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Doctor Who season 8 wasn’t the best of seasons, but it did usher in Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. While there weren’t any particular strong episodes, Capaldi himself was interesting to watch. He brought new demeanor and complexities to the role, yet made us feel like we’ve known him as the Doctor all along. He’s doing good stuff.

Now, if only showrunner Steven Moffat can build us some episodes that are worth Capaldi’s presence. Will season 9 deliver? It’s hard to say, but this new season does look to be keeping up with a rotation of villains, baddies, and the Doctor teaching them a lesson. (more…)


Many of us that are finely attuned to the pop culture world have already heard the story floating around the internet, but in case it hasn’t crossed your path yet, let me overview it for you: Private Eye, a British satire magazine with a penchant for being spot-on with its BBC-related insider info, is reporting that Doctor Who won’t have a full season produced in 2016, a rumor that surely makes Whovians across the globe grip their sonic screwdrivers tight in angsty anticipation.  While we can’t confirm whether the rumor is true, the news may not actually be as bad as you think.



“Doctor Who is a male character, just like James Bond.” Thus spoke Sylvester McCoy, who took his turn in the TARDIS as the seventh incarnation of the Time Lord in the late 1980s. According to the Daily Mirror, McCoy, 71, added “I’m a feminist and recognize there are still glass ceilings in place for many women, but where would we draw the line? A Mr. Marple instead of Miss Marple? A Tarzanette?” (more…)

SDCC15: Check Out The Full ‘Doctor Who’ Panel


BBC powerhouse program Doctor Who is at SDCC, and while you fight the urge to strangle every human on social media sharing that darn Little Mermaid meme. We bring you the  full entire Doctor Who Panel for your viewing pleasure.  Keep your munchies at the ready and thank Tardis for our technological advances.

BBC Drops ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9 Trailer

Here is comes, Doctor Who fans, the first look at what to expect come September when the show returns for its ninth season! The BBC just released the trailer and, along with a quick 1-minute, 30-second look at the show, some other details were handed out, including a brief blurb from The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi. Scroll on to check out the visuals as well as the rest of the info. (more…)


Comic Con has games? Clearly you’re new here, but yes, there is a strong video game presence at San Diego Comic Con, and like all things in movies, comics and TV, SDCC marks a pretty big date on the calender for video game companies looking to get some promo for their new products. To wit, let’s talk LEGO. We all love LEGO, it, and everything about it, is awesome! But are you looking for something new in gaming that can tie together all your favorite licensed LEGO characters, characters created for The LEGO Movie, and Doctor Who? Good news, because here’s the trailer for the new LEGO Dimensions game. (more…)

Doctor Who Series 8

After the headaches from battling the cyber-crowds for registration to San Diego Comic-Con, then surviving the absolute debacle known as Hotel-Apocalypse, and finally snagging your parking pass from those lovely people over at ACE Parking, we have finally reached that magical time of year when SDCC announcements start dropping like new Tupac albums after he “died”.  With a little over a month left until hundreds of thousands of out-of-towners descend upon the streets of San Diego as they make their way to Geek Mecca, the first Hall H panel has been revealed, thanks to BBC.  If you are a fan of Doctor Who (and how could you not be??), it looks like you will want to be one of the thousands sitting in Hall H on Thursday, July 9.


Doctor Who is currently filming its second season with Peter Capaldi as the good Doctor. Joining him for an episode or perhaps two is Game of Thrones fan favorite Maisie Williams. When this bit of casting was first announced, there was no word on what type of character Williams would play, but now thanks to some new on set pictures and video, we’ve got a much better idea. (more…)

DOCTOR WHO - Steven Moffat

The initial run of Doctor Who went for 26 seasons and hundreds of episodes, and even before being revived by the BBC in 2005, it was already the longest running science fiction series in the history of television. So far, the new run of Who has gone for eight seasons, a dozen specials and has a ninth season currently in production for broadcast later this year. But how long can the party go on? Who is more popular than ever internationally, so the BBC would be crazy to pull the plug now, but realistically? Well, showrunner Steven Moffat says that there’s at least five more years left in Nu-Who. At least. (more…)