The internet has been a firestorm of curse words and chimichangas ever since it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would officially don the red-and-black of Marvel’s kookiest superhero, Deadpool, in feature-film form.  Reynolds has been relishing in every opportunity he has given to talk directly to the cameras in promos and give us glimpses of The Merc with the Mouth, and we’ve recently been blessed with a brand-new clip.  In a hilarious new video, Reynolds announces his appearance at the Sao Paulo Comic Con, where 20th Century Fox will be hosting a panel on Friday, December 4th.



Typically, during the Christmas season, when you thinking of sitting on the lap of a guy in a red suit, you’re first thought is a foul-mouthed, self-referential mutant assassin with a body count higher than Ebola. You can keep your annual trip to the mall and a visit with Santa Claus, because Deadpool will be waiting for you at the local multiplex. With a release date just a few months in the future, the promotion for Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, will be ramping up, and if you should happen to make your way to the cinema in the next few weeks, you may be drawn to the following invitation.  (more…)


Hey! You! Yeah, you! The one reading this. That’s right. I know what you’re doing. You’re probably sittin’ on the John, bored out of your mind and thought to yourself, “I’ll go check out what’s going on at Nerdbastards.” And the first thing you see is this beautiful man-doll. Sure, you can call it an action figure, but that’s just an excuse for saying you really play with dolls. Anyways, what you’re looking at is a 1/6th scale model of Deadpool. That’s right. The dual sword wielding, pistol packing, grenade lobbing sociopath is now available for you to own, put on display, or touch yourself with. Whatever you decide to do with it, it’ll bring you or a loved one such great joy and a smile so big that cheek cramps are a real possibility. So what are you waiting for? You see that red link right below?  Click it and keep reading. You’d only be doing yourself a disservice by not reading. Wait, you’re really going to click on it? Really? Alright! You’re welcome!



When you’re the movie expected to break box office records for opening weekend tickets sold, expect to get some extra attention. This is the case for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the long-awaited, and hotly anticipated, continuation of the Star Wars saga. Of course, if you can’t be the one to make that Star Wars money, perhaps you can be the one to take advantage of all those eye balls on opening weekend. That’s what 20th Century Fox is thinking. A reliable source close to the production has revealed that the first trailer for the big, sixth movie in the X-Men series, X-Men: Apocalypse, will be one of the previews in front of The Force Awakens. (more…)


Ryan Reynolds has taken the Celebrity Halloween Costume to the next level, an incredible level filled with awesome X-Men costumes and just the right amount of crass Deadpool humor. I kinda wish that he had some footage of them actually trick-or-treating.. but I’ll take what I can get. My question, as you watch this video, “Are those just neighborhood kids or did Reynolds hire a bunch of child actors to play those parts? (more…)


Although we all expected it, now we can rest easy in the knowledge that Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool will break the fourth wall at some point in the movie, if not multiple times, just like Deadpool does in the comics. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the screen writers of Deadpool, are now on the record with confirmation. For those of you wondering what the fourth wall is, that’s when a character addresses the reader, or viewer in this case, directly, while others around him have no clue as to who he is talking to. (more…)

Junkie XL to Make Beautiful Music for ‘Deadpool’


Probably not since Danny Elfman on the Time Burton’s first Batman movie has there been a definitive superhero movie theme music, usually it’s all about mood and ambiance in these movies. But is all that about to change? Looking at the X-Men movies specifically, a wide-range of composers have taken a crack at putting the tales of Marvel’s merry mutants to music, from Michael Kamen (X-Men), Harry Gregson-Williams (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) to John Ottman (X2, and Days of Future Past). But what sounds can we expect to hear for Deadpool? What kind of score, and what kind of composer, would be suitable for “the Merc with the Mouth”? Answer: Junkie XL. (more…)

Ryan Reynolds Opens Up About ‘Deadpool’

In 1995, Wizard magazine put out an issue that had their dream cast in the event X-Men were turned into a live action movie. For the most part, they hit the nail on the head. Was there ever any doubt that Patrick Stewart was not going to get the role of Professor X? Of course, they weren’t perfect. They did cast Dolph Lundgren as Colossus. However, that’s besides the point. Today we’ve become inundated with a flux of comic book movies when they were only a figure of our imagination in the past. With news of Marvel not making any new mutants, a nasty war between publisher and movie studios has developed over rights and money. So it’s rare news when you hear about a movie being made with so much passion and love. What movie is that? It’s Deadpool.



Thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, movie studios around Hollywood have been doing their best to recreate that golden goose by creating a shared universe between their properties.  Marvel has a hell of a head start but with the DC Expanded Universe starting to ramp up and with the Universal Monsters doing their best to share some screen time, it may only be a matter of time before the Marvel formula becomes a staple for Hollywood blockbusters.  Over at FOX, the men behind the curtain are finally getting on board with this idea, and not a moment too soon.  FOX happens to own many of Marvel’s most popular characters and, until now, each of those franchises has remained in their own sandbox.  It appears that producer Simon Kinberg, who produces many Marvel properties for FOX, has a grand plan for Deadpool, Gambit, and X-Men to crossover.  Feel free to cheer. (more…)


With each day that passes, fans get closer and closer to the 2016 release of Deadpool. With the movie so many days away, it’s still hard to believe that there is already talks about a sequel in the works. No one has seen the movie, really. In fact, only rough cuts have been viewed. Nonetheless, the rough cuts have been good enough that executives are feeling good. Thanks to the utter failure that was the Fantastic Four movie, Fox is looking to go big or go home at this point. So with that in mind, there is a chance that fans will get to see a character many have been longing to see on the big screen. (more…)