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The BBC is about to release an animated version of one of the lost episodes of Doctor Who, The Power Of The Daleks which was only aired once and then destroyed back in the 70’s when the BBC decided to wipe and reuse the tapes for other shows. The story is considered by many to be one of the most significant in the long running series’ history, featuring the beginning of the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton. Luckily the audio recordings were not destroyed and along with some on set pictures and some surviving clips from the stories episodes, the BBC has been able to produce black and white animated episodes true to the original versions of The Power Of The Daleks. (more…)

BBC Reveals New ‘Doctor Who’ Companion


The BBC has just announced the new companion to Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor in the upcoming tenth season of Doctor Who. Don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize her, she’s a relative new comer to television with only appearances on Doctors and Svengali. Doctor Who will mark her first major role on television and her character’s introduction will take place during this year’s Christmas Special. (more…)


In a move that is quite unusual in this Internet age, BBC America will be announcing the new Doctor Who companion this Saturday (April 23rd), hopefully before anyone on the Internet can find out and jump the gun a few days early. As the last episode ended, we found the good Doctor (Peter Capaldi) without a companion as his long time companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) became the girl who both died and lived. Who might this new companion be and when will we see that person on the small screen? (more…)


He’s the Doctor. He’s a Time Lord. He’s from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. He is 906 years old (at last count), and he’s the man to save your world from Daleks, Vashta Nerada infestations, the occasional horde of invading Cybermen and improptu wormholes that will allow swarms of ravenous metal aliens to reduce your world to dust. He’s coming back and the best part is, he’s probably got his best companion in tow for his special comeback…



Obviously, it’s going to be a slow news year for Doctor Who. It was previously announced that the tenth season about the ancient time traveling alien would be delayed until 2017, which will be highly eventful given that it will be the final season for showrunner Steven Moffat, and – possibly – the final season for current Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Still, there’s one final stretch of 13 episodes to get through, and you’re probably aware that when series 10 begins, the Doctor will need a new Companion. So the BBC is now shopping for someone to hangout in the TARDIS and go on wacky adventures through space and time, but are they already circling someone in particular? Possibly, at least according to rumor. (more…)


Oh, what might have been. Any self-respecting Doctor Who fan will know that show-runner Steven Moffat always wanted the ninth incarnation and first out of the (blue) box of Nu-Who Christopher Eccleston to reprise the role in the 50th anniversary special The Day Of The Doctor. Now it looks like Moffat was more confident than previously thought with storyboards for Eccleston‘s involvement recently surfacing across the interwebs.   (more…)


Cross overs are a wonderful thing. When they’re done right, you get glorious canonical cross-franchise action (a la Spawn Vs Batman), provided either party can sort through the mountain of legal implications. When they are handled by loving nerds however, you get glorious mashups of things like the most popular Space Opera series ever made. Kind of like YouTube User VG 934, being the incorrigible Whovian fan that he is, saw the potential in a subtle Star Wars/Doctor Who mashup and simply rolled with it, with excellent results…



Big, big news for Whovians has come out of the United Kingdom today: per a report from the BBC, longtime Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is stepping down from the helm as the lead writer and executive producer.  These duties will now transfer to Chris Chibnall, best known to audiences as the writer of Broadchurch, another UK-produced show (ITV/BBC) starring former Doctor David Tennant.  In addition, the announcement has come that there will be no season of Doctor Who episodes in 2016, only a lone Christmas Special. (more…)


Well, wasn’t this episode a holly-jolly 90-degree turn from from the oft-scary and routinely-serious bent of the rest of the previous season of Doctor Who!  This episode should make lots of “casual” DW fans very happy, as the tone of this episode is decidedly light-hearted in nature, a definite break in the storm of the recent plot lines.  As quintessential Doctor Who “it girl” River Song, Alex Kingston has had the pleasure of playing against several excellent incarnations of the Doctor, but her interactions with Peter Capaldi in this episode may be the most free-flowing and naturally-pleasing tandem yet.  “Christmas Special” episodes are almost exclusively reserved for either regenerations or good old-fashioned Who comedy fun, and while “The Husbands of River Song” may not necessarily be a groundbreaking or universe-shattering episode, it has got the fun and the laughs in spades.


WARNING: What you’re about to read contains spoilers about this episode and possibly other episodes/seasons of Doctor Who. Proceed at your own risk/reward! (more…)