was a teenage teenager! The results from the first ever #TimeChallenge! Over using exclamation points! Oh and the latest in pop-culture news: (more…)

‘Gotham’ Finds Its Riddler

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Cory Michael Smiht

Despite protest and anxiety from some Batman fans, the Fox series Gotham is moving forward at full speed. They’ve already got a novice Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and a whole cast of iconic – but younger – Batman characters lined up. And the cast just keeps on growing. If you’ve ever wanted to play an amateur Man-Bat or Harvey Dent, now’s the time to get your head shots in!


David Goyer Would Like a Crack at Green Lantern–Meanwhile, WB Teases New DC Films

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While Marvel continues its uncontested dominance of the big screen, fans continue to wait and see if DC packs the gear to match their rival’s cinematic achievements.  (more…)

Leaked Poster Reveals ‘Batman versus Superman’ Title

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With CinemaCon officially wrapped up there seems to be a few dangling threads. Late last week, twitter was abuzz with the possibility that there might be a few reveals trickling out of Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel sequel; most notably the big reveal on Ben Affleck‘s Batsuit in celebration of DC’s launch of Batman’s 75th anniversary celebration. Those fires were kicked up a notch when Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara told the New York Times that announcements (note the plural) on a unified DC cinematic universe were imminent.

Well, the weekend has come and gone, and so far we haven’t see any sign of those announcements (save for those Green Lantern rumblings.) But, that might not be entirely true. The folks over at have posted a handful of pictures late last night from what was reported to be the abandoned launch for DC’s foray into the joined comic book universe market.  (more…)

DC’s “Sandman: Overture” Continues to Be Delayed

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Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

Comic fans have to be tired of waiting for Neil Gaiman and DC to deliver issues of the recent Sandman revival on time. When Sandman: Overture was first announced, it was supposed to be a bi-monthly series, launching in October 2013 (which, without a calculator, I can deduce that we should be on the fourth issue next month). However, the second issue slid from a planned December drop to an appearance just this past week. Now, Gaiman is saying that issue three won’t even hit stands until July. As the Brits themselves would say: bollocks!


RECAP/REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ – S02E17 – “Birds of Prey”

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Based on the title alone my expectations were high for “Birds of Prey“. Maybe that’s why this episode left me feeling a little underwhelmed. It wasn’t that “Birds of Prey” was completely unenjoyable, but it was an almost total deviation from this series’ overarching and more compelling plot line for the sake of bringing back The Huntress only to turn her into little more than a mustache twirling villain (that is until the episodes final moments, but still). (more…)

Batman is Turning 75! WB and DC are Celebrating All Year Long

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You’re looking good, Batman. You don’t look a day over 32. Well, maybe sometimes closer to 60 depending on the comic.

Yes, Gotham’s Caped Crusader is celebrating his 75th anniversary this year and DC  and Warner Bros. are celebrating by putting on events, releasing DVDs and art and looking to the future of the dark knight.


First Image of Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock

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Gotham news is accumulating at a very rapid rate. The new TV series based on a DC Comics’ property which will find a home on FOX in the fall (assuming its pilot is a success) has begun filming. Thanks to this start in production we’ve gotten our first look at the series’ star, James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), as well as their version of The Penquin, a.k.a. Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Now get ready to see Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock! (more…)

RECAP/REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ – S02E16 – “Suicide Squad”

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It shouldn’t come as surprise that a major issue I’ve had with Arrow are their piss poor villains. This season they’ve thankfully moved away from the terrible ‘villain of the week’ trope for more interesting and varied episodes, but often villains with potential are still wasted in forgettable, one-off appearances. Knowing that, I was a little worried about an episode centered are returning villains working as team, but honestly, I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed “Suicide Squad.” (more…)

Toronto ComiCon – Q&A with Comic Book Artist David Finch

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The convention circuit is important for a comic book artist, a chance to meet and greet their fans, and see the effect that their work is having first hand, and David Finch is no exception. The man who’s currently drawing DC Comics’ big crossover event Forever Evil has had a long and storied history in the business drawing Cyber Force, Ascension, New Avengers and Ultimatum before transferring to DC in 2010 and helping to relaunch the company and drawing Batman: The Dark Knight for the New 52. Taking time out from meeting fans at Toronto ComiCon, Finch talked about his past, his present, his new favourite character and his secret to drawing a good Batman. (more…)