Does Anybody Know When ‘Ant-Man’ Officially Goes Into Production? We Do.

- 08-18-14Comics, Film Posted by Aspry Jones


With all the news of several guards being changed in and out, I halfway kinda thought this movie wasn’t gonna ever shoot. For the sake of beating the old “information dead horse,” let’s recap: 1. Director Edgar Wright had a baby named ‘Ant-Man’ and Marvel took the baby and gave it to Peyton Reed. 2. Cast members dubiously left the production and people were telling different reasons why. 3. The original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne wass reported DBO (dead before arrival). 4. Out with the old writers and in with the new. Yet despite my well-documented ability to count to four, all heads of the cast and crew have giving smiling interviews and appeared here and there with optimistic spirits. Looks like Reed’s A-Team is primed and ready, and he loves it when a plan comes together. (more…)

Let’s Look At What Other Marvel Characters Might Show Up In ‘Ant-Man’

- 08-15-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter

Marvel's "Ant-Man" Booth Signing During Comic-Con International 2014

Marvel‘s Ant-Man has certainly been through a lot of changes since that initial announcement years ago that Edgar Wright would be bringing Marvel’s smallest hero to the big screen. Now its got a new director in Peyton Reed, and changes to the script which brought about Wright’s sudden departure. What those script changes might be is still unclear, but when three writers (Adam McKay, Andrew Barrer, and Gabrial Ferrari) were brought on board after Wright left to work out script issues during filming, one has to imagine more than just a few tweaks. The earlier draft was rumored to include some flashback scenes with the Micheal Douglas Hank Pym characters. Will that scene remain and what Marvel characters might it include? (more…)

Whatever: Comic-Con is Dead, Long Live Comic-Con!

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Here’s the thing: for approximately 150,000 people San Diego Comic-Con is a majestic thrill ride and a joyous gathering of like-minded people who have, at one point or another, likely felt like an outcast because they simply liked what they liked. This weekend, those things took their place at the center of the universe and there was shopping and partying and drinking and laser tag and celebrities and 29 minutes of sleep. That’s what Comic-Con was. For you.

For the rest of us who don’t go but do follow the world of pop culture and geeky nerdiness, Comic-Con isn’t a place, so much as it is a time of year. A holiday that delivers unto us a chance to nerd out over an endless stream of hard news about comics, TV shows and movies  — Comic -Con is when we get to feast on something real and not the gelatinous rumor paste that we have to subsist on all year long.

It’s that influx that excites the hundreds of thousands of people who follow the Comic-Con goings on; these things that get the world talking, and that’s why this thing feels as if it is an event that is much larger than it technically is. But for us to care this much about a party that we aren’t actually attending, we need to keep getting these thrills (or something like them) out of the deal or else what’s the point? (more…)

Get Your First Look At Ant-Man’s Helmet

- 07-26-14Comics, Film Posted by Luke Gallagher

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 4.27.03 PM

While Marvel’s Ant-Man adaption has hit more than few bumps in the road to production – with director Edgar Wright having left the project per creative differences and the purging of several actors, including Patrick Wilson – the project moves forward. New director Peyton Reed will helm as stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas bring to life Marvel’s super powered man of various sizes/commander of Ants.

Should fans be worried? Eh, maybe. But Marvel has a pretty good track record and they’ve only been getting better. We fully aspect Marvel to make some announcements and clear the air tonight when they take center stage their San Diego Comic Con panel in Hall H. Until then, here’s an early treat. A first look at the Ant-Man helmet prop. (more…)

Two New Writers Hired To Fix Marvel’s Broken ‘Ant-Man’

- 07-07-14Comics, Film Posted by Aspry Jones


It seemed like a storybook romance: Fan favorite director Edgar Wright was going to bring his beloved Ant-Man project to life, and the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe was supposed to be the better for it. When that relationship fell through because of control issues Wright apparently wasn’t willing to give up, we’ve read nothing but taboo reports about the awkward enterprise. With Wright’s exit, so went cinematographer Bill Pope. Enter Adam McKay to write the movie Marvel wants. You may know him from the hit-and-miss Anchorman series and such short films as A Public Statement from Anthony Weiner’s Penis. Now, before you go questioning his action movie chops, keep in mind that the movie is supposed to be funny too. He’s got history with star Paul Rudd and an aptitude for writing comedy. But how’s the script? It might be a problem that Marvel is working tirelessly to fix…

Jon Favreau Dances Around Edgar Wright ‘Ant-Man’ Exit

- 06-26-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


While recently making the press rounds for his new film Chef, Jon Favreau was asked for his take on Edgar Wright‘s departure from Ant-Man. Find out what he had to say below. (more…)

Kevin Feige Speaks – Updates On All the Latest Marvel Projects

- 06-20-14Comics, Film, TV Posted by Jason McAnelly

kevin feige

Every once in a while, Marvel Overlord Kevin Feige steps forward and spouts words of information regarding the state of affairs over at the Disney/Marvel production machine. This time around, he’s got a few updates on some upcoming flicks. Read on to hear what Feige has to say about Doctor Strange, Ant-Man & Edgar Wright, the new Marvel/Netflix television shows and the possibility of a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. (more…)

Simon Pegg Discusses Edgar Wright’s Sudden ‘Ant-Man’ Departure

- 06-13-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


We’ve heard from a few of the film’s stars and it was only a matter of time before someone started asking Simon Pegg questions about his friend and movie making partner Edgar Wright stepping away from the director’s chair for Ant-Man after years of hard work. Now we’ve got video of Pegg’s response. (more…)

Source Says Wright Walked from ‘Ant-Man’ Because of Product Placement too

- 06-10-14Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


As the dust settles from the great Ant-Man scandal of ’14, there’s still odd bits of news coming in as to why director Edgar Wright left in the first place. It’s more or less canonical that Wright walked away after Marvel tried to hand him a script a script that was more user friendly for Marvel’s shared universe idea, but one source says there’s more to it than that. In an effort to beef up their coffers, he says, Disney was pushing for some degree of product placement in Ant-Man. That, combined with the script issues, made Wright run for the door. (more…)

Michael Douglas Talks Edgar Wright Leaving ‘Ant-Man’

- 06-09-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

douglas as hank pym

When Edgar Wright left the production of Ant-Man over “creative differences”, many of us looking forward to seeing the movie were instantly filled with doubt. When Peyton Reed (Yes Man) took over as director for the flick, this did not help alleviate that doubt. But the production roles on, with or without the man who would have made it great. Now, actor Michael Douglas (who will be playing Hank Pym in the movie) has a few words of his own to say about the split between Wright and Disney/Marvel. (more…)