With SDCC 2015 just days away, there are a lot of production stills making their Internet debut to begin to build some Internet chatter before the big SDCC 2015 Trailer/Panel/Clip dumps that will take over the Internet next week. Director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds have been keeping Deadpool fans in the loop throughout production and the promise of a trailer or clip next week has Deadpool fans salivating. This time around there are two new stills making the Internet rounds. (more…)


If you’ve attended the San Diego Comic Con these last few years, you may have been on the hunt for celebrities dressed in costume trying to inconspicuously walk the convention floor.  If you’re attending the show this year, however, you may want to be on a different kind of scavenger hunt altogether: for one-of-a-kind pieces of art drawn by the creator of Deadpool himself, Rob Liefeld!



When we say “first image from Deadpool,” we of course mean the first movie still from the actual film. There have been a lot of Deadpool images released to far, social media leaks for example, not to mention all those jokey shots of Ryan Reynolds‘ Merc with the Mouth lounging on a bear skin rug, taking it easy on the toilet, and, of course, delivering a baby. With San Diego Comic Con coming up though, it’s time that things got official, and along with the above new image, the star and creators of the film are opening up about the experience in a preview of SDCC, and in the process deliver a confirmation that yes, this is a Hard-R superhero flick. (more…)


Just the other day, we rounded up all of the coolest exclusives coming to San Diego Comic Con 2015 – all the stuff you want, the things you need, and everything you can’t afford. Now a few more items have entered the mix.

Kotobukiya has revealed their San Diego Comic-Con limited edition Deadpool “Chimichanga” ARTFX+ statue. And Hasbro is thinking big and small (literally) with their .75-inch Mini Ant-Man figure ($9.99) and Ant-man 4 pack. Making the obligatory Ant-Man pun, these collectibles are sure to shrink your wallet.  (more…)


There’s a two person race in Hollywood to see which actor can play their comic book character in the most number of movies. An unofficial race, mind you, but a race just the same. Robert Downey Jr. has appeared as Tony Stark/Iron Man in six movies so far, but his seventh, Captain America: Civil War, will be released next year. That will tie him with Hugh Jackman, who’s appeared as Logan/Wolverine in five X-Men movies and two Wolverine spin-off films. So the ball is in Jackman’s court to up the ante, and while he doesn’t have as many options as Downey does, he does have options. For example, he could appear in the upcoming Deadpool movie, and if the actor playing the Merc with the Mouth is to be believed, it may actually happen. (more…)


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If you haven’t really been paying much attention to the Internet lately then it may have slipped right by you that Ryan Reynolds is having the time of his life on Tim Miller‘s Deadpool set in Vancouver, Canada. If he’s not mugging for the camera or posting Happy Mother’s Day pictures like the one above, then he’s grabbing fans for selfies and shaking hands of people simply walking by the set. This time Reynolds has started up a verified Instagram account and posted a new all action Deadpool shot. (more…)


While we wait for Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller to finally bring us the Deadpool movie we’ve always longed for, it looks like the character Deadpool had a few things to work out amongst him-selves before his big return to the big screen. If you’ve ever wondered how the real Deadpool would match up with the Deadpool we never speak of from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, then today is your lucky day. (more…)


This time on The Mucho Mucho Robusto Fuego Hour, the squat one and the one who is too big to squat get political by aligning with America’s hot sister Anna Kendrick for her Game of Thrones dong campaign #DongsAcrossWesteros #FreeTheDragonFromTheCatacombs. Also, Jeremy and Jason battle over the worth of seeing the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer in IMAX with some helpful tips for those of you who are without a nearby theater, talking tiger sidekicks become a thing thanks to the Wonder Woman directorial shift, and more!

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