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In the past, with very few exceptions, anything that wasn’t in the live-action movies did not make the cut as canon so far as Star Wars was concerned. But in today’s franchise-heavy climate, if you’re not divesting your IP you’re leaving cash on the ground because fan service equals money in the bank (theoretically). So what about the future? Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD, which is set between the two movie trilogies, has brought in characters from both Star Wars eras, but could the reverse also be true? Might Rebels show up in future Star Wars movies or TV series in a live-action capacity? Well, according to the two men behind Rebels, the answer is a definitive maybe. (more…)


If you’ve ever wondered how many miticlorians there are in a Slayer, wonder no more! Disney announced today that they will be adding the voice acting talents of Sarah Michelle Gellar to the second season of their wildly successful animated TV series, Star Wars Rebels. The series takes place fourteen years after Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, five years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hopeand twelve years after the fall of Sunnydale. Wait, no, this isn’t a fan fiction mashup! This is real! Okay, inquiring minds want to know – Jedi or Sith?!  Spoiler alert – read no further! (more…)


We knew it had to happen sooner or later. Disney has a history of putting things back in the Disney vault only to take them out, dust them off, and bring them back to a new generation of children. This time around it is one of the best late 80’s cartoons, DuckTales. Scrooge McDuck and the gang are back to make another couple of truckloads of money for Disney stockholders. The good news is that this won’t just be a re-release of the cartoon series, but a season of new DuckTales adventures. (more…)


When we last left the gang on Star Wars Rebels, they had freed an operative who had a ton of intelligence on the evil doings of the Empire and barely escaped the twirling lightsaber of death of The Inquisitor. But when the show comes back next week after a two month hiatus, the Disney XD show will be bringing back a classic Star Wars character to help Kanan and the Ghost crew on another dangerous mission. As we previously reported, Yoda will reach out with the Force to his fellow Jedi Kanan in episode “Path of the Jedi,” and when he does, the voice of the Jedi Master will be that of Frank Oz, the actor/puppeteer that played him in both the original and prequel film trilogies. And now, we have the first clip. (more…)


When Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace came out, despite your feelings about the film, there was one thing we could all agree on: Darth Maul was awesome! Why? Because he had a double-edged lightsaber, yo! Too simplistic? Maybe, but it looks like in the new animated series Star Wars: Rebels, the creators are upping the game by giving the villainous Inquisitor not just a lightsaber, and not just a double-lightsaber, but a spinning double-lightsaber. Taking bad ass to a whole new level, the blow clip introduces The Inquisitor (voiced by Jason Isaacs) and and his twirling weapon of hot death. (more…)


For those hoping that Star Wars: Rebels might serve as a sign that the creative fortunes of the Force franchise are heading for greener pastures – Good news! – all signs point to yes. National Fan Expo in Toronto featured a special presentation of the hour-ling first episode of Rebels to a theater of over 1,000 fans Friday, and if the cheers, laughs and applause are any indication, then that’s over a thousand people who will be tuning into the further adventures of this new, ragtag crew of freedom fighters once the series begins its first season run later this year. (more…)


You might recall an enthusiastic push from fans prior to the casting of Andrew Garfield as The Amazing Spider-Man to give the role to Community co-star Donald Glover. You might even remember Glover egging that campaign on, and wearing Spider-Man pajamas in the second season premiere of Community. True, Glover didn’t get the part, but when the nerd gods close a door, they also open a window. And with that, we get the news that Glover has been cast to give voice to Ultimate universe Spidey Miles Morales in the new season of the Disney XD series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. (The series is being re-named for its third season.) (more…)

Zeb Kicks @$$ in New ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Short


The more I see of Star Wars: Rebels, the more I get excited about it. I wish I could have said the same about The Clone Wars animated series, but while I will admit that it got better with time, that initial taste offered in movie theaters left a lot to be desired. There’s nothing bitter about these Rebels shorts though, and once again this sneak peak at the upcoming Disney XD show reinforces the idea that it’s going to fun, action-packed and has a pretty decent sense of humor. In “Entanglement,” the new character Zeb proves that while the Force may not be with him, he can definitely still use force. (more…)

See 7 Minutes of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ This Very Minute!


The next phase of Star Wars adventure begins this fall with Star Wars Rebels, a new animated series set in that galaxy far, far away that will air on Disney XD. Rebels represents the first big collaboration between Lucasfilm and Disney on new Wars stories that will be carried on through into other series, comics and books, culminating in next year’s release of Star Wars Episode VII. Last night, XD played a full seven minutes of the show to get people excited about Rebels‘ October premiere, and you know what? From what you see in this clip there’s every reason to get pretty darn excited. (more…)


Lucasfilm and Disney released a new Star Wars: Rebels trailer the day before SDCC14 began, but those thinking that would be the only footage shown at the panel were surprised when shown this brand new footage. It looks and plays like an extended trailer for the premiere episode packed with new and exciting glimpses into the universe of Star Wars: Rebels. (more…)