Sexy Cosplay of The Week: The Lucious Lewinskis of Linda Le

- 05-28-10Cosplay, Featured Posted by Luke Gallagher


We all know Asians are better at everything. Except for maybe driving (Racial BURN!). Sure, we could give clear examples of hard work, technology, noodles and kung fu (stereotype much?) but today we focus on how those wacky bastards from the east are even better looking than us. Well, at least their women are. Personifying this claim is our newest favorite Asian, Linda Le (aka Vampy Bitme). What makes an asian girl even hotter? A nerdy Asian girl! Linda is a geek goddess of beauty and depravity. An evil cute, high fashion, all natural supreme being. A nutty, natty nerd!

Though not actually from the land of the rising sun this California native was a child of the 80’s. Who’s time was spent watching Transformers, He-Man, G.I. Joe and playing NES to no end. She grew into a woman of pure beauty but never lost her nerdy nature. In fact, it has made her the woman she is today. A stylist, model, nerd, gamer junkie.

Her creativity in fashion and wonderfully demented mind has, of course attracted her to Cosplay. And boy, does she F’N rule at it. Case in point, her embodiment of Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers game fame is breathtakingly accurate. It knows no equal. Though, the majority of her costumes are more original than depictions of characters of pop culture, Linda Le is a character all her own.

Oh, and she has BEWBZ that could judo chop your junk off.

check out her awesomeness after the jump. For the full collection of Vampy’s cosplay hop on over to her site


Sexy Cosplay of The Week: The Jolly Jahoobies of Jia Jem

- 04-09-10Cosplay, Featured Posted by Luke Gallagher


Jia Jem- Sweet, sexy, and evil. While the rest of us costume enthusiasts are shamefully taking pride in our spandex and duct tape tributes to characters of pop culture, this masquerading madame has been laughing. Much like a  monarch mocks the lower class mass so too does this crown princess of cosplay chuckle at us common cretins. Being a paragon of primp doth earn her the right! Of course, this is all but a lie. This costumed cutie does nothing of the sort. True, she is a paradigm of magnificence in the cosplay community she is humble and loving. A cosplayer for the commoners!  Boasting a collection of 40+ various vestments of vogue vixens, this votress has earned her prominence.

OK! Enough with all this alliteration. Jia Jem is quite frankly cosplay personified. She is an impressive act of nerdery onto herself. Her body….. of work speaks volumes for her love of anime, manga, movies, comics and video games. She may be just a nerdy girl living in a nerdy world but in the company of cosplay she is a gem to be cherished.

Click after the jump for the jubilation that is Jia Jem

Also check out the full collection of Jia’s cosplay on her site


Sexy Cosplay of The Week: Cleavage Corner

- 04-02-10Cosplay, Featured Posted by Luke Gallagher


(Every friday, here at nerdbastards, you can come to find the sexy side of nerd pop culture in a little weekly feature we call “Sexy Cosplay of The Week”. Cosplay is a known term in the nerd-verse when fans dress up as their favorite characters from pop culture, either from movies, comics, TV, gaming and so on. A lot of times it’s quite sexy and what we do is find the sexy and bring it to you, you’re welcome.)

Last week, as you know we did a spotlight on the queen of cosplay Ruby Rocket. We were told “you can’t top the Rocket”. Now, were not the type to back down from a challenge but to be quite honest we agree. I’m sure we could find a super hot babe decked out in a sexy costume but for any cosplayer to follow Ms. Rocket would just be embarrassing. It wouldn’t be fair. So, since we’ve featured the best of the best does this mean we’re quitting this weekly column? The thought did cross our minds but no. Nerdbastards “Sexy Cosplay of  The Week” isn’t going anywhere. However in the effort of fairness we’ve decided to take a one week break from a featuring a notable cosplayer. Before you come at us with pitch forks and torches demanding your weekly dose of boobs and sexy costumes don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Cosplay and cleavage are a wonderful pairing. It’s the reason this column came to be in the first place.  In our search of notable cosplayers we’ve come across a moundful of mammaries. Many of which we’ve filed a way for future spotlights, and our spank bank of course but theres just so many boobies that will just never get around to featuring them all. We’ve decided to tak all of the very best milk jugs we’ve come across into one collection.

Click after the jump for a collection of the finest cleavage in cosplay.

Prepare for a titty-ocalypse.