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As the dust settles from the great Ant-Man scandal of ’14, there’s still odd bits of news coming in as to why director Edgar Wright left in the first place. It’s more or less canonical that Wright walked away after Marvel tried to hand him a script a script that was more user friendly for Marvel’s shared universe idea, but one source says there’s more to it than that. In an effort to beef up their coffers, he says, Disney was pushing for some degree of product placement in Ant-Man. That, combined with the script issues, made Wright run for the door. (more…)

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When Edgar Wright left the production of Ant-Man over “creative differences”, many of us looking forward to seeing the movie were instantly filled with doubt. When Peyton Reed (Yes Man) took over as director for the flick, this did not help alleviate that doubt. But the production roles on, with or without the man who would have made it great. Now, actor Michael Douglas (who will be playing Hank Pym in the movie) has a few words of his own to say about the split between Wright and Disney/Marvel. (more…)


Finally we can move on. Marvel has officially announced the replacement director for Ant-Man following the sudden departure of Edgar Wright over creative differences. The Internet has been alive with speculation and rumors about who would take the director’s chair, it was the hot potato of Hollywood. Now we can tell you who will take over, and who might possibly take all the blame if Ant-Man tanks at the box office. (more…)


Weeks after Edgar Wright left the project, Marvel is still in damage control regarding Ant-Man. 

We all figured that they would announce a replacement director quickly after Wright departed. Hell, they said they would. But the search for a new film maker has taken longer than expected. It’s also been one hell of a mess. If this is how the major studio deals with all its drama then the road ahead is going to be very, very rough indeed.

Now news comes that yet another director has passed on Ant-Man. The details are still fluid and unclear but the fact remains: this movie is without a director and the clock is ticking, ticking, ticking away. (more…)


Over the weekend, there was a bit of hubbub regarding who would be taking over the director’s chair for Edgar Wright on Marvel’s upcoming (and seemingly doomed) Ant-Man movie. First, Jeremy Smith over at AICN had the EXCLUSIVE! that Adam McKay was the lead out of the three names on a short list (which also included We’re the Millers director Rawson Thurber and Zombieland helmer Ruben Fleischer). McKay had apparently entered “in earnest” talks with Marvel in hopes of closing out a deal ASAP. But then McKay dropped the project, seemingly out of nowhere and leading the Internet Prognosticators to start shelling out their trademarked nonsese. Did Marvel lowball McKay? Was this simply the Studio using the media to reduce the true frontrunner’s fee? Did McKay demand a role for Will Ferrell? Were the talks even broached at all? Taking to Twitter, McKay cleared the air himself, citing a rather standard (and understandable) reason why he couldn’t take the job. (more…)


The film world is still reeling from Edgar Wright‘s departure from Ant-Man but Marvel wants nothing more than to move on, quickly. Of course they have some pretty big shoes to fill now that Wright has said adios. Ever since his exit, many have wondered who would take his place. What sort of director does Marvel want to replace one of the greatest comedic and cinematic minds of our time?

Well, The Hollywood Reporter has an apparent shortlist of names in consideration and, I’ve gotta say, it isn’t too surprising.



After the rough departure of director Edgar Wright from Marvel’s Ant-Man, many questions remain. How much of the crew will be replaced? Will all of the cast who signed onto the project remain in their respective roles? Do we even want to watch an Ant-Man movie, sans Edgar Wright?

But the biggest matzah ball still left hanging is: who is going to take over for Edgar Wright in the director’s chair? Well one name we can rule out is James Gunn, who helmed this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. Thus far, Gunn has been quite understanding and supportive of both sides during this divorce, but it doesn’t look like he’s ready to hop into the bed his friend has just been kicked out of. (more…)


It seems that comic book movie firings can make for great soap opera, as further sordid particulars regarding the divorce between Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios spill out into the open. While some have inexplicably been backing the corporation (just look at the comments on Latino Review’s initial breaking of this story and then the ones on my own reporting), the rest of us who care about our cinema not being completely homogenized have been wondering if this is a case of Marvel going too far in terms of creative meddling. A new story over at The Hollywood Reporter has some pretty damning insight, all but directly confirming that the comic book entertainment factory couldn’t care less about “vision”. (more…)


Edgar Wright is off Ant-Man.

Now that we’ve had the weekend to gather info on the situation, gnash our teeth and throw a Cornetto cone up in the air, it’s time to move on and hope for the best. One of the best responses to this untimely departure came from Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director James Gunn, who counts Wright as a near and dear friend. Gunn recently took to Facebook to offer his insights on the situation and wish his fellow artist all the best.



Are Disney suits polishing the brass on their own personal Superhero Titanic?

Yesterday, news broke regarding Edgar Wright’s departure from Ant-Man, the Phase Three Marvel MCU picture he had been developing with the studio for the last eight years. Details we sketchy regarding his exit, but with the film this close to shooting, speculation ran rampant around the Internet (as it tends to do). Today, Latino Review has dropped one of their patented “inside scoops” regarding the Wright disaster while almost simultaneously breaking the news that Cabin In the Woods director Drew Goddard has left the Daredevil series Marvel was developing with Netflix. The reports on both are troubling, to say the least, as it reads like Disney and Marvel suits are meddling in the creative galley, to the point that their talent are jumping ship left and right.