Michael B. Jordan Talks ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot – Shooting, Trank’s Vision and First Footage

- 07-18-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

jordan johnny storm

There’s been a little bit of controversy among the fanboys concerning the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in the newest incarnation of The Fantastic Four. But this article has nothing to do with that, so don’t worry. Actually, we’re just here to report that Jordan has been chatting with MTV about the upcoming film and he’s got quite a bit to say about the Josh Trank-directed reboot. Scroll on for the latest FF info. (more…)

‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Not Based on Any Comic You’ve Ever Read

- 07-15-14Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


There used be zero expectation that movies based on your favorite superheroes would borrow directly from specific comic book stories. That’s change in recent years. We’ve had tremendous comic book based movies based on actual comic book storylines, like Iron Man 3 and “Extremis,” Captain America: The Winter Soldier and, well, “The Winter Soldier,” and the latest X-Men movie Days of Future Past, which is based on the Uncanny X-Men story of the same name. So perhaps it has to be said now, but comic book movies aren’t always based on specific stories, and it appears that the new Fantastic Four movie will be one of those efforts. (more…)

Tim Story Has Some Regrets RE: His ‘Fantastic Four’ Movies

- 06-19-14Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Josh Trank‘s all-new, all-different Fantastic Four hits theaters everywhere next year, exactly 10 years after the first time a major Hollywood studio tried to make Marvel’s First Family, if not an Avengers level chart smasher then at least an X-Men par hit movie. But it wasn’t either. Despite getting enough grease to warrant a sequel, Tim Story‘s two Fantastic Four movies remain a giant example of what not to do when adapting a comic book into a film. But seriously, how does Story feel about his movies 10 years after the fact? Let’s ask him. (more…)

The RadioBastard Podcast and The Hitchhikers Guide to Gwyneth Paltrow

- 06-11-14Featured, Nerd Culture Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson


Welcome back to Jeremy and Jason’s Uptown Dance Party, aka RadioBastard, the greatest podcast on earth (that used to be called, The BastardCast)!

This time on the show, the guys return for episode 101 with special guest Chris Cummins (Den of Geek US, Topless Robot, Geekadelphia) who stops by to shill his eBay auctions and talk with our illustrious hosts about the week’s nerdy news, the splendor that is The Hitchhiker’s Guide, our right to read whatever we like and the death of Batman and Superman: Friendship is Magic.

Also on the show: (more…)

‘Fantastic Four’ Director Josh Trank to Direct ‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film

- 06-04-14Film Posted by Randy Geren


Josh Trank, the director of both Chronicle and FOX’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, has been selected to direct one of the Star Wars stand alone films, though at this point, we don’t know what said movie will be about, so a Lando and Boba Fett buddy space cop film is ostensibly still a possibility. Trank joins Godzilla director Gareth Edwards (and of course, JJ Abrams) in the Star Wars stable, indicating that the Disney owned franchise totes has a type — directors who are on the rise but who also have some experience working on large scale projects.  (more…)

Simon Kinberg Talks “Gritty” ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot and Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm

- 05-27-14Comics, Film Posted by Brandon Marcus


With X-Men: Days of Future Past behind him, writer/producer Simon Kinberg is looking ahead to his next major project: the Josh Trank-directed Fantastic Four reboot starring Miles TellerKate MaraJamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan. The movie has a lot of people interested because of the young, promising cast and because of the young, promising director. After the train wreck that was the previous Fantastic Four films, people are praying that we finally get something worth our time.

Kinberg, speaking to The Daily Beast, opened up about the new film and the casting of Jordan. The guy has a lot of positive things to say.


Simon Kinberg Says ‘X-Men’ and “Fantastic Four’ Living in Separate Universes

- 05-12-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

x-men FF

It is a sad fact that the Marvel Universe, at least in its movie incarnation, is split into several pieces. Disney owns The Avengers, Sony has Spider-Man and Fox is in charge of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. While some misguided souls would prefer that Disney have all the toys and thus remove any trace of creative differences among the films so that all the super heroes can play together, it’s not likely to happen in our lifetime. And the chances of the big three coming together to do crossovers is only slightly less likely. But when Fox decides that the two properties it owns will not share a single universe, one has to scratch their head and wonder what the deal is. Read on to hear what writer/producer Simon Kinberg has to say about the subject. (more…)

Simon Kinberg Talks ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot and Potential Sequel

- 05-09-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

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There has been a lot of trepidation concerning the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Fans of the comic series have cried out their angst against the casting, against the series being rebooted so soon after the last two films and against Fox in general. Now, writer Simon Kinberg is stepping up to say a few words about the film, no doubt hoping to quell some of the fears and anxieties of the many angry fanboys/girls. Scroll on to read what he had to say. (more…)

Reg E. Cathey Joins Cast of Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot: Let the Internet Burn

- 05-08-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


More casting news from the Josh Trank Fantastic Four reboot camp. The film has added Reg E. Cathey to the cast to play… (more…)

Tim Blake Nelson Joining ‘Fantastic Four’ as Harvey Elder/Moleman

- 04-30-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

mole man

The race to fill the ranks of the Fantastic Four reboot continues. While the majority of the major casting has already taken place, there are still some minor roles to fill. One of those is, apparently, the role of Harvey Elder. And the man that is most likely filling the shoes of Elder is Tim Blake Nelson. (more…)