The Full Trailer For ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Is Here, Is Awesome

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After decades of development, we’re finally seeing the next chapter in George Miller‘s Mad Max saga. Months after the reveal of the teaser trailer at this years San Diego Comic-Con comes the first full two and a half face melting minutes of Mad Max: Fury Road in the form of a full theatrical trailer. In Millers own words, the movie is a “a western on wheels” and a “105 minute car chase” and this trailer solidifies that (ok, maybe I don’t see the ‘western’ aspect just yet but I am sure it’s in there. Somewhere.) It’s bombastic, sweeping, epic. It’s everything that Miller gave us in The Road Warrior (or Mad Max 2 depending on where you live,) doubled, doused in gasoline, set on fire and pushed off a cliff while some dude dressed like he failed his GWAR audition cackles maniacally.

It’s safe to say that this is a highly anticipated movie (personally I’ve been waiting for it after the first 10 minutes of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, seriously. what the crap was with that movie? Why was he walking everywhere? What the hell was up with the kids from Peter Pan in the cave… Why is everyone talking so much and not impaled on the grill of a semi-hauler with spikes welded on to it?)

The trailer does a great job of upping that anticipation. Check it out. (more…)

SDCC14: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer Revealed

- 07-27-14Film Posted by Jason Tabrys


George Miller’s Justice League fell apart and he’s spent the majority of the last three decades working on dramas and kids films (to much acclaim, I might add), so when it was announced that he would return to the Max Max franchise that had sat rotting in the dessert since 1985, a little bit of doubt crept in. Could Miller re-find the magic after so much time away from the dessert wasteland? Could he sell Mad Max to a new audience that has grown accustomed to violent post-apocalyptic tales and would the old audience reject a continuation of the franchise without Mel Gibson?

After watching the official teaser trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road (embedded below), some of those questions are still without an answer (and new ones are posed, like might this be over the top?), but with regard to those worries about Miller, one thing is clear: never doubt a genius.  (more…)

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Images–Post-Nuclear Brutality As Only Australia Can Provide

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George Miller‘s long-awaited fourth installment in the franchise that essentially birthed the post-apocalyptic subgenre is looking good: In the hot, dusty, lawless, sadomasochistic way moviegoers of the 1980s came to know and love (including myself).

Mad Max: Fury Road seems to be a semi-reboot taking place after the events of the original Mad Max–meaning it is intended to either precede or replace The Road Warrior. Like that film, it’s low on dialogue. Miller reportedly relied more on storyboards than on screenplay in composing the film, but given that he’s had the better part of 30 years to get the 4th Mad Max film right, I’m fairly optimistic for Fury Road. Follow the jump for cast details, new images, and the release date:


The Leaked Script for George Miller’s ‘Justice League: Mortal’ Tells a Great Cautionary Tale

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Just not in the way the writers intended…

For the past few years we’ve only spoken of George Miller‘s mysterious (and long dead) Justice League project in hushed tones filled with speculation and rumor. We know that back in 2007  production on Justice League: Mortal was suddenly halted and the superhero team-up flick (that predates the Marvel Cinematic Universe FYI.,) faded off into the limbo of lost movies… a project that would eternally be shrouded mystery. That is until now. Superhero Movie News leaked an apparently authentic draft of the script online late last night. I have read it, and to quickly summarize: we’re very lucky this JLA movie was DOA. VERY damn we are lucky. (more…)

Armie Hammer Describes His Batsuit From the Justice League Movie That Never Was

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Off in some alternate universe, on an alternate Earth, there was a Justice League movie from George Miller that starred Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and even Aquaman! Miller’s Justice League would have been radical and unlike anything Warner Bros. or DC ever imagined doing with these characters. And who knows? In that far off, alternate world it may have been a smash. Maybe there, it’s Marvel who’s floundering at the box office and struggling to create a cohesive universe for their cinematic heroes? Here though, that movie, and possibly the dream of ever seeing the Justice League on the big screen, died before it could even begin.

Though before it died there were costumes designed for each member of the League, including Batman. Hitfix‘s Drew McWeeny had a chance to see the concept of Batman’s costume for Miller’s JL, and during the recent press for The Lone Ranger, asked that film’s would be-Bruce Wayne, Armie Hammer, what he thought of it. And surprisingly, Hammer still sounds pretty excited about his batsuit that never was.

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I don’t know, man, maybe a Justice League movie that’s more than anyone at Warner Bros. is comfortable with is what they need, y’know? Something fresh to ignite the franchise. Something that’s fun, not somber. Hell, I’d take a Batman in a mechanical, spring-loaded, armor suit over the magic knee brace from Nolan’s TDKR any day.

Do you wish Warner Bros. would attempt a Justice League movie like the one George Miller almost made? Or do you want to see Man of Steel’s universe expanded upon to include more heroes?

Source: Hitfix via CBM

‘Mad Max’ Gets Warner Bros. Overseer to Keep Filming on Schedule

- 10-18-12Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything more about Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth installment in director George Miller’s much-loved franchise.  This poor film has been plagued with production issues since inception and finally, more than ten years after the first try at it, it’s finally shooting.  But now more problems loom.  Miller has, in a fashion quite typical to him, managed to go over budget and fallen behind on the shooting schedule at the same time.

Warner Bros. execs have been shuttling back and forth to Namibia, where the flick’s being shot, in order to make sure Miller is keeping on track.  Now they’ve decided that it’s a huge pain in the ass, all those flights.  So instead, they’re placing producer Denise Di Novi as a permanent “overseer” to Mad Max’s filming.

Hopefully Di Novi can do a good job of watch-dogging the project without killing Miller’s vision.  God forbid this should spiral out of control and some butt-hurt Warner Bros. exec draw the curtain on the film.  Considering they’ve already dropped more than $100 million on it, that’s pretty unlikely, but still my paranoia persists that I’ll never get a chance to see this film.

If everything goes smoothly and Di Novi lays down the iron fist, Mad Max: Fury Road should be done shooting near the end of November.  When it will hit theaters, however, is still a mystery.


Thanks to bleedingcool for the heads-up.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Pics – More Cool Cars!

- 07-26-12Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

Every once in a while I have to pinch myself to make sure that the production of the new Mad Max: Fury Road isn’t just some sort of dream that I’ll eventually wake from.  It’s been rumored so long and now it’s finally filming… is it too good to be true?

Currently, the cast and crew are in Namibia, and the latest batch of photos proves that the film is indeed underway:

That’s right, more nasty-looking cars.  Hopefully, as much work went into the script as into props and we’ll get something worthy of the franchise out of it.

Starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron and directed by original Mad Max writer/director George Miller, Mad Max: Fury Road is set to release sometime next year (barring the return of reality to its normal state).


Thanks to Latino Review for the heads-up on the new pics.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is Shooting; Here’s a Steampunk Gas Truck

- 07-06-12Film Posted by NickBungay

It’s had a history of off-and-on progress almost as long as the rewriting for Ghostbusters 3, but thankfully the Mad Max franchise has never had to deal with Bill Murray. Finally, after 27 years of hold ups, as well as various writer and cast changes, George Miller has delivered us to the “Tomorrow-morrow Land” we’ve all been waiting for.

Get those shotgun shells saved up everyone, Mad Max: Fury Road has finally started shooting!

First shots from the set have been leaked for this new film.  Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy is taking over the role synonymous with Mel Gibson. Co-starring alongside Hardy will be fellow Prometheus star Charlize Theron.  This prequel to the Mad Max franchise will reportedly have Max protecting a group of women known as the “Five Wives” when a group of wasteland baddies tries to take down their caravan.

Check out the images below.

These images not only give us a little insight to the scale of the vehicles being used, like that tough-looking, black, gas-truck rig, but also some close-ups of several actresses in the cab of a vehicle. Could these ladies be the fabled “Five Wives?”  Special thanks to Newscom for the close up shots, but other than that we have little to go on. We can’t wait to see what Tom is going to look like dressed as the former Main Force Patrol officer.

Here’s a theory though – even if this is called a “prequel” in the eyes of producers and the studio, could this film be an event that bridges the gap between Mad Max and Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior or the first in a possible prequel trilogy? Maybe, but as we said only a theory. What about you guys, any ideas as to just where this will take place?

Source: Blastr

Mad Max 4 Brings Australian Supermodel into the Waste

- 04-23-12Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

Mad Max 4: Fury Road has been in virtual-production almost since the time of the dinosaurs.  Director George Miller has personally been pursuing the project for 10 years and the franchise itself has been dead for more than 25.  Finally, there has been some progress in the matter, with the first of what is supposed to be a trilogy planned to begin shooting soon.

Many people may be saying to themselves “Yeah, I’ve heard this before” and, truth be told, they’ve been starting and stopping on this thing for a few years now.  But a recent announcement concerning the addition of Australian super-model Abbey Lee Kershaw to the cast might be a good omen.

According to sources, Kershaw is to take on a role previously filled by Teresa Palmer, who dropped out due to the constant delays.  Her character in the film is apparently a sexy lady in a cage (a welcome addition to any film) who is part of a caravan of sexy lady wives who get chased around by the bad guys.  If the film actually begins shooting, this will be Kershaw’s first big-screen appearance.

Other casting choices already in place consist of Tom Hardy replacing Mel Gibson as Max (thank God) and Charlize Theron playing the role of a bad-ass one-armed warrior woman.

Shooting is set to begin inNamibiathis summer (knock on wood).


Thanks to them what be over at blastr for helping us spread the news.

George Miller Plans A Second Mad Max Trilogy

- 11-30-11Film Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson

Even though the last time we heard from George Miller it didn’t sound totally positive for one new Mad Max movie, let alone the second he’s mentioned a few times, apparently he has a third planned too. I’ll admit when I first heard talk of a new chapter in the story of the wastelands, I got excited. I damn near spilled Crystal Pepsi all over my brand new discman… Seriously Mr. Miller, it has been a damn long time, just make the freakin movie already!

As it stands right now, Mad Max: Road Fury (or Fury Road according to some) might start filming early next year in Namibia and will star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. After which Miller wants to drop right into making Mad Max: Furiosa. His wild Australian ambition doesn’t stop there, as he recently told the Financial Times.

“We started with [Fury Road], but we then started to do a second story and a third. We’ve written the script for the second and almost finished the third. We never intended to, they were part of the exploration of the characters.”

But wait, he has more? Miller also wants to bring the world of the Road Warrior to the realm of video games, with the recently reformed (and now Miller owned) Team Bondi, better known as those angels that gifted the world with LA Noire. I support this mad man 100%. I am also keeping myself prepared for bitter disappointment, since Fury Road/Road Fury still has had its share of problems. Delays due to locations being rained out and wastelands being replaced with lush foliage, damn you mother nature.

“We were out at Broken Hill with a huge number of massive vehicles – they were built and parked for almost a year there. Some of them are back here, in secret locations not far from here. A full Australian crew picks up and goes there to shoot the desert scenes, and comes back here to do other scenes, then all the post-production and digital work is done here.”

Here’s something very positive. Producer Doug Mitchell calls the budget of Fury Road ‘massive.’

If it’s above $100 million it’s a big budget. This is a bigger budget. People have speculated around $200 million [which] I’d neither deny nor confirm. It’s a massive film.

So, a ‘massive’ film, whatever, and its still rolling. Ok, I am game to have high hopes on this. If done right, everything will be forgiven for George making Babe and Happy Feet movies when he should have been working on this. I wonder if  he plans to follow the pattern of the first trilogy. Make a really good movie, followed by one of the greatest of all time, followed by… ugh. Sorry, I know its been years but I still can’t get beyond Thunderdome.

Think the 3 new movies will happen? Two? Even just one? How about the video game? Personally, I wonder what else Miller might try to add to the franchise. I have this half done treatment for “The Young Lord Humungus Chronicles” that just might work on cable TV…


Source: Slash Film