James Cameron Offers Praise for ‘Terminator: Genisys’


To say that fan expectations about the upcoming Terminator: Genisys have been mixed is something of an understatement. Obviously, we want it to be good, we’re hoping to be treated to another kick ass Terminator adventure, but after the two-time TKO of Rise of the Machines and Salvation, anything that has the word Terminator in it, but lacks the involvement of the original film’s co-writer and director James Cameron, is definitely suspect. And that’s probably why for this first Terminator: Genisys featurette, the production invited the King of the World to take a break from authoring the further adventures of Pandora with the Avatar sequels to tell us why he thinks Genysis is good enough. (more…)


I know, with a nickname like “Detective Pretty Boy” we could be talking about any number of male characters in any one of the CW’s series. In this case though, the reference is specifically for a key character in the upcoming superhero series The Flash, and for the discerning comic book fan, you just might be a tad surprised when you find out who “Detective Pretty Boy” refers to. Hint: he might not end up being one of the Scarlet Speedsters friends… (more…)


Motion capture performance works by using reflective markers attached to the skin that help identify and replicate body movement and facial expressions so that animators can later create a complete digital character. Where filmmakers once relied on prosthetics and heavy layers of makeup, now it’s all about utilizing computers to create lifelike realism. With each innovative film (The Lord of the RingsKing KongRise of the Planet of the Apes), the technology is perfected just a tiny bit more, to the point that it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the flesh and blood actors and the animated characters they interact with. And at the center of nearly every great motion capture performance thus far is one man: Andy Serkis.

Now Serkis is bringing his one-of-a-kind skills back to the Apes franchise for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Today, a new featurette gives us a glimpse of the master and his fellow mo-cap performers at work, and it’s fascinating to see a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the artists’ process.


New ‘Maleficent’ Posters and Featurette Revealed


I don’t know about you guys, but I was a little freaked out the first time I say the trailer for Maleficent in the movie theater, because Angelina Jolie looks like she walked out of the damn animated movie Sleeping Beauty with her portrayal. The awesomeness of Angelina Jolie is foremost on the mind of the cast and crew of Maleficent in a new featurette for the film. Along with that, Disney’s released five new character posters, which paints kind of a dark picture of the pending events in the film, which I guess is apropos when the villain is the main character. (more…)


Good God, I cannot wait to see this.

Joe and Anthony Russo’s Captain America: The Winter Solider is undoubtedly many film and comic book fans’ most anticipated spring movie. Now, with less than two weeks before it’s set to hit theaters, Trailer Addict has premiered sixteen minutes of b-roll, BTS footage that is sure to send those who are already salivating for their favorite Star Spangled Superhero into full on frenzy.


This ‘Spidey 2’ Featurette is All About Andrew


It seems that after what has to be like 300 featurettes about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 released so far, we’re just now getting one about the man behind the Spider-Man mask, actor Andrew Garfield. I know there weren’t a lot of fans of the first Amazing Spider-Man here at Nerd Bastards (listen to the podcast if you don’t believe me), but I don’t think one of the problems with the film was Garfield. The featurette does a pretty good job of reminding you why Garfield was a good pick for Peter Parker/Spider-Man and revisits Garfield’s journey from that first announcement of his casting in 2010 through to principal photography on the new sequel. (more…)


They are working overtime to convince us that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not going to suck, aren’t they? But cynicism aside, this is the third featurette on the upcoming superhero film we’ve gotten and the movie is still three-and-a-months from being released. So what has Marc Webb and company got for us today? A segment called “Lights, Camera, Action!” Does it feature the lighting? No, don’t be silly. Is it about the type of cameras they filmed the movie on? Nope, which means by process of elimination, this one’s all about the action. I mean, “Action!” (more…)


You like that? It could be yours if you go to the midnight IMAX screening of Iron Man 3 at your local IMAX theater, according to Screen Rant. The poster was designed by comic book artist Jock (The Losers, Hellblazer), and is the latest in 12:01 poster series, which previous has included unique works honoring the release Real Steel, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Frankenweenie.

In other Iron Man 3 new, Marvel Studios head honcho and Iron Man 3 producer Kevin Feige recently talked to the LA Times about Tony Stark’s mind set going into the movie, and where the character’s head is at this point in his story arc. Here’s what Feige had to say:

“He’s experienced things now that frankly was a wake-up call. You don’t have gamma-powered strength that anger can bring about. You don’t have super-soldier serum flowing through your veins. You’re not a thunder god from Asgard. You’re just a guy. And Tony doesn’t necessarily like to be reminded of those kinds of things because he likes to be at the top of the food chain.

“Where we meet Tony, he wants to be in that suit all the time, and he wants a lot of suits around him. And just as we sort of learn that’s his issue, we blow them all up and take him out of that comfort zone.

“We wanted to take Tony to a place that he hadn’t been since the first half of the first ‘Iron Man’ film, which is, essentially, by himself without his money, without his toys, without his gadgets, with just his mind, his intellect. We wanted to do that in a big climactic fashion by literally taking away everything that is near and dear to him, as symbolized in that mansion crumbling down into the Pacific.”

In other Iron Man 3 developments, a new featurette has been released, and it outlines just how Extremis comes into play in the film and how it factors into The Mandarin’s (Ben Kingsley) master plan. Included is commentary by director Shane Black, star Robert Downey Jr., and new head henchman James Badge Dale. Press play below (courtesy of Collider):

Finally, from the people who have more time on their hands than I do (and Geeks Are Sexy), a break down of just how much it costs to be Tony Stark. Enjoy!



Only three more months until the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, so hopefully we’ll start hearing more about it.

That was sarcasm. Obviously, we’ve been discussing and dissecting the film for months, so any new tidbit it welcomed and appreciated. And dissected. So here we go. This action-packed “first look” includes commentary from director J.J. Abrams, and actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana.

So since I know you’ve already stopped reading what I wrote, let’s go right to the video embedded below:

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