The Space Jockey – Up Close and Personal

- 01-11-12Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

Apparently prepared to be black-listed from the art department of every major Hollywood film from this point on, a staff member from Ridley Scott’s upcoming is-it-a-prequel-to-Alien-or-not Prometheus shared a couple of interesting pics with Cinemart‘s Martyn Conterio. Below are a couple of close-up pictures of the then in-production new version of the Space Jockey helmet that Conterio “procured” after what I’m sure were more than a couple of drinks. At least, we think it’s the Space Jockey. The possibility is that maybe the guy works on the secret production of Image Comics’ Elephantmen.

Note: Due to Fox Studios intellectual property, the images may have been altered.


Source: Bleeding Cool