New ‘Godzilla’ TV Spot Focuses On the Human Element

- 04-18-14Film Posted by Jacob Knight

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 5.27.05 PM

Strangely titled “Nature Has an Order” (which would lead one to believe that it’d just be thirty seconds of Gojira stomping on that ass), the latest TV Spot for Gareth Edwards’ redux of Godzilla features more narration from Bryan Cranston. Only this time, instead of warning us about the government’s lies (in his best Ozymandias tone), he quickly illustrates the inherent human tragedy the apocalypse carries with it. Yet again, Warner Bros. and Legendary have put together an incredible piece of marketing that continues to sell Edwards’ film as the must-see movie of Summer 2014.


‘Godzilla’ Director Gareth Edwards Talks New Incarnation and Realism

- 04-17-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly


The legacy of the almighty Godzilla is such that most hardcore fans keep our minds occupied by the lovable picture of a giant, rubber monster with a man lurking inside. Such was the Japanese way of creating their iconic bane of Tokyo. Now, however, things are a little bit different. The 2014 reboot of the classic lizard is stepping things up a bit and turning Godzilla into something a little more realistic. Will it work out? Listen to what director Gareth Edwards has to say on the matter in the video below. (more…)

Latest ‘Godzilla’ Trailers Reveal the Face of the Monster

- 04-04-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly


As mid-May looms ever-closer, the Godzilla marketing team is ramping up their efforts to get people interested. We’ve seen a great many adverts and other marketing materials, but so far there’s been very little to look at with regards to what the massive lizard looks like. Now, the powers-that-be have dropped three more TV spots on us. And guess what? Now we actually get a look at Godzilla’s face! Check them out below. (more…)

‘Godzilla’ Tries to Sell You Ticket with New TV Spot

- 04-02-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

godzilla poster

It’s less than two months before we get to see the return of one of the most iconic giant rubber monsters in cinematic history. Godzilla is steadily rampaging towards its release date and to celebrate the powers-that-be are plugging us with some more marketing. Check out the latest television trailer below for yet another taste of what we can expect. (more…)

New International ‘Godzilla’ Trailer Crushes the Internet

- 03-18-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter


The new International trailer for Gareth EdwardsGodzilla reboot has hit the Internet and it continues to foreshadow terrible times ahead for mankind. Brian Cranston has a fantastic voice over voice, and when you throw in Ken Watanabe‘s voice right after, the combination is chilling. (more…)

Make Room on the Shelf! Godzilla Toy is 3 Feet Long

- 03-17-14Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


There was once a Godzilla toy that stood about 2 to 3 feet tall, spit paper fire and bizarrely fired his fist like a projectile; it’s rare, it’s fondly remembered, and it’s about to get some competition from a brand new version of the King of Monsters, a toy made to promote the upcoming movie from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures. (more…)

Gareth Edwards’ ‘Godzilla’ Reboot Roundup: New Stills, Director Breaks Down Trailer & Review of Godzilla’s First 20 Minute

- 02-28-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter


As the May 16th premiere date for Gareth EdwardsGodzilla reboot gets closer, there are tons of bits and pieces about it flying around the Internet. We’ve gathered some of the latest and greatest here for you in the Godzilla Roundup. (more…)

Godzilla Gets an Empire Cover, Looks About as Badass as Any Giant Lizard Could

- 02-26-14Film Posted by Sarah Moran


After one badass poster followed by that badass trailer, Godzilla sure knows how to make an entrance. And if you haven’t had enough of the big green guy – how could you? – then by all means check out the Empire Magazine cover featuring Gareth Edwards‘ new Godzilla below. We say this all the time, I know, but this cover is positively our best look at the him yet! (more…)

Bryan Cranston is Really Scared in Latest ‘Godzilla’ Trailer

- 02-25-14Film Posted by Sarah Moran


The first Godzilla trailer did a wonderful job establishing the mood and atmosphere for Gareth Edwards’ entry into the 60 year franchise. It also gave a damn good impression of how enormous and terrifying the radioactive monster would be, but nothing gets across how truly frightening a giant kaiju is like Bryan Cranston‘s performance in this latest trailer. (more…)

Godzilla Towers Over Us in New Poster; Elizabeth Olsen Talks Filming With the Monster

- 02-20-14Film Posted by Sarah Moran


Years ago, particularly around the time of Roland Emmerich’s totally misguided attempt at an American Godzilla movie, I wouldn’t have believed it possible for a Godzilla movie made outside of Japan to look this awesome. But now? After seeing this new, kick-ass poster, coupled with that intense trailer from a few weeks back, Gareth EdwardsGodzilla is on course to be crowned King of the Monsters! (more…)