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Doctor Who: How Peter Capaldi Wants To Be Remembered

Peter Capaldi Punk Rock Doctor WhoLater this year  we will say goodbye to the twelfth Doctor. Sometime around Christmas, in a blinding golden flash the combat eyebrows and Scottish brogue will be gone and replaced with someone new. Our guitar wielding punk rock alien savior dressed as a rock and roll magician will move on to his next regeneration (possibly ginger we don’t know yet, but I mean he could be ginger next, right?) But let’s not focus on that just yet because with series 10 really just begining we have a lot of Peter Capaldi‘s tenure as Doctor Who to enjoy.

This weekend, the good Doctor is visiting the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and if I do say so myself he’s in fine form and shows no signs of slowing down just yet. However, as the hundreds that attended his panel made clear, we are already starting to prepare for his 4 years of saving the universe to draw to a close. Here’s a few highlights. (more…)

It seems to happen every few years (mostly because, it does). It’s time for the BBC to cast a new actor or actress to take on the role of The Doctor. Peter Capaldi’s run as the titular hero is coming to an end this season and fans have been going mad trying to figure out who will play the character next. Every time this happens, discussions about potential actors, possible gingers, and yes, women are thrown into the mix. It seems that one of these aspects has been declined by the folks behind the BBC’s longest-running science fiction series and a good number of fans will be upset.


There’s a lot up in the air concerning Doctor Who these days. The recent season just began this past Saturday, and we know it’s Peter Capaldi‘s last as the Doctor, but along with the question of who the Doctor might be regenerating into is the question of when the Twelfth Doctor will regenerate. Capaldi said that he’s already filmed his “death” scene, but it was originally reported that Twelve will change up his appearance during this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special. And now there’s this, a rumour that there will be another Doctor on call when Capaldi says goodbye in December… (more…)

With the exception of the special episode released on Christmas Day, Doctor Who fans have been waiting for more than a year for the latest season of the show. The episode marks the start of the last season starring Peter Capaldi as the mysterious Doctor and introduced Pearl Mackie as the newest companion, Bill Potts. After the long wait for the new episode, tension is high. Given a somewhat mixed response to some of the recent seasons, many people are intrigued to see how Steven Moffatt will round off his career as Head Writer and Executive Producer on the series. (more…)

If you’ve been paying attention to the trailers for season 10 of Doctor Who, then you know that Michelle Gomez is scheduled to make a comeback as Missy, AKA: the Master, the Doctor’s long-standing Time Lord nemesis. Missy’s been a thorn in the Twelfth Doctor’s side since pretty much the moment he regenerated, so it would makes sense she would return for his final year of adventures in the TARDIS. But if one Master is bad news, what about two Masters? That looks to be the dilemma that the Doctor will face next because if the Doctor can team up with is past selves, then why can’t the Master?  (more…)

While the tenth season or series as the Brits call it starts just around the corner on April 15th for Doctor Who, rumors swirl that both Peter Capaldi and his brand new companion Pearl Mackie will both be leaving at the season’s end. Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) is taking over the showrunner duties from Steven Moffat and while Capaldi’s exit was pretty much confirmed by Capaldi himself, now Mackie’s role as the new companion is in question. Check out the new trailer and statement from the BBC about the issue. (more…)

The trailer for series ten of the BBC‘s Doctor Who has made its way onto the Internet for your enjoyment. This new season finds Peter Capaldi with a new companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas) in tow as he saves our little corner of the universe. There’s plenty of stuff to see in this packed trailer including the return of more than a few memorable villains… one in particular, Missy. (more…)

In case you hadn’t heard, the Twelfth Doctor will be regenerating into the sunset in this year’s Christmas Day Doctor Who annual special. Peter Capaldi has announced his intention to leave the TARDIS, which leaves a pretty big hole in our sci-fi lives, and it begins a pretty big guessing game as fans both hardcore and casual start to place their bets on who might pilot the blue box into further adventures in time and space. Of course, this is England we’re talking about, so there’s actual, literal bets being placed, and for those looking to make the safe bet, there’s a new contender worth looking at… (more…)

It’s been a long wait for more Doctor Who with only a singular Christmas special to satisfy our appetite for the time traveller from Gallifrey in the last 13 months, and we’re still going to have to wait a couple of months more for the very anticipated tenth season. Of course, you knew that the upcoming series of Doctor Who was going to be the last for showrunner Steven Moffat, but as fate would have it, it’s also going to be the last for the present Doctor, Peter Capaldi. It’s time for “different challenges,” according to the 12th man to be called, The Doctor. (more…)

BBC Releases Teaser For ‘Doctor Who’ Season Ten


It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Doctor Who special. Screened every Christmas Day on BBC One since the show’s revival in 2005, it offers something that all the family can enjoy while they’re too full of dinner to move about much. And it’s usually a fair bit more interesting than the Queen’s speech. This year’s festive episode, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, marks the start  of the tenth series, continuing with the adventures of the twelfth Doctor and following on from the events of last year’s episode, The Husbands of River Song. It was screened in cinemas across the world starting from Boxing Day for fans outside of the UK. (more…)