INTERVIEW: Creators & Cast of ‘Batman: Assault on Arkham’

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batman aoa interview

Earlier this week the latest DC Universe animated feature – Batman: Assault on Arkham – released digitally and on DVD/Blu-ray. This one, however, isn’t tied to The New 52 continuity DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.’ Animation are building with films like Justice League: War and the upcoming Throne of Atlantis, but is instead linked with the Batman: Arkham video game universe. While at San Diego Comic-Con I participated in roundtable interviews with many of Assault on Arkham‘s creators and cast: director Jay Oliva, producer James Tucker, writer Heath Corson, voice director Andrea Romano, and voice talent Kevin Conroy, Matthew Gray Gubler, and John DiMaggio. Hit the jump for their input on making Batman: Assault on Arkham! (more…)

Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment Announce SDCC 2014 Television Panel Lineup

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Times they are a changing. At this years SDCC 2014, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment will present a three-hour long special event that Saturday night of July 26th featuring a look at the DC Entertainment television lineup. What might you see? (more…)

Of Course Matt Damon Has Seen Ben Affleck’s Batman Costume, Says He Knows the BvS Storyline

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After cracking the joke countless times, we really shouldn’t be shocked. After all Kevin Smith and Jennifer Garner have seen it, so of course Matt Damon has seen what his buddy, Ben Affleck, looks like in his new batsuit. Admit it, if YOU were cast as the Dark Knight, you’d be showing it off to everyone too. Hell, I’d be wearing that damn thing 24/7 (actually, I don’t need to be cast as Batman to dress up as Batman, right? Asking for a friend.)
MTV caught up with Damon recently while he was promoting his next movie, Monuments Men, and needled him for details. Which he gave and also revealed that Ben has given him the inside track on the storyline of Batman vs Superman(more…)

Rumor Time: This Might Be Your New Batman

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Well, that took long enough. With Zack Synder‘s SDCC shocker that the Man of Steel sequel will actually be a Superman/Batman movie already ancient history (come on, it was days ago… that’s like years in internet time.) Rumors of who will be cast as the Dark Knight are already starting to swirl.

Cosmic Book News is reporting that an unnamed source from within DC Entertainment is saying that a certain TV actor will soon screen test opposite Henry Cavill for the role of the caped crusader.

Any guesses?

Rumor revealing photo up after the jump. (more…)

DC Entertainment’s Lineup for SDCC 2013

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With about two weeks to go until SDCC 2013, DC Entertainment has announced their plans showcasing DC characters and events during the Nerdy summer fan-fest. Expect a heavy push on anything Superman with Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel still doing well at the box office. There will be plenty of panels discussing future DC Entertainment comics, movies, and animation.

Check out the full press release below and let us know what you want to know more about in the comments section:

DC Entertainment, home to the World’s Greatest Super Heroes and the most talented writers and artists in the business, announced today it will storm Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013 with an impressive line-up of events, announcements and giveaways that promise to amaze fans and continue to cement its position as a leader in the comic book industry. 

The largest English-language publisher and the leader in digital comics innovation, DC Entertainment will conquer Comic-Con with a selection of can’t-miss events. Fans can look forward to an unprecedented celebration of the greatest and most iconic hero in history, Superman – including a look at the best-selling new series SUPERMAN UNCHAINED and the return of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed Vertigo series with THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE, featuring the breathtaking artwork of J.H. Williams III. But the San Diego fireworks don’t end there, as DC Entertainment will be giving fans a sneak peek at the dark future within DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 and unveiling the JUSTICE LEAGUE KIA car featuring custom artwork from DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee to benefit the WE CAN BE HEROES giving campaign, and more. 

DC Entertainment’s interactive 4,500 square foot booth (#1915) will take flight this year with a staggering collection of Superman costumes highlighting the Super Hero’s various eras and donned by actors including Henry Cavill, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain and Tom Welling. The costume gallery anchors a booth that also boasts video game demos, creator signings, a special fan green-screen photo area, giveaways and exclusive video footage. 

Plus, with a schedule packed with over 15 panels, DC Entertainment is set to deliver to fans a stellar collection of appearances, announcements and events.

  • All hail the world’s first Super Hero as Superman celebrates 75 years! DC Entertainment will join its partners across Warner Bros. Entertainment to salute the most revered and influential comic book character of all time with a slew of must-see events in celebration of both the Man of Steel’s history – including a special Superman 75 panel featuring an all-star roster of guests, including Jack Larson (the original Jimmy Olsen from Adventures of Superman), first-time Comic-Con panelist Tim Daly (Superman: The Animated Series) and reigning animated Supergirl Molly Quinn (Castle) to comics luminaries Paul Levitz, Grant Morrison and Dan Jurgens plus talent from the current blockbuster, “Man of Steel,” and a first look at the animated short chronicling the character’s rich history, produced by “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder – plus more information on the powerhouse comic book series SUPERMAN UNCHAINED from acclaimed artist Jim Lee and writer Scott Snyder. 
  • Be there as the legendary Neil Gaiman offers fans a first look at his return to the comic book series that launched his career with Vertigo’s THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE. Brought to life by renowned artist J.H. Williams III, the new 6-issue miniseries set for release on October 30, will also be the subject of an all-star panel featuring Gaiman, Williams and artists Dave McKean and Sam Kieth. 
  • Dive into Vertigo’s upcoming slate of genre-defying titles – including the dark fantasy COFFIN HILL, the epic adventure HINTERKIND, the post-apocalyptic SUICIDERS, THE SANDMAN spin-off THE DEAD BOY DETECTIVES, and the erotic thriller THE DISCIPLINE, along with the return of the fan-favorite series from Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, AMERICAN VAMPIRE. 
  • Terror takes over when Villains Month hits in September. Get an inside look at the shocking events facing our heroes as the first DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 universe-wide event is unleashed. The event, spearheaded by the 7-issue FOREVER EVIL series by superstar writer Geoff Johns with art by the incredibly talented David Finch will also feature 52 jaw-dropping villain-centric titles boasting 3-D Motion covers. Fans will also be able to delve into the structure of this summer’s Justice League event Trinity War with a whiteboard animation video narrated by Johns, which will be showcased at the DC Entertainment booth. Plus, fans can get an early look at “Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics,” an all-new documentary to be teased along with a panel headed by Johns, Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken), Andrea Romano (Batman: The Animated Series) and Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights). 
  • Don’t miss DC Entertainment’s display of seven Justice League-inspired KIA cars (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg) featuring custom automobile detailing and artwork by legendary artist Jim Lee at the Interactive Zone at Petco Park, Official Comic-Con Partner. Comic-Con will mark the unveiling of the centerpiece to the collection – the JUSTICE LEAGUE KIA – to be auctioned off to benefit the WE CAN BE HEROES giving campaign to help fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.
  • DC Entertainment, firmly established as the industry leader in digital comics, will debut its first-ever panel dedicated to the space – slated to reveal new art, innovations and an all-star cast behind some of DC Comics Digital’s most popular releases including BATMAN ’66, INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, SMALLVILLE SEASON 11, LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, BATMAN: LI’L GOTHAM, and BATMAN BEYOND!
  • Fans will be able to pick up a wide offering of exclusive items only available at this year’s Comic-Con – including variant cover editions of some of DC Comics’ most popular series JUSTICE LEAGUE, BATMAN, SUPERMAN UNCHAINED, and BATMAN ’66, along with five new DC Collectibles items like the Aardman: Superman Action Figure, a three-pack of Super Best Friends Forever Action Figures, Batman Arkham City: Hugo Strange, a “Man of Steel” 1:6 scale Icon Statue black costume variant and DC Comics’ Super Heroes of Green Lantern four-pack.
  • Superman gets an altogether different take in the fractured alternate universe of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the highly anticipated DC Universe Animated Original Movie to premiere Friday at Comic-Con
  • Get an inside look at INSIDE MAD, the hugely anticipated forthcoming collection from “The Usual Gang Of Idiots” at MAD Magazine and get a dose of the magazine’s wit and snark at the annual MAD panel – orchestrated by Editor John Ficarra and a side-splitting cast of characters.

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ZOD Damn These New ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spots Look Good

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Over the weekend a few new TV Spots for DC Entertainment’s Man of Steel popped up on the tube and now just days (or day, if it was a holiday for you) Warner Bros. has released 3 more. It’s like they are trying to hype Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot or something.

All three contain the requisite few seconds of new footage combined with repeated shots of the last son of Krypton punching stuff (which I maintain is to distance this project from the 96.8% punch free previous movie.)

You can check them out after the jump, or wait the 17 days till the movie comes out if you want to be that guy. (more…)

Kevin Feige Talks Joss Whedon & Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ Success, The Dynamic Of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ & DC’s ‘Justice League’

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It’s no surprise that The Avengers was a summer blockbuster, earning $1.5 billion in the box office as well as a score of DVDs and Blu-rays that are now in homes everywhere.  It proved that the super hero movie is stronger then ever – and that Scarlett Johansson is still sexy in leather. What was surprising was the number of people who doubted it would even succeed – and  Joss Whedon shoved the third highest grossing film of all time in their faces and proved them wrong.

One person that couldn’t be happier for all of this success is Marvel‘s President of Production Kevin Feige, who has watched the super hero trend change as a producer – in some capacity – for every single Marvel movie. So when MTV NewsJosh Wigler spoke with Feige, he was more then happy talk about all the success The Avengers has had recently.

“We’ve had the good fortune of having a lot of dreams come true. I still remember six, seven years ago, thinking about casting Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. ‘It’s outside the box! It could be like Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow! It  could take off!’ Clearly, we’re there now. That being said, you can never honestly expect this kind of success and be any kind of reasonable human being. I was just hoping it would be the biggest Marvel Studios movie of all time. It’s got to beat ‘Iron Man 2′ or we really screwed it all up. And we more than doubled that.”

And as for Whedon, Feige couldn’t sing higher praises for the director and writer of one the summer’s hottest movies.

“We believed that Joss could handle the spectacle, along with the amazing crafts people and technicians we hired, but never letting the  characters get lost among the spectacle. We knew it would be a big movie with  big visual effects. But I never wanted these great character who we love and  have established in other films to get lost in the spectacle. ‘And now they  fight aliens!’ We wanted the characters to stand out, and that’s Joss’  signature. I think he did his best job yet with ‘Avengers.’”

Now that The Avengers has proven that a multi-hero feature can be successful, the competition has taken notice and started planning their own ensemble franchise - DC Comics, to be specific. Now that they’ve seen it can be done, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are finally going after that long awaited Justice League movie. So what’s the producer got to say about the competition and the dynamic of James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy compared to other movies?

“There’s no rule that say you have to do it one way or the other, though I believe that what was unique about ‘Avengers’ was not that it was a group of superheroes, but a group of superheroes you knew and loved from other [films] all coming together. It wasn’t like ‘X-Men,’ which is inherently a team-based film, or ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ which we’re working on right now and is also a team-based film from the start. It was all of these people from other stories coming in and merging for one story. That’s what was cool to me about ‘Super Friends’ when I was a kid and that’s why I wanted to do ‘Avengers’ the way we did it.”

You gotta love the subtle jab Feige sends towards DC, but he’s not wrong.

The previous Marvel features created a selling point for The Avengers; people wanted to see how everyone would react when thrust together in a global threat, if that dynamic was built up to mesh the team together all the build up from previous movies would have been meaningless. As long as everyone involved in the next phase of Marvel’s production understands that team dynamics work in team-based movie then we can expect super heroes and less “super friends”.

Source: Comic Book Movie

The BastardCast Versus Ben Affleck, Joss Whedon, and President Camacho

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In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape our sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware our power, The Bastardcast’s light!!!

In this episode, Jason is growing out an Alan Moore beard while ceaselessly watching Mohawk Man and the Curiosity Crusade and Jeremy is trying to advance his career as a Hollywood player, forcing Jason to act out a scene with him from Karl Welzein’s un-sold script for Roadhouse 2012: Pain Still Don’t Hurt.

The boys (because these are not men!) also chat about the return of President Camacho, Scully and Mulder, the earnings potential of Annie’s Boobs, and Jason unveils an excerpt from his interview with Eddie Izzard, who talks about why he took the role of Grandpa in the Munsters remake, Mockingbird Lane.

In the MAIN EVENT, Jason and Jeremy take on Joss Whedon’s indentured servitude with Marvel, Ben Affleck’s flirtation with DC, and the chances that a greater push toward television by Marvel and DC could backfire and over-expose comic book heroes.

Then, in DIRTY NERDY SECRETS Jeremy reveals that he is afraid of being probed on a UFO by a Sasquatch, and Jason tells us why all kids who own or have owned a Power Wheels are fucking douche bags, but that there is a sadness to those who, like himself, owned a NES Powerglove.

All of that and the Ghost of Andy Rooney, on this week’s Bastardcast.

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Trailer For Animated ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ . . . Is It Just Me???

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DC Entertainment has posted the trailer for the first in a pair of animated movies telling Frank Miller’s epic tale of an aged Batman, The Dark Knight Returns to the Internet.

The Dark Knight Returns is truly one of the greatest comics ever created. Check any “Top 20″ lists of comic and you’ll find The Dark Knight Returns along side The Watchmen, The Killing Joke, X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga, and other greats. If it’s not on the list above 20 then that guy or gal knows dick about comics.

Since there might be a few younger readers out there that may have never read comic, the story starts . . .

The Dark Knight Returns set in a near future where Batman is retired and Gotham City has slid into a dystopian state ruled by a gang of hooligans called The Mutants. The 55-year old Bruce Wayne is forced to don the cape once more, this time partnering with a female Robin to not only stop the Joker but keep the peace when the city falls into chaos after being hit by an electromagnetic pulse.

Then the shit really hits the fan and Batman ends up in a knock down drag out fight with none other than his oldest super-friend Superman. In this animated version the story is broken into two movies. The first deals with the books opening story line with Batman returning to a city overrun by gangs and violence.

The voice actors for the movie make an impressive list:

  • Peter Weller, the fan-favorite star of the original RoboCop and guest player on shows like 24 and Dexter  as Bruce Wayne/Batman.
  • Ariel Winter, of Modern Family and Phineas and Ferb fame, as 13-year old Carrie Kelley/female Robin.
  • Wade Williams, Prison Break, who also provided vocals for DC titles like Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and Batman: Under the Red Hood, as Harvey Dent/Two-Face.
  • Michael McKean, This Is Spinal Tap and Clue (who briefly played Perry White on Smallville), as Dr. Wolper – the psychiatrist who releases Joker from Arkham.
  • David Selby, star of the original Dark Shadows and Falcon Crest in a yet to be named role . . . Alfred?

The “Is it just me ? ? ?” section.

This NerdBastard is not sold on Peter Weller’s voice work in this trailer. He just seems to be stumbling over the lines. When ever I’ve read The Dark Knight Returns I’ve always heard an angry, annoyed, impatient Batman and I’m just not feeling that pissed off vibe in Weller’s voice. Maybe it’s because we don’t get to see any Joker or Superman in this trailer, that might be it.

Take a look at the trailer and let your fellow NerdBastards know what you think in the comments section below.

Part 1 of The Dark Knight Returns to hit shelves later this fall, followed by Part 2 in early 2013.

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DC Entertainment and Chris Daughtry Team Up to Help Africa

- 05-31-12Comics Posted by Jason McAnelly

In a startling revelation (for me at least) that big money comic companies are not just all about turning out the next biggest super hero flick, DC Entertainment is working on a project, named ‘We Can Be Heroes,’ to help with the ongoing problems of drought and starvation in Southern Africa.  And to help them in their noble endeavor, they’ve brought aboard music star Chris Daughtry.

He will be working with DC in a number of ways, starting with recording a new, acoustic version of his band’s hit song “RescueMe.”  The song will be showcasing the relief project debut in Los Angeles, accompanied by a Jim Lee art backdrop.  Daughtry, who has expressed pre-stardom dreams of being a comic book artist, is a huge fan of Lee.  They met at San Diego Comic-Con and Lee later approached him about the We Can Be Heroes project.  The song itself will be released on iTunes sometime in the next few weeks and all proceeds from it will go directly to the We Can Be Heroes foundation.

The musical angle is, however, just one part of a much larger ambition to help alleviate the problems of Africa.  DC will be putting on an art exhibit called Darkness & Light which will further aid the charity.  Daughtry has also lent his skills to this part of the program, though in a different capacity – displaying his artistic skills.

Daughtry is a big player when it comes to helping with charities in Africa and the We Can Be Heroes project is but one more step in a string of gracious assists from the musician.

I have to say, things like this give me a little bit more hope that we in the geek-culture central can put forth an effort and really make changes for the better.  Godspeed Daughtry and DC.  And Nerdbastards fans, even you’re not a Daughtry fan, spend a few bucks and help some people out.


Thanks to Hollywood Reporter for letting us in on the scoop.