Whatever: Comic-Con is Dead, Long Live Comic-Con!

- 07-28-14Featured, Nerd Culture Posted by Jason Tabrys


Here’s the thing: for approximately 150,000 people San Diego Comic-Con is a majestic thrill ride and a joyous gathering of like-minded people who have, at one point or another, likely felt like an outcast because they simply liked what they liked. This weekend, those things took their place at the center of the universe and there was shopping and partying and drinking and laser tag and celebrities and 29 minutes of sleep. That’s what Comic-Con was. For you.

For the rest of us who don’t go but do follow the world of pop culture and geeky nerdiness, Comic-Con isn’t a place, so much as it is a time of year. A holiday that delivers unto us a chance to nerd out over an endless stream of hard news about comics, TV shows and movies  – Comic -Con is when we get to feast on something real and not the gelatinous rumor paste that we have to subsist on all year long.

It’s that influx that excites the hundreds of thousands of people who follow the Comic-Con goings on; these things that get the world talking, and that’s why this thing feels as if it is an event that is much larger than it technically is. But for us to care this much about a party that we aren’t actually attending, we need to keep getting these thrills (or something like them) out of the deal or else what’s the point? (more…)

SDCC14: Warner Bros. Panel Shows First Look at Wonder Woman And ‘Batman V Superman’ Footage

- 07-26-14Comics, Film Posted by Luke Gallagher


Warner Bros. panel at San Diego comic just kicked off with a unscheduled surprise. Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Henry Cavill just took the stage and teased the highly anticipated Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Giving us a our first look at all 3 in costume. Yes, Wonder Woman’s costume revealed for the first time! Check her out below. (more…)

DC Adds New Wonder Woman Creative Team, Gets Controversy for Free

- 07-01-14Comics Posted by Leo Johnson


After helming Wonder Woman since the launch of the New 52, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang will be handing over the keys to DC’s premier heroine to Meredith and David Finch, with Meredith writing and her husband David providing the art. The shift in the creative team is part of an overall facelift for the title, with even the storylines changing as they veer away from the Greek myth-centric stories that Azzarello and Chiang told and instead start looking into Diana’s relationship with the Justice League and how it affects her duties with the Amazons.  (more…)

How Long Until The Next Batman Solo Film?

- 06-19-14Comics, Film Posted by Shawn Schillberg


If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for the next solo Batman film, you’re going to want to go ahead and just exhale.


Kevin Smith Says ‘Batman v Superman’ is Setting Up for Massive DC Movie Run

- 05-27-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

batman v superman dawn of justice banner

Though most involved in the production of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flick are keeping tight-lipped about what to expect, it always seems as if movie-making geek guru Kevin Smith has some sort of inside track on the entire thing. Thankfully for the fans, he’s not quite as quiet as the rest of them (or is being specifically contracted by the studio to leak selective information?). The latest bit of news to come out of the man’s mouth involves Warner Bros./DC’s plans to turn Batman v Superman into a fully-fledged franchise mega-builder. Read on for the info. (more…)

You’re Going to Love the Latest Trailer for ‘Batman: Arkham Knight”

- 05-21-14Comics, Videogames Posted by Brandon Marcus

Arkham Knight

I’ve been a big fan of the Batman Arkham games but it seems that Rocksteady and WB Games have really, finally nailed it.

This latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight looks like the Batman game you’ve been waiting for your entire life. That’s not to the say previous games were bad. They were great (well, except Arkham Origins but that’s a different story for a different day) but just the tip of the iceberg, the filling before the sweet, sweet cake. Arkham Knight the the culmination of these games and it looks damn good.

Check out the latest gameplay trailer below and prepare thy lungs for excited squealing.


Interview: Kyle Higgins on C.O.W.L. and the Batman Books

- 05-05-14Comics, Featured Posted by Jason Tabrys


It’s the 1960s in Chicago and superheroes have unionized to fight evil under a contract with the city.  This is the world of C.O.W.L., a new Image published comic from writers Kyle Higgins (Nightwing) and Alec Siegel, and artist Rod Reis.

In our exclusive interview with Higgins, we talk about how he developed C.O.W.L. from its short film origins, working with both Siegel and Reis, building new heroes, the differences between DC and Marvel, his time on Nightwing, and his present run on Batman Beyond 2.0.


‘Justice League’ Film Official, Director Named

- 04-28-14Comics, Film Posted by Randy Geren



This Just In: The sun is round, people get easily offended on the internet, and there will be a Justice League movie following Batman and Superman: Friendship is Magic; this according to The Wall Street Journal, the acknowledged primary source for nerd news.

To direct Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavil), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and all the other eventual members of the Justice League (who will play Snapper Carr?!?!), Warner Bros. will once again turn to Zack Snyder, the man behind both the Man of Steel and its upcoming sequel as they hope to release the Justice League: Rise of the Superfriends as soon as 2018.  (more…)

International Market Will See ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Before the US

- 04-18-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

batman superman

It’s nothing new that movie studios like to release their films early in many of the international markets. In fact, it’s almost a given that those in the UK and other select countries will see the big blockbuster flicks before we do. It looks like Warner Bros./DC is following the trend by reserving an early international release date for their upcoming Batman vs. Superman flick. (more…)

Bring It On, Captain America! WB Says ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Is Staying Put

- 04-08-14Comics, Film Posted by Brandon Marcus

Batman VS Superman

Captain America, Batman and Superman are still on a collision course set for box office destruction.

Captain America 3 will hit theaters on May 6, 2016. What a wonderful way to start off the summer movie season. One problem: that’s the date Warner Bros has penciled in for Batman Vs. Superman. When the news was announced, everyone assumed one of these films would quickly choose a new spot in the schedule. So which studio is going to change their tune? Well, Marvel just made their release date official, setting it in stone. Maybe WB will wise up and move Bats and Supes to another spot? Not so, says Dan Fellman, the president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros.