When Disney made the decision to repurpose much of their classic animated film stable as new live action films, the choice was met with a bit of trepidation. Entire generations of children were raised with these timeless films, which all began with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, back in 1937, so many hold these movies sacred.  Still, when Disney began their experiment with 2010’s Alice in Wonderland, which was part reboot of the classic Disney animated film and part sequel to the same, audiences flocked to the cinemas to see the film, driving the global box office total to over $1bil. Being the money making machine it is, Disney took the ball and ran with it, and quickly followed up with Maleficent and Cinderella.  The next live action adaptation on the slate is The Jungle Book and if the new trailer is any indication, it may be the best animated to live-action adaptation that the studio has produced. (more…)


It was a pleasant surprise earlier this year when it was announced that Brad Bird was working on sequel to his 2004 hit The Incredibles, after all, it’s the only “Fantastic Four” movie that’s ever worked. Seriously though, it’s remained a Pixar classic, and despite repeated comments made about the desire to crank out a part 2, in almost 11 years it just hasn’t happened. Blame director Bird who moved on to Ratatouille and then flirted with live-action films with mixed success. With fans everywhere eager to see where Bird takes his superheroes next, the filmmaker recently offered an update on the production, why it took him so long to circle back around, and the very different climate of comic book films today. (more…)

While filming for Captain America: Civil War is almost done, a “civil war” has been going on within the offices of Marvel Studios. However, that may have all come to a conclusion that fans can get behind. According to the latest reports, it seem that Kevin Feige has won more control over at Marvel Studios due to some behind the scenes restructuring. Thanks to the restructuring, Feige now reports directly to Disney chief, Alan horn, rather than Ike Perlmutter, the current CEO of Marvel Studios. (more…)

Toy Story Land at DisneyÕs Hollywood Studios in Florida -- The reimagining of DisneyÕs Hollywood Studios will take guests to infinity and beyond, allowing them to step into the worlds of their favorite films, starting with Toy Story Land. This new 11-acre land will transport guests into the adventurous outdoors of AndyÕs backyard. Guests will think they've been shrunk to the size of Woody and Buzz as they are surrounded by oversized toys that Andy has assembled using his vivid imagination.  Using toys like building blocks, plastic buckets and shovels, and game board pieces, Andy has designed the perfect setting for this land, which will include two new attractions for any Disney park and one expanded favorite. (Disney Parks)

Earlier today it was announced at D23 that Disney will adding a Star Wars Land expansion to both its Anaheim and Orlando theme parks. Turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Disney is rolling out a slew of new lands and entertainment experiences. Star Wars, Toy Story Land, Pandora – The World of AVATAR, Soarin’, Iron Man and much much more! (more…)

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As we figured they would, Disney unleashed footage today at their annual D23 Expo from Marvel’s highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War. Disney/Marvel haven’t released this footage online yet, but there are first hand accounts and descriptions to go by that paint a very clear picture. From the sound of things, this looks to be Marvel’s biggest cinematic construct yet. (more…)