Viola Davis Confirms that She is “The Wall” in ‘Suicide Squad

- 02-25-15Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Consider this a non-surprising development, because the news has been more or less assumed a slam dunk for months now. However, because of the old adage that to assume makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me,” we’ve patiently waited for confirmation from someone in an official capacity, and with shooting expected to underway on Suicide Squad in the next couple of months, we need to know now: Who is “The Wall?” You can’t have the Suicide Squad without the terse and commanding Amanda Waller conducting things, and through all the news and speculation about the film version of the super-villain team, only one name has been floated really, and now, according to Viola Davis, the role is hers. (more…)

Ready For Some ‘Suicide Squad’ News? Leto Talks Joker & Is This Hernandez’s Role

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In an attempt to keep up with the competition, WB revealed a huge slate of upcoming superhero films a few months back, which included the highly anticipated villain centric Suicide Squad.  At the time of the reveal, it seemed as if the movie was a lifetime away.  With 2016 less than a year away, however, time seems to have sped up a bit, and now the Suicide Squad movie is picking up some real momentum and we now have word that we may be seeing even more fan favorites up on the big screen than we originally thought.  (more…)

Jay Hernandez Rumored To Join ‘Suicide Squad’

- 02-19-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


I’ve always enjoyed it when at first I didn’t recognize an actor’s name, but after a quick Google search found them in a bunch of television shows or movies that I liked. I’m sure everyone has had that happen to them, those moments when you recognize the actor from an older role and put two and two together. I had just such a moment today when I read the rumor that Jay Hernandez was in talks for a role in David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad. (more…)

TV REVIEW: ‘The Flash’ – S1E14 – “Fallout”

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Another week, another entertaining episode of The Flash.  At this point, it is pretty much a guarantee that The Flash will deliver an entertaining episode and all of the naysayers who were sure the series wouldn’t make it past the first few episodes are now claiming that they knew the series would succeed all along.  That’s when you know you have made it and The Flash has certainly made it big.  No one will claim that last night’s episode, Fallout, was the best episode of the season, but it was certainly entertaining and gave its audience a few laughs along with the action.  Spoilers ahead. (more…)

DC Comics: Storytelling Trumps Continuity In Post-New 52 Universe

- 02-06-15Comics Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson

dc-post-new-52The New 52 is dead. Long live the New 52 (sorta)!

Earlier today, DC Comics announced that following this spring’s Convergence event their entire line-up will be overhauled and a bold new direction for the comic company will begin, one focused on diversity, accessibility, and every other buzzword comic book companies use to describe major shake-ups such as this.

Still, when you look into the details it seems that DC might have some method to this madness. Fresh talent working with long time veterans. Bestselling fan-favorite series will be joined by a very interesting (and surprising) list of new titles. (more…)

TV REVIEW: ‘The Flash’ – S1E12 – “Crazy for You”

- 02-04-15Comics, Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Get a life! Was the message of last night’s The Flash. And according to this definition, getting a life entails going to a karaoke bar, getting tanked, singing from Grease, barfing in the parking lot and telling your platonic friend that’s okay to peak when using super-speed to change you into PJs because he’s a hero and deserves a peak. The heart was firmly on the sleeve in “Crazy for You,” which is fine because a) The Flash can do that, and b) the “Freak of the Week” was a B-team stringer not worthy to be labelled “rogue.” The lesson of the night was that the heart wants what it wants, even if you’re a girl with teleporting powers and what you want is some hipster jailbird that ditches you at the first sign of danger. (more…)

Superman’s New Costume Comes With A New Power. No, It’s Not Amnesia Kisses!

- 02-04-15Comics Posted by Aspry Jones

use this first


There’s been talk around the internet about Superman rocking a new costume. I can get next to that as sometimes you gotta freshen things up – just as long as you don’t stray too far away from the original stuff. Wolverine did it when he went from yellow to brown, but that was a well designed fluke. Not everybody can pull that off. Personally, I see no way around updating Superman without the blue and red. The changes are thankfully minimal, but they also come with a brand new way for him to destroy someone he doesn’t like. Yes, you read that right. Somebody decided that Superman wasn’t omnipotent enough and now he’s got to have this new power. This new, unbelievably awesome and destructive new power. (more…)

Batman on ‘Arrow’? Possible, If Not Probable

- 01-07-15Comics, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Numerous DC Comics characters have put in appearances on the The CW series Arrow in its two-and-a-half years on the air, even if those characters, ostensibly, have not much to do with Green Arrow. In the midst of the weekly adventures of Arrow we’ve met The Flash, Huntress, Black Canary, the Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller, Deathstroke and Ra’s al Ghul. Now, that last one, you may know, is a Batman villain technically, so it begs the question: is it possible that the Dark Knight might ever visit Starling City to be vigilante bros with Oliver Queen? A key producer on Arrow says that he’d love to welcome Batman to the show, but the fact of the matter is it’s highly unlikely that Brave and the Bold style team-up between the two heroes is unlikely. (more…)

‘Suicide Squad’ Focus Group Rumor Offers Possible Movie Details

- 12-30-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Grab your salt shaker because you’re gonna need it for that proverbial grain of salt you should have on hand when considering this new Suicide Squad rumor that is making the Internet rounds today. A Reddit poster is claiming to have taken part in a Suicide Squad Focus Group at Warner Brothers. What tantalizing details about the movie came out?


‘Wonder Woman’ Stand Alone Movie Still Not An Official Go?

- 12-22-14Film Posted by jacqueline dwig

Marvel may be out there releasing dates and information about their up and coming movies for the next 100 years, but DC and Warner Bros. have been mum about most of their newest summer blockbusters. So much so, that it looks like despite the big announcement about bringing her to the big screen, recently announced director Michelle Maclaren says Wonder Woman hasn’t even been  given an official green light yet. (more…)