Game Of Thrones


Rumors of a Game of Thrones movie have been flying around for over a year now, recently along with a pretty convincing rumor that George R.R. Martin had confirmed discussions for one.  The Daily Star reported that Martin had gone even further and revealed that a movie was not just being discussed but was currently in the works, even adding some details about it.  Here are the reported George R. R. Martin quotes that got all us GoT fans riled up: (more…)


I was really hoping that someone had photo-shopped an Iron Throne made out of Emmys instead of swords because it would be very apropos to Game of Thrones virtual sweep last night at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. The HBO series grabbed 12 Emmy Awards last night, breaking West Wing‘s (1st Season) 9 Emmy award wins in 2000 for a single season. Game of Thrones had earlier won 8 Emmy awards at the Creative Arts Emmys which celebrates technical and other similar achievements in American television programming. Which four did the series win last night to push them over the top? (more…)


Next time we see Jon Snow’s best pal Sam Tarly (John Bradley-West), he’ll probably be sporting that trademark frowning face because it seems the whole Tarly family is coming for an extended visit. That’s right Poppa, Momma, and his little sister will be joining his already announced brother Dickon played by  Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter) for season six of Game of Thrones. Who did HBO cast for these roles? (more…)


Well, if the title didn’t warn you enough already, then consider this your official Game of Thrones Spoiler warning. If you click past this intro then it is all on you, I wash my hands of the whole thing. The last season of HBO‘s Game of Thrones ended with an epic “Holy Crap” moment for character Jon Snow (Kit Harington), commander of the Night’s Watch. Oh great.. now I’m gonna have to put up with all those crying that’s a spoiler! Well it was last season and I’m gonna use the 5 month drop rule and pick up that spoiler and eat it right off the top of the trash. Click through if you wanna know more. (more…)

Emilia Clarke Speaks Out Against TV Nudity…Again


Game of Thrones is arguably one of the best television series to hit cable in years.  It is a series that transcends genres, blending equal parts fantasy, action, and historical fiction, all while maintaining several storylines for audiences to bite into.  Two of the aspects that initially draw viewers to the series, however, are the depictions of sex and violence, which can be rather explicit and fairly realistic.  Those actors who decide to join the show are generally assumed to feel comfortable with this nudity and blood; after all, they did sign up for the series and one would assume that the actors would understand what they were getting into.  Well, for one Mother of Dragons, this isn’t the case, and actress Emilia Clarke has opted to skip nude scenes involving her character.  Well, now Clark has a few more words to say about sex on television and, as you may guess, they are not in support. (more…)


While Peter Dinklage has been killing it on Game of Thrones, his voice over work in Destiny has left quite a lot to be desired by players. Most chalked it up to the actor taking a job he really wasn’t interested in and when they lob great handfuls of cash in your face for a few hours work in a studio, who can blame him for cashing in. Yesterday the big 2.0 Destiny patch went live with the added replacement of Dinklage’s voice over work as Ghost by veteran voice actor Nolan North. How do the two compare? (more…)


Hey, do you remember Pinball – those coffin-shaped boxes where you hit a silver ball around a chaotic playfield? If you thought this game of skill died out in the 90’s, you’d be wrong. Sure, Pinball machines are no longer as prevalent in arcades, bowling alleys, or bars as they once were; but the culture of Pinball is alive and well. Despite the staggering decline in pinball gaming, new machines are being made all the time. Particularly to promote pop movie and television licenses; with such titles as: The Walking Dead, Avatar, The Hobbit, Star Trek, The Avengers and more.

Now another big license is making its way into Pinball form – which can be best set up by saying this: When you play the Game of Thrones Pinball Machine, you win or you die (Or, just… y’know, put another coin in). (more…)


Winter cannot come any sooner. Fans of HBO‘s Game of Thrones will, sadly, have to wait until 2016 for their beloved show to return, but until then, people will continue to flood the internet with all kinds of theories and possible spoilers (whether true or not). In the latest rumor roundup, there is speculation that George R. R. Martin may have revealed a potential spoiler for season 6. Heed this as your only warning, because beyond these walls are potential spoilers. (more…)


HBO‘s Game of Thrones is taking a different approach to casting for season six of the series. Usually, they cast a relative unknown who then goes on to be incredible and make themselves known to the world. For this sixth season HBO is bringing out the big casting guns with the addition of Ian McShane (Deadwood) last week and now Max Von (OMG!!!) Sydow. What role might he be playing?

*Spoiler warning if you don’t really want to know, don’t click-through. (more…)