99% of the time, when there is Ryan Reynolds or Deadpool related news, readers are in for at least a chuckle. Today, however, it is a bit different.  Earlier this week, 13 year old Connor McGrath, a Deadpool fan who also happened to be the first person to see the film, passed away after a brave, fierce battle with cancer.  Reynolds met the young man thanks to the always amazing Make-A-Wish Foundation.  From the heartfelt tribute Reynolds posted to his Facebook page last night, it seems that meeting Connor was just as special to the star as it was to the young Canadian. (more…)


If you have ever attended San Diego Comic-Con, or know someone who has within the last ten years or so, you have likely heard plenty of Con stories that begin with “I remember when you could buy tickets at the door”, or “Movie studios ruined Comic-Con”, or, on the other side, “I am so glad I waited 37 hours in line just to be the first to see footage of…”, or, “Can you believe what [insert studio name] showed in Hall H??”.  SDCC isn’t just a convention – it’s an event, and every year, the event seems to divide attendees as to what the best and worst parts of the convention really are.  For many, standing or sleeping in that ridiculous Hall H line on the convention lawn, down the pier, or even over on Hall H Island (that one’s for those in the know) is all part of the experience, while for others, it is the hell they endure just to see what surprises a studio will bring.  Today, a report out of The Wrap claims that fans will now have one less movie studio to worry about or get excited for, as the case may be, as 20th Century Fox may be bowing out of the convention, thanks to pesky pirates. (more…)


Deadpool 2 is choo-choo training its way towards a sequel, with all of the original creative  team for the film on board. While everyone is excited to see what ways they’ll keep the franchise “fresh”,  one of the most talked about reveals for the sequel (that was confirmed in the film’s second end credits tag), is the inclusion of Cable in the film.



Yesterday marked the earlier than proposed release of Deadpool on digital download. Fans have been itching with anticipation to see the film again after its roaring success in theatres. The film captured the essence of Deadpool perfectlywith a mix of gratuitous violence and childish jokes And for those of you that didn’t enjoy Deadpool (the very few of you!) you’re in for a bit of a bumpy ride on the internet over the next few weeks, as Deadpool is released on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Now, you may think that you could unfollow all Deadpool fans on Twitter, unsubscribe from those pesky movie news feeds and avoid any instagram profiles that are a little bit obsessed with the Merc With The Mouth but you might still struggle to avoid him. (more…)

It’s Official – ‘Deadpool 2’ Is Coming


There used to be a day when superhero movies were almost impossible to get made.  Studios had to be thoroughly convinced that a comic book property could generate enough revenue to make the endeavor worthwhile. And if it was a comic book property outside of Batman or Superman?  It was even tougher than it will be for BvS to reach that coveted $1b mark.  These days, every moviehouse in the business has a piece of the superhero cash cow; so many so, that production companies barely even consider the quality of the film they are releasing, hoping the crowds will come running anytime they get a hint of a superpower in a trailer. These days, superhero movies have to be something extraordinary to separate themselves from the pack and of these, Deadpool may reign supreme.  Today, the news from CinemaCon is that audiences will absolutely get more of the Merc with a Mouth. (more…)


A riotous success at the box office, Deadpool made more than ten times in profits the cost of its $60 million budget. The overwhelmingly positive reaction from audiences all over the world has practically guaranteed it at least one sequel. So soon after the first film – which has not yet made it onto home release – any future projects, strictly speaking, are yet to be confirmed. (more…)


Just because a studio hires a director, that doesn’t mean the Studio won’t have their nose all up in that director’s business. In fact, in most cases, the studio can go overboard in making suggestions and changes, the dreaded Studio Notes. Just look at The Fantastic Four and director Josh Trank‘s experience, you can see how quickly things went off the rails. What’s frightening is that the same Studio, 20th Century Fox also had Deadpool. Imagine if Fox had taken over director Tim Miller‘s movie and sent him a bunch of Studio notes. Wait a minute, it looks like Fox did send Studio notes to Miller and one note made him wish he’s worn his brown pants that day. (more…)


Far from a new idea, a film of The Goon comic series was first launched on Kickstarter in 2012. It was planned to be a feature length animated production based on Eric Powell‘s fifty comic series. It seemed to have a fair amount of steam behind it, too, with over 7,500 fans raising almost $450,000 to put towards it. The project even attracted the attention of big names including David Fincher of House of Cards.


Let’s get something out of the way first: the New Mutants never had much luck when it came to live-action adaptations. With a blemish like the 90’s cringeworthy Generation X on their resume (one of FOX‘s earlier attempts to bring superheroes into the mainstream), you’d think they wouldn’t really try and bring back that particular team of teenage mutants, despite the considerable nerd-mythos that Chris Claremont has already set up. However, following Deadpool‘s success, the studio seem to be willing to give this mutant reboot another go…