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Done Deal! Chris Pine is ‘Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor


Even before they had the idea to create a great big interconnected universe of movies, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have been trying to crack the “Wonder Woman code.” It’s been start and stop for a long time at the studio as they’ve tried to develop a big screen Wonder Woman movie with a long line of various writers and directors each trying to do what shouldn’t be that impossible: make a gosh darn Wonder Woman movie! Well, here’s a positive sign. It seems like Gal Gadot now has a male lead and co-star for her first solo Wonder Woman adventure. Get ready Chris Pine, you’re about to beam up to Paradise Island. (Or possibly crash-land.) (more…)


Whatever happened to Michael Cera? He used to appear in two or three movies a year, but aside from the fourth season of Arrested Development and a memorable appearance in This is the End, he seems to have all but disappeared from the landscape. Appropriately enough, Cera’s next big role will only require his voice and not his actual person, and it will require him to team-up again with his Arrested Development uncle Will Arnett. What weird sort of project brings these two Canadian actors together again? Why it’s the LEGO Movie spin-off The LEGO Batman Movie, and Cera will play the Boy Wonder to Arnett’s Caped Crusader. (more…)


This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con, there was loads of insight into the new seasons of Arrow and The Flashcasting announcements, new costumes, sizzle reels, the works – but the treatment for one show was somewhat lighter by comparison. Sadly, there was no new footage from Legends of Tomorrow, perhaps because the show hasn’t started shooting yet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity for more promotion. So let’s call this a remix. A very creative re-edit of the history of the DC Comics TV-Universe so far with a bit of that old comic book style thrown in. Green Arrow, the Flash, Atom, Firestorm and the rest of the gang are here to get you caught up on what happens Tomorrow. (more…)

SDCC15: ‘Suicide Squad’ Footage Description!


After attendees waited in line for hours and hours (or, in some cases, days and days), the Warner Bros. Pictures panel finally kicked off the Saturday Hall H programming at San Diego Comic-Con.  After so many hours of waiting, was the panel worth it? Oh, you betcha.  Of course, we cannot post a video of the footage (not that you would want to see this awesomeness on a cell phone video), but we can tell you that not only do we know a bit more about Suicide Squad – we are all in. (more…)

SDCC15: ‘The Killing Joke’ to Become Animated in 2016


Here’s a bizarre piece of news, they want to make The Killing Joke a cartoon. The seminal 1988 graphic novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland remains a touchstone, a standout amongst the thousands of stories about Batman to unfold over his nearly 80 year history. It was an inspiration for Tim Burton when he made Batman in 1989, and to Christopher Nolan when he made The Dark Knight in 2008, but now it’s going to be its own movie, and in animation form. Amongst the upcoming slate of DC Comics Animated films to be released in the next year, it’s been officially confirmed that one of them will be The Killing Joke. (more…)


Oh yeah! It’s playtime in the summer of ’89 all over again! If you were a kid at that time, then chances are that two comic book heroes took up most of your creative and recreational energy: Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well, I guess that’s five heroes, but you get the idea. In any event, these come book worlds are colliding again in an official capacity, as DC Comics and IDW Publishing have announced that they’re joining forces to bring you team-up of two of the biggest I.P.s to make the leap from comics to film and TV and merchandising. The Dark Knight will meet the Heroes on the Half-Shell, coming soon to the comic book, hobby store or newsstand near you. (more…)


Remember Batman: The Animated Series? Of course you do! Nearly a quarter of a century later it still kicks all kinds of ass and it casts a long shadow (of the bat) over every other attempt to make a Batman cartoon, and in some cases, a Batman film. In fact, until Christopher Nolan, a lot of people, including myself, thought that The Mask of the Phantasm was the best Batman movie. So what, right? Why all this talk about Batman: TAS? Well, for you toy collectors out there, there are some brand new TAS inspired figures coming. And for fans of funny videos, there’s a new commercial for the TAS figures featuring a pair of nerd icons. (more…)


Last night we got a in-passing look at some of floor photos from San Diego Comic Con; including DC’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice display showing of the costumes of the films title characters (Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman). The most exciting of which – Batman’s battle suit. The armor the Dark Knight dons when he goes toe-to-toe with Superman.

Below the jump we have a better look at the display, as well as Batman’s wide variety of gadgets, from batarangs to the grappling gun to a “tech cowl” to a grenade launcher and more.  (more…)