In a secret that lasted all of 5 minutes, the cat is now out of the bag. Or should we say, Deadpool is out of the bag? There had been some rumblings indicating Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool crew were shooting a short Deadpool 2 trailer that was supposed to run after the credits in Logan. It turns that report was slightly inaccurate. The scene Reynolds shot actually plays right before Logan starts, as a hilarious introduction for the final Wolverine movie. Now, of course, not a hot second later, it has made its way to the web. Since FOX doesn’t want to waste its time battling all the site posting butt cam cell phone footage, they’ve gone and released it officially. (more…)

It’s a question that the Deadpool writers were going to have to confront eventually, but where does the Merc with the Mouth fall in the various X-Men timelines? There’s the pre-Days of Future Past chronology, the post-Days of Future Past timeline, and whatever future Logan is going to take place in… And the first Deadpool had Colossus, a version of the character that had never been portrayed on screen before. So where do the Deadpool movies fall in the ever expansive and numerous timelines of the X-Men film universe? Don’t worry about it, says one of the writers, Deadpool’s going to do its own thing. (more…)

Deadpool was a massive hit when it arrived in theaters last year even becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film ever. Everybody knew the film would have a sequel… The Merc With a Mouth even told us so in the Ferris Beuler’s Day Off post-credits scene. What we didn’t know was who was going to be making a cameo. Other than the obvious name drop for Cable, it was anyone’s guess as to which X-Man (or X-Woman) might pop in for some comic hilarity. Now we know the answer, and it’s not surprising to find out that the next Deadpool flick will be lacking in support from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.


While Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds didn’t pick up wins at the Golden Globes, the nominations started some serious conversations about where superhero movies, truly excellent superhero movies (Think Dark Knight/Deadpool) belong when it comes to Hollywood awards. The Golden Globe nominations also kicked up discussions about possible Oscar nominations that began as humorous promoting and morphed into something much more serious. Reynolds is now promising a ” f—ing crazy reaction video” if Deadpool gets the Oscar Nom. (more…)

One of Deadpool’s best partners in the comics is Cable, the time-traveling, techno-organic virus, take no prisoners, leader of X-Force (who is also the son of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey). The two have a unique relationship and have gone on many adventures together throughout the comics. The stinger at the end of Deadpool was that Cable would be featured in the sequel and also have a significant role in the film. Although we still don’t know who will be playing Nathan Summers just yet, the screenwriters are now trying to give him a coherent origin story to translate to film.



While it may have been a joke last year when Deadpool wasn’t even eligible for an Oscar nod, this year the possibility of Deadpool receiving multiple Oscar nominations isn’t a joking matter and Ryan Reynolds is ready to do what it takes to make things happen. He’s just released a new For Your Consideration Video and sent personally signed letters in screener packages to Oscar nominators. Check those out below. (more…)

With the new year comes the award season for movies in 2016. To everyone surprise, Deadpool has garnered two nominations from the prestigious Golden Globes. One for “Best Actor In A Musical Or Comedy” and the other for “Best Motion Picture – Musical Or Comedy.” To be even nominated is already a miracle in the eyes of some. However, they can now add a nomination for a Writer’s Guild Award to their list of growing accolades. This nomination is for “Best Adapted Screenplay.” The news, however, has people already moving forward to the big ticket, the Academy Awards. Could it be possible that you’ll be calling Deadpool an Academy Award winning film? Signs are pointing to yes.


Earlier, a report from The Wrap surfaced saying that Ryan Reynolds would be making a cameo in the upcoming film, Logan. Sadly, as cool as it would be to see Deadpool and Wolvering interact with each other on the big screen, it will not be happening anytime soon. Shortly after the report came out, Logan star, Hugh Jackman, director James Mangold, and Reynolds took to Twitter to shoot down the news.


‘Deadpool’ Gets The Cinema Sins Treatment


For all the joy that our favourite movies bring us by being clever and funny and exciting, there is another level of enjoyment altogether that comes with giving them a little poke in their flaws. Nothing makes it clear how much you love something like an affectionate roast. And no one loves movies quite like the guys at Cinema Sins. They have made it their mission to give every movie a thorough critique, with every plot hole, every clumsy moment, every hastily made decision exposed. No release is immune from the treatment and this week they’ve taken on Deadpool. (more…)


At the end of the year, we like to look back and take stock of our movie going lives. It was a rough year, no question. Many of the movies we were looking forward to most over the last 12 months took every opportunity to disappoint, but, as always, we can at least make a list of 10 films that stood out above all others in the realms of sci-fi, action and horror, and 2016 was no exception. From mercs with mouths to guys who are nice, from good alien invasions to bad alien invasions, from childhood quests both real and animated, and from remembering your heroes to remembering the dangers of being alone in the woods, these are the Top 10 Nerdy Movies of 2016… (more…)