More ‘X-Files’ In the Works; Just No Idea When


This week, the U.S. TV networks are presenting at the Upfronts, announcing their schedules for next season for TV viewers, but more importantly, TV advertisers. Now, you’d expect that a network would include one of the biggest hits of the season on their new schedule, but in this instance the hit we’re talking about is The X-Files. The return of X-Files was Fox‘s second biggest hit behind Empire this year, yet it was conspicuous by its absent from the schedule for next season (instead Prison Break gets the comeback slot). Don’t be conerned though, says Fox executives. The only think holding up more X-Files is the logistics of its stars and creators.  (more…)

‘Locke and Key’ Coming to TV … Again


Fantasy comic book series Locke and Key has won many awards for its six year series. The dark fantasy comic books have brought great acclaim to both writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez. Rights to television and film adaptions have been vied over and abandoned by a number of a companies since before the full series was finished. An audio book was released in 2012 and was just as highly praised as the original graphic novels, also winning a number of awards. In 2014, a film was even announced, though that had fallen through by late 2015. (more…)


If you have ever attended San Diego Comic-Con, or know someone who has within the last ten years or so, you have likely heard plenty of Con stories that begin with “I remember when you could buy tickets at the door”, or “Movie studios ruined Comic-Con”, or, on the other side, “I am so glad I waited 37 hours in line just to be the first to see footage of…”, or, “Can you believe what [insert studio name] showed in Hall H??”.  SDCC isn’t just a convention – it’s an event, and every year, the event seems to divide attendees as to what the best and worst parts of the convention really are.  For many, standing or sleeping in that ridiculous Hall H line on the convention lawn, down the pier, or even over on Hall H Island (that one’s for those in the know) is all part of the experience, while for others, it is the hell they endure just to see what surprises a studio will bring.  Today, a report out of The Wrap claims that fans will now have one less movie studio to worry about or get excited for, as the case may be, as 20th Century Fox may be bowing out of the convention, thanks to pesky pirates. (more…)


Let’s get something out of the way first: the New Mutants never had much luck when it came to live-action adaptations. With a blemish like the 90’s cringeworthy Generation X on their resume (one of FOX‘s earlier attempts to bring superheroes into the mainstream), you’d think they wouldn’t really try and bring back that particular team of teenage mutants, despite the considerable nerd-mythos that Chris Claremont has already set up. However, following Deadpool‘s success, the studio seem to be willing to give this mutant reboot another go…



The Fox series Gotham is a source of much inner friction amongst Batman fans. On the one hand, it’s impeccably produced on a technical level, it’s about Batman-related characters, and it features a couple of pretty decent performances. But it’s also messy. So, so messy. It’s a vexing thing because it does all the things we hate that prequels do, like drawing too many straight lines between different characters and supposing that those characters were fully formed or near fully formed versions of themselves years before they’re supposed to be. But still, Gotham will be back for season three. (more…)


What’s there left to say about the Simpsons? What begun as a series of not-so-funny throwaway Tracy Ullman show segments evolved into pretty much the longest-running cartoon show in TV history, starring some of the most recognizable animated small-screen personalities. While some fans may argue that the show is slowly but surely slipping off its own rocker, the developers have recently decided to try something that’s…well, completely different.



Valentine’s Day weekend is always packed with movie releases, because Americans have been hardwired into the dinner and a movie stereotype.  This time, though, it’s a long four day weekend thanks to President’s Day, meaning more money in studio pockets, in theory.  Top on the docket this weekend is Deadpool, Zoolander 2, and How to Be Single.  Deadpool, though, is sticking it to his competition.  But who’s surprised there?  Apparently a lot of people.  What is more romantic than a mercenary smartass willing to kill dozens of people in the name of getting the girl?  Not much.  So how far ahead is our favorite antihero?  Read on to see. (more…)


Deadpool came, Deadpool went, Deadpool stewed in development hell for a while and now, finally, we have the first R-rated superhero movie in our hands, which, according to the evidence we have in our hands, is proving to be as much of a hit as we expected. Ryan Reynolds, the Canadian comedian who portrayed the Merc With The Mouth, struggled with FOX for years to make this movie happen and now, with his best efforts realized, is already speculating on a sequel. And that sequel is looking mighty Liefeld


Things in Gotham are about to get a little more strange. Thanks to TV Insider, we’ve gotten our first look at B.D. Wong in character as Hugo Strange, who he’ll be portraying in season two of the Fox drama. A noteable fact about Strange, the creepy DC villain: not only does he run Arkham Asylum, but he tends to let his mad scientist side run unchecked and enjoys experimenting on the inmates. How delightfully deranged!  Also, to avoid confusion: Wong is portraying Dr. Strange on Gotham, which is a DC property.  In terms of Doctor Strange the Marvel movie, Benedict Cumberbatch will be doing the honors, while  Benedict Wong plays Wong.  Got it?  Great! (more…)

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.10.48 PM

The Deadpool marketing continues to triumph. When we’re not seeing emoji billboards spelling out Skull Poop L, or hearing Deadpool celebrate Australia day by making fun of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine,  it’s important to remember there is an actual movie coming out. Whether or not Deadpool turns out to be a great movie or not, well, remains to be seen. To remind everyone that this film will indeed deliver on all the swearing, violence, and crude humor that has been promised, FOX (who’ve taken quick break from all the genius meta marketing) have released an actual clip from the movie.

The one-minute clip was released on Twitter and features Deadpool, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead as they head into battle; it’s hilarious titled “2 Girls. 1 Punch”. (more…)