Game Of Thrones

Is there a message in this second Game Of Thrones season seven trailer… a dire prediction? Of course there is! There are at least three huge armies roaming the seven kingdoms as the White Walkers look south and Winter settles in across the land. Can those factions unite to face the true enemy or will the undead claim the field after defeating the last army standing? July 16th can’t get here fast enough! (more…)

Isn’t the Internet a wonderful place? Out of the blue things pop up and make your day just a little bit better. Rapper Ras Kass recapped the sixth season in a delightful rap that was then put to video. This might just be the Internet nugget that makes you smile and gets you ready for the July 16th premiere of season seven of HBO‘s Game Of Thrones. Check it out below. (more…)

13. There are 13 episodes left in Game of Thrones. The first seven drop this summer, and the remaining six will be released in 2018, but after that, HBO will be without what is currently its biggest hit, and what has become a cultural touchstone with millions of fans around the world. With the exception of George R.R. Martin‘s remaining novels in the Song of Fire and Ice series, that’s it for the gang from Westeros, right? Not necessarily. HBO, and the team behind the series is currently developing not just one, not just two, but four potential spin-offs to continue Thrones TV legacy after the series finale.  (more…)

This time last year, we were well into enjoying the sixth season of Game of Thrones, but because winter is here, circumstances have forced us to wait a little while longer to see the next phase of the great game play out. Perhaps these will tide you over. We’ve got 15 – count ’em! – 15 brand new photos from the new season and what they lack in action they make for in the appearance of a group of people waiting for the action to commence. From Oldtown, to King’s Landing, to Winterfell, the only thing that’s certain is that the end is almost here. (more…)

Normally, this is the time when we would be getting most excited about the pending arrival of the next season of Game of Thrones. April was usually the launching point for the new season, but the arrival of winter on the series required that shooting dates to be pushed back, so summertime is the time for Game of Thrones now, and winter is very much hinted at in this latest teaser for the show’s penultimate season. In it, three of the series primary characters get ready for the final battle, glaring at the screen with the expectation that some bad stuff is about to go down.  (more…)

Actor Daniel Kaluuya’s star is increasingly rising. While well known in the UK for his roles like Skins, Doctor Who, and many others, he’s slowly becoming a big player here across the pond. With roles in Black Mirror, Kick-Ass 2, and Sicario, he’s becoming a familiar face. Of course, he played the lead in the critically (and commercially) acclaimed horror/suspense movie Get Out, which has made more than $136 million worldwide. His next movie is going to be a big one, as he will be in Marvel’s Phase 3 movie, Black Panther and King T’Challa’s second-in-command, W’Kabi.


All throughout fiction, dragons have been depicted in different ways. In the Disney animated film Mulan, we had a cute little guy who had a mighty heart, but in The Hobbit, Smaug was somewhat more intimidating. Folks have been debating the size of the dragons in the Game of Thrones series ever since the books were made into a television series and it looks like we finally have our answer. The dragons in season 7 of Game of Thrones will be gigantic!


HBO‘s Game of Thrones Facebook page had a live event today that featured a block of ice with the Game of Thrones season seven premiere date frozen inside. Fans commented and shared to melt the ice and reveal the date. You can skip the wait and watch the video below and skip to the end where there is a nice teaser for season seven. Check it out and an interesting poster that is floating around the Internet that might just change the game in Game of Thrones. (more…)