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You might think that being the guy that helped guide Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to two-and-a-half billion dollars at the global box office might buy you a little slack, but that seems to not be the case for Charles Roven. Roven, who was the producer of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, is reportedly the latest casualty in the studio shake-up at Warner Bros. after the less than uproarious reaction to the official launch of the DC Comics Extended Universe. He will be taking a step back to take on a more overseer role for the DCEU films.  (more…)

suicide squad

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have a lot of faith in their upcoming film Suicide Squad. After the mixed reactions Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received, they really don’t have any other choice. If the studio wants to show they are able to compete against the superhero juggernaut that is Disney/Marvel Studios, then this August’s release has to be successful at the box office. Those on the outside may think Warner Bros. is premature in planning a DC Extended Universe (DCEU) consisting of more films, but what it truly reveals about the studio is that they haven’t given up. They will continue to move forward as if Suicide Squad and subsequent releases are hits at the theaters. With that being said it should come as no surprise that rumors are circulating that they intend on creating more solo spinoffs out of this cadre of criminals. So exactly who gets the spotlight in their own feature? (more…)


The critical blitzkrieg on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the apparent reflection of that in the box office return – despite the fact that those returns have added up to $700 million globally so far – has reportedly gotten the heads of Warner Bros. worried. Sure they’ve made almost three-quarters of a billion dollars so far, but it seems unlikely that the film will break ten figures, and after a year of expensive disasters like Jupiter Ascending, Pan and In the Heart of the Sea, there was a lot more riding on BvS financially than just the DC Extended Universe; Warner Bros. was hoping it would be a license to print money. So how are they reacting? Interestingly, the rumor mill says fewer movies in general, but more franchises specifically. (more…)


Cartoon Network is bringing back a duo as well-known as Batman and the Joker themselves. Their new quarter hour animated series from Warner Bros. Animation, titled Justice League Action, will feature iconic DC Entertainment characters- two of them being voiced by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Hamill will return as The Joker to Conroy’s Batman/Bruce Wayne; a character Conroy hasn’t voiced in an ongoing animated series since 2006 with the end of Justice League Unlimited.  This is Cartoon Network’s first DC Comics-based franchise series to be launched since, and most likely spurred on by, the immensely successful Teen Titans Go! (more…)


DC is on the brink of unleashing the DC Extended Universe on the big screen, but they’ve been killing the direct-to-video animation for a while now. In 2014, DC released the hard-hitting Son of Batman, which was generally well received. It was followed in 2015 by Batman vs. Robin. This year, the animated series will continue with Batman: Bad Blood. The main voice cast is back, including Morena Baccarin who seems to be vying for the crown of Queen of All Nerds. There is new information about this explosive movie, including a sneak peek at the first six minutes and news of a well-known character from Batman lore who will be introduced in this movie! Needless to say, spoilers ahead.


DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow is beginning to look like the all-star game of superhero television shows. And the the lineup keeps getting bigger and bigger. In a recent announcement, Johnathon Schaech has been cast to play Jonah Hex in an episode later in the season. Other than his casting, there is no other news regarding the episode he will be in. Additionally, his casting is only as a guest-star for now, but there is an option for him to come back for more episodes. Who knows? Maybe he’ll become a regular. For more details on who Jonah Hex is, keep reading for more.



Dawn Of Justice hasn’t even been released and it has already been a point of contention, lots of hype and a torrent of fan speculation. Obviously, Warner Bros have a heck of a lot riding on the spanking new DC Movie Universe that they are going to throw at us and it seems like they are already pulling all the stops. Already, the new Suicide Squad trailer is ready to hit the Interwebs and the Cartoon Network animated seriesDC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League is about to prep us for the next big-budget incarnation of the Justice League of America.

In a concerted effort to get the hype-train rolling into full speed, Warner Bros has gone ahead to reveal their concept art for their new Justice League, as well as to present the full roster and look of Earth’s Bravest and Boldest.



First off, congratulations making it past the headline. Lesser nerds balked at the challenge. Secondly, there will be no more terrible puns found here (read: there absolutely will be). There are only a couple months left before the infinitely dense singularity that is Man of Steel explodes into what will become the DC Extended Universe through the event known as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. One particularly exciting bit of material to be spewn forth from this great expansion is Wonder Woman. One third of DC’s big character trio (along with Batman and Superman) will receive her introduction in Batman v Superman and then go on to star in her own movie next year. Indeed, Wonder Woman has been filming since November and there are now fresh pictures from the set!



The Teen Titans are no strangers to television, but Warner Bros. Home Entertainment‘s next movie, Justice League vs. Team Titans, will be the team’s very first DC Universe original movie series from Warner Bros. and DC Comics!  The story centers around Robin working with the Titans after his destructive behavior badly botches a Justice League mission. Demon villain Trigon possesses the Justice League, forcing the Titans to step it up in an effort to thwart Trigon’s plans of world conquest.  Director Sam Liu and supervising producer James Tucker have stocked the voice cast with some major talent, as you’ll see below.   (more…)