Evil Eye Pictures

We’re still raving about The Avengers, you’re still reeling from the wave of the awesome The Avengers put out. We’re all just, floating out on an Avengers high right now,’ kay? So how’d they do it? How’d they make such a super fun, totally optimistic, superhero team-up, smash hit? One thing that definitely contributed were the spectacular special effects. Everything from The Hulk to the Helicarrier looked marvelous.

Coming Soon rounded up a few behind the scenes features that talk to Industrial Light & Magic, WETA digital, Hydraulx, and Evil Eye Pictures, all who provided special effects for The Avengers. If you’re one who likes to know all the details about how these comic book characters and their world were brought to life, you must read on!

Studio Daily took a look at the three stages of visual effects: previs, techvis, and postvis with work from companies like Industrial Light & Magic and WETA Digital. You can see examples of some of these intense actions scenes in with their digital effects unfinished above and below.

More behind the scenes SFX goodness after the cut!