You know what this weekend is, right? In case you forgot, it’s that very special time that should get you all moist and tingly, and hopefully by the end if it, put a satisfied smile on your face. That’s right… it’s Deadpool‘s opening weekend! Oh, what, did you think we were talking about that  BS commercialized holiday with all the roses, chocolate, and over sized teddy bears? Well, yes, it’s that too. And, unfortunately, for those with significant others that bought movie tickets for this Sunday might fight that pesky holiday to be a major road block between you and Deadpool. Apparently, some of the lady folk (and some fellas) out there don’t quite have it in their plans to celebrate the Valentines holiday by seeing a movie about the merc, the mouth, the legend. Maybe all they need is a little convincing?

Let Deadpool do the talking, he’s good a that. In this latest promo, Deadpool  tries to win over the hearts of ladies, and some gentlemen. (more…)


It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Today marks the US box office opening of Deadpool; the eagerly awaited and heavily marketed comic book movie. Anyone and everyone who has been following the development of this film and have been sucked into the genius marketing campaign are either already in the theater or will have made plans to see Deadpool today. In case you somehow forgot, Twentieth Century FOX and IMAX have released a promo for Deadpool’s opening day.

In the promo, Deadpool co-star T.J. Miller aggressively and hilariously reminds everyone to get their butt in the theater. Watch the clip below, and try not to get your face stuck in your hoodie while you’re watching it. (more…)


Everybody is weighing in with their thoughts on the new Deadpool movie.  Critics who caught early screenings are sending out mostly positive vibes, folks who were lucky enough to see sneak preview showings of the film seem to be extremely thrilled with it – and now celebs are starting to get into the mix.  Today on her Facebook page, the incomparable Betty White sounded off with a video sharing her thoughts on the movie as well; when a gal who’s literally older than sliced bread speaks about something, you’d better damn well listen. (more…)


Who needs box office numbers when you’ve got mostly positive early reviews and a kick-ass marketing scheme?  Not the folks at 20th Century Fox, apparently, as according to a new report, they have already given the green-light for a Deadpool sequel, days before the first film has even been released to the public. (more…)


If there was any doubt on whether or not Deadpool would live up to its monstrous hype, early critical reviews can allow fans to rest easy. Reviews so far have lauded the Merc with a Mouth’s first movie for delivering everything it promised too: action-packed excitement, fourth wall demolition, and a hilarious screenplay that is not suitable for little Timmy and little Suzy. Perhaps one of the biggest praises of Deadpool is its inventive approach to the now-commonplace superhero genre.  Critics have called it a loving satire to the genre, as it lampoons several of its tropes. Of course, what would a movie like this be without a kickass post credits scene? Almost every modern superhero movie has one. Well the good news is that Deadpool will feature not one, but TWO post-credits scenes.  (more…)


Deadpool opens in theaters this Friday, and Nerd Bastards has posted not just one, but two, reviews of the highly anticipated anti-hero, superhero movie. Obviously, we’re all looking forward to the film, but there’s an important question that we all need answered before walking into the cinema at the end of the week: Does Rob Liefeld get credit for co-creating Deadpool? In a Facebook post, Liefeld discussed how he managed to secure a credit for himself and writer Fabian Nicieza for co-creating Deadpool in The New Mutants #98, but because this is Rob Liefeld we’re talking about, the situation has not gone without controversy. (more…)


Olivia Munn has taken her Psylocke training for Bryan Singer‘s upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse very seriously with flips and acrobatics, but now she’s taken her sword training to the next level while facing off against Deadpool‘s own Ryan Reynolds. We should warn you though, this video is not for the squeamish or easily disturbed. These two go at each other like the Kardashian sisters fighting to take and post a selfie. (more…)

Fox’s Superbowl Spot for ‘Deadpool’


The reviews for Deadpool may already be in (check out our review HERE) but that hasn’t stopped FOX from continuing its marketing assault. In what has arguably been the most aggressive, unique, and damn near hilarious marketing campaigns for any movie ever, Deadpool now finds himself on one of the largest stages in the world… Superbowl 50.

The new spot features is laced with some Football humor (naturally) followed by the same movies scenes we’ve already seen a hundred times cut in a different order. But we’re not in it for the footage, hearing Deadpool say absurdities like “I’ve always wanted to be a professional athlete cause I wanted to have children in cities all over the world.” on a national scale is the ticket.  (more…)


EDITORS NOTE: With a movie as unique as Deadpool, its a given-in that it was going to get a polarizing reception. You may have seen Nerd Bastards earlier glowing endorsement of the movie (Review HERE), but now let’s hear an opposing and more critical review. 

The Merc with the Mouth (aka Deadpool) is back. Actually, he was never here, not yet anyway. It just feels that way, a tribute (if “tribute” is the right word) to Deadpool’s genius-level marketing team. Over the last 6-7 months, Team Deadpool has been everywhere, online and off, in strategically released trailers, TV ads, mock-PSAs, and increasingly frequent appearances by star Ryan Reynolds, making a bid to reclaim the big-screen superhero title he lost almost six years ago (the less said about Green Lantern, the better for everyone involved). That’s all to the good – if we define “good” as increasing audience awareness and opening to relatively strong box-office returns – but ultimately Deadpool: The Movie has to stand or fall (or more accurately, fail) on its own apart from audience-friendly marketing, and unfortunately fail Deadpool: The Movie does, sinking under the weight of its fourth wall breaking, meta-joke heavy premise. It’s a premise that proves unsustainable across first-time director Tim Miller nearly two-hour, big-screen adaptation of Marvel Comics’ least likely superhero.  (more…)


Right from the get-go, you can tell… it’s on like competitive ping-pong.

Deadpool found itself in a bit of “controversy” during its PR push when it landed an “R” rating – a rating which the marketing team reveled in, wearing as a badge of honor like a sort of “look how awesome we are, adult fanboys!” type of way.  Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that; since day one, the movie has been priding itself on its “dare to be different” philosophy, which quite frankly is likely the only mantra that could ever work with a film based on a character like Deadpool. (more…)